Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Salisbury and Cotswolds Holiday–Day 6 Broadway

Today was a rather unsatisfactory day. The trouble is, I am quite unable to shake off my present feeling of utter exhaustion and everything is a huge effort – it was also quite hot and humid today (conditions that tend to make me feel worse). It’s very frustrating, not just for me but for my hubby too. We decided to look at some villages this morning, and then visit Chastleton House (a beautiful Jacobean National Trust house) in the afternoon, but by the time we got there it still wasn’t open, and we hadn’t had any lunch. We had a terrible time trying to find somewhere for lunch. Chipping Norton, although an attractive enough town, seemed to offer nothing except light lunches, and we were in and out of the car with the wheelchair. Eventually we found a pub in Hook Norton (lovely name!) but they were about to host a large party and couldn’t accommodate us. They recommended another pub in the village which looked distinctly unprepossessing from the outside, but by this time we were desperate, and took our chances. The meals were very expensive on the menu, but we went for it and were most pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cooking and the presentation, and left well satisfied.

In the car I simply couldn’t keep awake and slept most of the day, and again when we decided to abandon the idea of returning to Chastleton House, and returned instead to our Bed and Breakfast.

It is now three days that I’ve been feeling like this, and it isn’t helped by sleeping badly, and having to be up for 8 a.m. breakfast each day. I really needed a few days’ complete rest before setting off on this holiday, but at least the first two days in Salisbury were quite wonderful for me, and I had a little window of more energy to enjoy it fully – probably too fully, and I’m now suffering the payback!

Anyway, here are the pics from today – mostly in Broadway, which is the nearest village of any size from where we are staying. Compared with Bourton-on-the-Water, there was absolutely no contest – Broadway wins hands down for quality and the tastefulness of the shops! We wandered around some very classy shops indeed, and loved the buildings and surroundings.

01 Broadway

02 Pretty Walls in Broadway

03 Thatched Shops in Broadway

Chocolate heaven! How’s this for a choccie shop?

04 Chocolate Heaven in Broadway

05 Clematis in Broadway

We came across a shop with footprints impressed in the plaster wall just inside the door. Nice texture!

06 Footprints on Wall in Broadway

There was a modern sign hanging from this most intriguing and obviously ancient bracket. It appears to depict a bishop poking at some snakes with his bishop’s crook. My hubby thought it might be a representation of St. Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland, but what the connection is with the Cotswolds is a mystery!

07 Ancient Sign in Broadway

08 Broadway

Here is a close-up of some of the glorious warm golden Cotswold stone. When new, it positively glows, and as it weathers, it goes all sorts of colours. I absolutely love it.

09 Cotswold Stone in Broadway

I love curved glass in windows. I knew someone once who had a shop with curved glass, and he said the insurance on those curved panes was more than the insurance on the whole of the rest of the building!

10 Curved Glass Windows in Broadway

How vegetables should be sold!

11 Greengrocer's Shop in Broadway

Lovely to see people on horseback riding through the village. In the Cotswolds, they always seem to be very well turned out.

12 Horse Riding in Broadway

This is the entrance to Chastleton House, the National Trust property we’d originally intended to visit today.

13 Entrance to Chastleton House

Driving on a bit further, we caught a glimpse of this magnificent house through tall iron gates.

14 Stately Home through Gates

The church at Hook Norton, where we eventually had lunch.

15 Hook Norton Church

Again, as I sign off, hoping for better things tomorrow health-wise!


  1. Sorry to here that you are not feeling so good. It is must be so frustrating for you. So much to do and not enough energy to enjoy it. Just absorb the beautiful surroundings and do what you can. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  2. Oh wow, that does take the fun out of it. I pray you get a good rest, feel much better, and enjoy the remainder of your holiday! Thank you for sharing your photos, I appreciate it--it's always a treat to see another part of the world.

    Happy woyww!
    #66 this week

  3. I'm finally catching up on some blogs and have enjoyed reading about your vacation. I'm so sorry you've been feeling so rotten though, and I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hello again Shoshi and thank you for your wonderfully long comment on my blog. I think being 'put down' by teachers when I was at school made me a better teacher!I was very sensitive to the children I taught and felt I was encouraged them in all things - hope I did! hey seemed to enjoy my classes. I joined a choir where we were told that everyone could sing ( something else I was told I couldn't do) we had great fun. Sorry you are not so well. Hope you will feel better soon and can enjoy rest of your holiday.I am on verge of leaving for the hospital to get results of MRI scan on my knee. Feeling nervous. Take care. Anne x

  5. Heat is always draining at the best of times. I've never been to that part of the country - it all looks charming!


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