Wednesday, 19 February 2014


What’s on Your Workdesk this Wednesday? (Click on the WOYWW logo in my sidebar to find out all about this.) As usual, there isn’t much on mine, I’m afraid. I have had a bit more time and energy over the past fortnight and have actually managed a few sessions in my ARTHaven, and mostly I’ve been working on my teabag art. I am making some videos as I go along, and have spent quite a lot of time editing them, and once I’ve finished they will be uploaded.

WOYWW 246a Teabag Art

On the desk you can see some dried teabags on the left, and some of the teabags which I have emptied and started colouring with distress inks on the right, some with stamping. I have also been experimenting with making acrylic film (I’ve made a video of that, too) and there will be more info on that in due course – you can see the piece I’ve made, and the design has been created using the tea out of the teabags! (Waste-not, want-not…) In the centre, in front of the little cream tin dish, is a collection of very pretty rubber stamps that I am using on the teabags, using a gold stamp pad.

As requested last time I was around, here are the pictures of the Zentangle Valentine card I made for my hubby. (More details here.)

Valentine Card 2014

Inside the card:

Valentine Card 2014 Inside

My hubby enjoys kite-flying when he gets the chance.

I have also been getting the software sorted to run Sheba, my Cougar cutting machine, again. She’s been set up across the corner in my ARTHaven for several months but I have not yet had her running. Now that I have my new iMac, I am going to run her from that, and I needed to get Inkscape (vector drawing software) and Signcut (the software that sends the cutting instructions to the machine) installed, now that I have the Mac manual for setting up the machine.

WOYWW 246b Sheba

Other news – our older kitty, Beatrice, has had a lumpectomy between her shoulder blades and has spent the past week in post-operative sleep – generally cats sleep about 18 hours a day, but I think she’s probably clocked up 23 hours a day. She seems exhausted, and she’s been very clingy and can’t get close enough to us. Phoebe, our other cat, has spent much more time cuddled up with her when she’s on our laps, which is not something that usually happens, so she’s either jealous and doesn’t like all the attention Beatrice is getting, or she’s trying to comfort her and keep her warm!

The vet said that it was important that she didn’t scratch at the wound, and suggested getting a baby’s T-shirt to cover it up. My hubby went to Mothercare and bought the only thing that was small enough – a twin pack of prem baby-grows, which happen to have little frilly skirts on them! Doesn’t she look dinky?

Post-Op Beatrice 1 - 13-02-14

We are still waiting for the lab results on the biopsy – the pre-op needle biopsy suggested that it was probably not malignant, but the lump was very hard and it was difficult to get enough of a sample, and the procedure caused her some discomfort. They needed to do a proper section to be sure, and we are hoping that now it is removed, she will make a full recovery and require no further treatment. If it was malignant, she will have to have a scan (a CAT scan perhaps??) to see if it has spread anywhere else. We really don’t want her to have to go through a lot of aggressive and unpleasant treatment.

Have a good week, everybody.

Edit: We’ve just received the great news that Beatrice’s lump was not malignant. The vet got it all out, and all is well. Now we just have to wait for her to make a full recovery, and hopefully several more years of her gorgeous company.


  1. Hope Beatrice is okay! she looks really cute in her pink outfit.
    I like your teabag crafting. Must give it a go
    Lynn xx

  2. Wow, what a great card - the lucky fella! Love what you're doing with the teabags, and poor kitty :(
    I do hope she soon feels better - give her a gentle hug from me x
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 31

  3. What a very cute kitty in her snazzy clothing. Your zentangle is fabulous. That's something we haven't tried as yet.

    The bears @#73

  4. You seem to have really settled in! Nice to see what you are up to!

  5. Hi Shoshi the zentangle card is fabulous. I've been having a little go at it but mine looks like a three year old ( they could probably do better) did it :-)
    Puss looks very cute in her outfit. Do hope all will be well though. Anne x #53

  6. That Valentine's Day card is AMAZING. I'm sure your hubby loved it. She looks so precious in her little dress. #1

  7. Hi Shoshi, I hope all goes well for Beatrice and the results come back good. She looks very cute in her frilly top, by the way. Have a great week, hugs Shaz #38 xx

  8. What an amazing Valentines Card! Karen #101

  9. fabulous..wishing her a speedy recovery

  10. Glad to hear that Beatrice is ok..she did look very pretty in that little outfit. I dread to think how my arms would have been scratched to pieces if I ever attempted to put one on my big bruiser, Harry!
    And the Valentine is amazing, so intricate and I love the accents of colour. Gorgeous!
    HUgs, LLJ 44 x

  11. I had to come back to your post as it made me cry. I was so sad reading about your poor little cat. Then I saw your update and the tears of joy just flowed knowing she is going to be ok.
    I know it may be seen as silly but I adore cats and the thought of such a sweet little one being so poorly made me sad.
    Feel better now though.
    Nelle 71 xx

  12. So sorry didn't mention your wonderful card. The detail is fantastic.
    Nelle 71 xx

  13. So cute dressed in pink LOL
    What a wonderful tangle you created for your hubby!
    Krisha #9

  14. Yay! Glad Beatrice's lump was not malignant. As for your other cat being extra cuddly, I imagine it's to comfort Beatrice, as well as you and your husband. Animals have an uncanny ability to know when you need that extra kiss or cuddle.

    Love the zentangle card! I bet your husband loved it.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (90)

  15. Wow, your valentine card is stunning - I bet your hubby was thrilled with it. Your desk looks so organised with your little piles of teabags - I am quite keen to give it a go!
    Glad Beatrice the kitty is doing ok - she is a beautiful looking cat and that outfit suits her - just her colour!

  16. Wow that card is stunning, so much more meaningful that a shop bought one! Love and hugs to Beatrice.


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