Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Home Again–and WOYWW 269

Because of the events of recent days, I haven’t been in my ARTHaven since Saturday, but here is what it looked like then – this is a collection of materials used for my latest project, arranged for a photo for my blog post on the subject.

01 Materials Used

For those of you who don’t visit my blog apart from WOYWW, in the small hours of Sunday morning I experienced severe chest pain and was admitted to hospital at about 7 a.m. that morning. I was told that my blood results indicated that I had had a heart attack, although my ECG was ambiguous because of an existing heart condition (left bundle branch block) which has its own distinctive trace which can mask any other abnormality. I was booked in for an angiogram which unfortunately did not take place on Monday, despite my being deprived of lunch, but which happened yesterday. It revealed no permanent damage to my heart so I have been taken off the clopidogrel and was sent home. I have apparently suffered from what was described as a “minor cardiac event” – probably a spasm of the arteries surrounding the heart, and have been given a glyceryl trinitrate spray to keep with me at all times, to spray under my tongue should the chest pain return, and if it doesn’t work, to call an ambulance immediately and return to hospital for further investigations.

This is very good news, of course, but it’s been a wake-up call and made me aware that this could happen again.

I am now suffering an emotional reaction to what has happened and not doing too well, but no doubt in a day or two I shall be myself again.


  1. So glad they could do something to relieve if it occurs again. I bet you are in the poop because of the experience. Would you like to email me your new addy so i can send you a cheer up gift?
    Bridget #48

  2. Glad to hear you're now home, Shoshi. Take it easy and look after yourself.
    Chris xx

  3. Oh My Goodness Shoshi - I think in the wars is an understatement. I can imagine how scared you must have been. It is little wonder you are feeling emotional. I am sending you a great big hug and I wish you a speedy recovery. Take Care Shoshi Hugs Helen x

  4. Dear me! I am not surprised you are having to deal with the emotional fall out of such a scary event! Glad to read you are home now and wish you a return to normalcy soon - Well, sort of :) When I found my sugar levels were higher than they should be I came home and got back to a NEW normal. It's not easy and it sure isn't fun, but I feel so much the better for it. Some day I might not even MISS ice cream....


    Yeah. Right.

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (5)

  5. Hello Shoshi I'm just catching up with your posts. Oh my word what a lot of stress. First with losing Phoebe and I agree with you re people's attitudes towards things- I get very cross! I am so pleased though you are home after your heart scare! I do hope you soon return to 'normal' please take care. Anne x #25

  6. Hi Shoshi,
    So glad you are OK. But all that hospital business is sure to leave you somewhat distressed, one way or another. Just a "gut reaction" to it all, I imagine, and I expect it will ease off very soon. I glossed over your previous posts and got the general idea, but I'm not good with anything to do with needles, particularly cannulas. I am light headed just writing about it. Mind you, I did have a colonoscopy a few years ago and I had the best (although short) sleep I have had in years :)
    I hope you can enjoy your Arthaven again really soon :)
    Thanks for stopping by too, I do appreciate it!
    RosA # 3

  7. Pleased to see you home. Take it easy and get spoilt!

  8. Hi Shoshi, what a scare! I'm not surprised you are having a reaction now,just take care and be gentle with yourself. Have a great week, Hugs, Shax #6 xxx

  9. Oh Shoshi, what a shock for you.
    Just take it easy for a while and try not to overdo it.
    Only light crafting allowed until you are much better.
    Best wishes, Angela x #38

  10. Bless your heart, Shoshi. That's so scary, but thank God it wasn't more serious. I believe the Lord still has great plans for you, but you definitely will have to take good care of your body, the temple of Christ. I will keep you in my prayers, my friend, Blessings!

  11. Goodness, what a scary time for you, We hope you are now pampering yourself a bit, you deserve to for a while to help you over the shock. Xxxx

  12. Just had a phone call from a close friend who tells me she was taken in hospital last night and is now another AF sufferer. FB tells me another friends' husband has had a stroke (not good) and now I read my mail and find this about you. What a lot to take in in a day.
    At least you are back home now and that is the main thing. You need to keep stress to a minimum and not work too hard, for always, but certainly for the immediate future. Take care Shoshi, you are too much loved to be having anything else wrong with you.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier, sorry I am so late I have been on holiday - Hugs, Neet xx


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