Wednesday, 11 December 2013


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In answer to the question “What’s on your workdesk [this] Wednesday?” the answer is, “Not a lot.”


I have decided that at the first opportunity I am going to start work again on the album about Dad’s life. I haven’t done anything on it since well before we moved house, and I have a special reason now for wanting to do it. To the right of the album page is a small background I was working on last week, with mopped-up Distress Ink and some stamping and further distressing. I shall be uploading a blog post about this in due course,but I have managed to make the video.

On Friday, my beloved Dad passed away quietly just before midnight. He had been in hospital for a couple of weeks with an infection, and developed pneumonia, which, on top of his congestive heart failure, was causing him great difficulty breathing, despite the oxygen he was on. He seemed to be rallying during the week but on Friday afternoon he took a turn for the worse, and my hubby and I were privileged to be able to spend his final evening with him, holding his hand and speaking words of love as he moved on his final journey.

This is how I shall always remember him – the photo was taken in 1997 at their Golden Wedding party.

10 Parents' Golden Wedding Party - Dad 1

I have written two blog posts about him, here, and here – the second one being a long post really for my own benefit, to organise my thoughts into words. I am hoping to make a distillation of this to share at his funeral on Thursday 19th.

The week has obviously been a busy and emotionally charged time, and again I am so grateful to my wonderful hubby who has yet again risen to the occasion and taken on the burden of organising everything for us all.

Whatever is going on in our lives, I believe it is important to keep our eyes open for the beauty surrounding us, whether it be God’s creation in the countryside around us, or man-made beauty, or strange juxtapositions of familiar objects etc. Dad always taught me to observe the small detail of things, and we shared a lot of enjoyment together in seeing things that other people often ignore.

Remember this?

Grater Light 3

Last night I discovered more beauty from a humble object in the kitchen! I was cooking supper and had the halogen lamps on under the extractor hood, and I looked down to see the most amazing play of light and shade and reflection around one of my Dartington Glass daisy bowls sitting on the kitchen counter. I just had to grab my camera and photograph it! I enhanced the photos only slightly, using Serif PhotoPlus, to remove the slightly yellow cast and to bring up the contrast somewhat.

Daisy Reflections 1

Daisy Reflections 2

I am always amazed at how many beautiful and interesting things there are in our world, even in the most mundane of settings, if we just train ourselves to be observant!

Wishing you all a happy WOYWW and a creative and fulfilling week ahead.


  1. Oh shoeshine, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad...even though you know it's going to happen, it's still a shock. It was the same with my Mum last year.....
    But time will heal, and remembering and talking about him will keep his memory going.
    Sending hugs,
    LLJ 43 xx

  2. Shoeshine? So sorry...blooming predictive text...grrrrrrrrr
    Of course it should read Shoshi.......
    LLJ xx

  3. sorry to hear about your Dad but he is looking down on you from a better place now.

  4. Dear Shoshi, we have been away, and just catching up with news on blogs.I was sad to hear of your dad's passing. He looked such a sweet man.
    Hope you can find some moments of ease and a little joy over the coming days and weeks.I'll be thinking of you.So good that you were able to be with him in such a comforting way when he passed.
    Judy xx

  5. Ah Sue, am so sorry. The coming weeks will be filled with sad and happy, but all memories are precious and adding to the album that you started will, I don't doubt, feel cathartic.

  6. Hello Shoshi. I was so sorry to hear of your father's death - I trust you, your sister and your mum, along with the rest of your family are able, amid the sadness, to know the joy that he was to you all.
    Hubby has obviously been doing sterling work with the organisation. Is he taking the service next week? We will be praying for you all. What a blessing it is when we know the love of our Father God amidst the trials and sorrows.
    Take care. May God fill your heart with His peace and joy.
    Margaret #65

  7. So sorry for your loss. What a great photo of your Dad.

  8. Your father looks like a character. Someone that I would have loved to meet. That's a lovely photo of him :)

  9. So sorry to hear about the loss of your father - but pleased to read you were with him at the end, that was a wonderful blessing. I look forward to reading your two posts about him - he sounded a fascinating man. Much love to you and hubby xxxxx

  10. Oh Shoshi, I'm so sorry for your loss. He looked a kind and lovely man from the photo and it was fascinating reading your story about him and those wonderful and unusual objects. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Diana xx


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