Wednesday, 5 February 2014


What’s on Your Workdesk this Wednesday? I expect it is tidier than mine, at any rate! My whole ARTHaven is a tip again at the moment, because I haven’t had a lot of time to spend in there lately, what with various other commitments, hospital visits, social engagements etc. and feeling pretty exhausted in between, so it’s been used pretty much as a dumping ground.

I’m really late posting this today – I thought I had plenty of time because I thought today was Tuesday. Duh.

The left-hand side of my ARTHaven is taken up with old cereal packets and other rubbish ready for altering and upcycling, which just get dumped there till I decide what to do with them! I sometimes think my wonderful idea of “zoned work areas” will remain just that – a wonderful idea, but maybe one day I’ll get properly organised!

WOYWW 244a

On the right is all the stuff I’m using to make my Dad’s album, which hasn’t had any further work done on it since I started my “wee sporran.”

On the main work surface I’ve laid some old newspaper to catch the tea from some used teabags. If you think I’ve gone completely mad, please see my previous post on Teabag Art, where you will be reassured as to my sanity – or perhaps not… I love the subtle colour and random shading on the empty used teabags, and I’m looking forward to having enough to make something with.

WOYWW 244b

I’m also working on a Zentangle Valentine card for my hubby but haven’t taken any photos yet, and anyway I don’t want him to see it yet.

In case you are still wondering what this WOYWW is all about, click on the logo in my sidebar and hop over to our hostess Julia’s blog where all will be revealed.

Have a great week, everybody.


  1. My mess is far and away deeper than yours!
    Thanks for sharing LOL!!!
    I always visit my neighbors first!
    Hope you find time to come visit
    Robyn 99

  2. Your space looks ok to me Shgoshi.Just busy!
    looking forward to seeing your hubby's Valentine card.I haven't done any Zentangling for ages!
    Judy Thanks for becoming a follower on my new blog.
    Judy xx

  3. So good to see that messy desks are catching on :) I've found that the bigger the room the bigger the mess. Your new place looks fabulous now you are in. I've been away for a while so I will have to catch up with all your posts when I can. Hope you are all settled in now.
    Have a great week,
    Von #30

  4. Can't wait to see what you make with the tea bags. And please don't forget to show the zentangle Valentine card after you given it.
    Michelle #80

  5. Nice workspace. This zentangle valentine sounds interesting have a good week. Peg R 25

  6. Well sweets, I suspect that you are working in zones without even thinking about it actually! The thing about being so busy with other stuff is that your art and craft really feeels like a great therapy when you get back to it..its brilliant at being neglected - no guilt, just yearning!

  7. You only have to look at my room from last week to see how appalling my room has been. Yours is immaculate in comparison. Mine is improving slowly and steadily. The boxes you can see this week have got some of my Clarity stamps in, which I am in the process of cataloguing and sorting properly so that I can find them all, and stop buying duplicates. I should finish that job today, and then I start on my ink pads, not such a big job as my stock is fairly limited. It sounds as though your are having a very busy time at the moment, so I hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #3

  8. You craft room is looking great, Shoshi! Everything is to hand..I like that.
    Knowing how amazing your Zentangles are, pleas would you post whatever you eventually make for your hubby - after the 14th of course!!
    Hope you are keeping well,
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  9. I can relate to your lack of time to work in the studio, but it seems like you're still percolating ideas, which is great. Your husband's Valentine's day card sounds great. Blessings!

  10. Hello Shoshi,I love your mess, cardboard, tea bags, I dye a lot with them too, I love your post about the tea bags, I have'n dried them on paper, but will do that today, used coffee filters are fantastic too, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend..

  11. You may have "mess" in the foreground, but we can still still how organized you are in the background. I've moved all my stuff to be "upcycled" to the basement -- when I need the odd bit of light cardboard, etc., I just go hunt there for it. Thankfully our cellar isn't too damp. Happy WOYWW on Thursday! ~ Laura #95

  12. I took a look at the teabag art and it is amazing! uh oh! another thing to start collecting!

  13. Hi Shoshi. Thanks for the visit - John is struggling on, not getting any better, but just about managing to get up and down stairs once a day. we have had the folk in to see about a stair lift...may take a while.
    However - soooo glad you have found a church in your new village. That's great news. It is so good to have a home spiritually. We are really grateful for Emmanuel in Llandudno. A lovely family!
    Your desk doesn't look messy - just busy - lots of things going on. When I did my C&G the other year, I did some dying of fabric with tea, and also dyed hand made silk paper - great fun!
    Have a great week in your arthaven.
    Margaret #17

  14. Hello I've not had a chat with you for a while. My desk (the dining table) is a right mess I keep tidying up but as soon as I start to try to create I end up with stuff everywhere - it's the way I work :-) Just popped to look at the teabag art - not cos I doubted you - just nosy. Gorgeous work. I may have to add to my list to try. Sorry I'm late. Only just seen your post. Anne x #63

  15. looking forward to your new Zentangle - I was showing my friends in the USA your work from ages ago - the mask still blows me away.
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps thanks for commenting on my blog sorry I am so late, was hospitalised on my return from the USA

  16. Shoshi, first of all I'm very sorry to hear that you lost you Father recently, but his service and everything you all did to honour him and his life was absolutely wonderful. I love your untidy workspace, nice and busy with lots going on, hope you can get back to it soon. We're at 70" and snow and counting for this Winter, we usually average 46"! I'm not looking forward to it all melting, I hope it does it over a number of weeks and we don't get a sudden warm up!!

    Brenda 6


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