Wednesday, 26 February 2014


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Not a great deal of change since last week, but some progress has been made on my teabag art:


On the left you can see the corner of the acrylic film I made with the used tea, now fully dried and ready for use. The large sheet of watercolour paper is a second piece for drying teabags, this time in a regular chequer-board pattern. To the right is my small leather art journal with pages painted with acrylics in preparation for teabag art. For further details of these, please see previous posts.

Here is a detail of the chequerboard design created by drying the teabags.

17 Teabag Drying Paper - Chequerboard

These are the art journal pages.

18 Art Journal Background

This is some fabric I’ve dyed with tea, ready for stitching some teabags. It has yet to be pressed.

19 Dried Tea-Dyed Fabric

Finally, here is the other piece of teabag-drying paper, with a few more marks added. Once I am satisfied that there are enough, I shall use it for an art project.

20 Teabag Drying Paper

Other activities this week include a bit more progress of my knitting – remember my unravelled dress that I am re-knitting as a jumper? It’s been in abeyance for a while but good to take it up again.

I have also been working hard on learning my new video editing software – Pinnacle Studio 17 – the user manual is pathetic, and it’s not exactly intuitive, and very different from my old version (12). I have found some superb video tutorials on Youtube and also joined the Pinnacle forum, where there is excellent help and advice from people experienced in the use of the software. So even if I haven’t been in my ARTHaven that much, I have not been idle!

Post-Op Beatrice 5 - 21-2-14

Beatrice is doing quite well – she’s still wearing her little dress, but the wound is knitting nicely at last, although more slowly than the vet had hoped, but she put that down to her age. However, a urine test result shows that she has a slight infection, so she is now on antibiotics. There is also some protein in her urine which indicates a slight problem with her kidneys, but the vet won’t address that until the infection has been dealt with. She is a lot more lively now, and getting up to naughty tricks – the other day she climbed the apple tree and got on the roof of the summerhouse and we were worried that she might jump down into the road, but my hubby has “kitty-proofed” the tree trunk with plastic anti-climb spikes to stop her climbing again. She is still pretty clingy and likes nothing better than to climb under the duvet and tuck herself under my arm – making sleep somewhat difficult for me!!

As for me, I have developed a throat infection and a dry cough which hurts my throat… Mum is treating me like a leper and won’t let me in the annexe in case she catches it!

Have a great week, everybody – full of inspiration and creativity.


  1. Still as busy as ever I see! Feel better soon

  2. Lovely to see you Shoshi. You have been up to lots of lovely things with teabags I would never have thought of. They only get thrown in a mug of hot water here!!!
    Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather, hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs Lisax #60

  3. Hope your cat feels better soon! Thanks for sharing your tea bag art!

    Katie (88)

  4. I couldn't get your blog to load last time, so I'm glad I tried again! Love what you're creating with tea... and poor Beatrice, I hope she continues to improve. Molly-cat been to the vet today - hurt her back, poor baby (don't know how). She's doing better now she's on painkillers!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 33

  5. I'm loving your teabag art. I must put it on my to do list along with gelli printing! working with cardboard! more stitching blah blah blah

  6. Sounds like life is busy for you Shoshi. Great! Trust hubby is well, too, and enjoying your new home.
    John isn't doing too badly at the moment - but life has been a bit of a struggle since Christmas - but I think we are winning o the infection front!
    Have a good week - and best wishes to hubby.
    Margaret #59

  7. Loving the Teabag technique, thanks for sharing it and hope you feel better soon. Happy crafting, Angela x68

  8. Hello Shoshi, I just saw your video and will be watching the rest on the weekend, I love tea bag art and have made a page already and looooove it,the art journal pages are a gorgeous brown, all this tea gets me all atwitter, thanks for sharing have a wonderful day, Dianne #80..

  9. I can't wait to see what you do with the teabag art - I keep meaning to save mine and I really must find some paper to dry them on. So glad Beatrice is recovering, but sorry to hear you have the lurgy - hope you feel better soon.
    Hope you have a creative week,
    Diana x

  10. Hi again, Shoshi. Yes - have heard from the lady at the council. She has no doubt John qualifies for a stair lift - just a question of a grant. Do we meet the criterion or not. Probably next financial year now - but that isn't long. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our elder daughter was up last week and gave him some hefty physio - she IS qualified to do so!! - and has taught him some really helpful techniques. So that was good.
    Trust you manage to get out Saturday - love Faulty Towers myself!!!

  11. Hi Shoshi, sorry to hear about your throat, smiled at your Mum! Beatrice has that 'Does my fur look big in this' look, lol.Glad she's coming along though.That must have been a bit heart-stopping to see her on the roof.New link at #102, as my first one linked to last week. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz XX

  12. Hi Shoshi,

    You have been busy! I must admit, your cat sounds like me and what I've gone through the last couple of years..... kidney issues, infections, etc. Glad she's feeling better though.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (5)

  13. Poor kitty, and poor you with a throat infection.
    Enjoying the tea bag dyeing process.
    Judy #12


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