Wednesday, 2 July 2014


For details of how to join in the world’s most famous nosey fest, click on the WOYWW icon in my sidebar, which will take you to our hostess Julia’s blog, where all will be revealed.

Now we are back from our holiday and over all my hubby’s retirement celebrations, I hope I can now return to WOYWW on a regular basis. Here’s what my desk looked like late on Tuesday evening:


As you can see, I am working on my recycled mini-album, and I’ve done a few pages now. It is resting on a nice scratch paper which is developing well into a usable background sheet, and to the right is a similar piece, a sheet of kitchen paper that I’ve used for mopping up with. It’s nice enough to use for a background now, and it will eventually be incorporated into the album.

You can see from the picture how the borders are working on the pages which decrease in size to the centre of each signature. If you look carefully, you can see on the right hand page, one of the gorgeous little bicycle die-cuts which Julia (our WOYWW hostess) sent me a while back – it began life as lime green card, but with the application of a bit of Tea Dye Distress Ink, some careless application of gel medium and finally some copper gilding wax, it’s ended up with a nice texture and colour and looks lovely and vintage!

There’s a little tag between the innermost pages of the signature, the sides of which I have glued together to form a pocket for the tag. A semi-circular punched hole allows for the whole of the tag puller to be visible.

Surrounding the album you can see the various gel mediums, acrylic paints, brushes and ink pads etc. that I’m using in the project. Just visible on the right is a pile of stamps which I may or may not be using in the project (mostly background stamps).

Please see my previous post for further details and pictures.

Also this week I’ve started editing quite a lot of raw video from recent projects so hopefully I shall be uploading some videos to my Youtube channel again soon, and updating my blog accordingly. The trouble is, making and editing a video of a project seems to take longer than the project itself!!

An update on my recent health update – the result of my blood test did reveal that I was anaemic (probably as a result of bleeding from one end or the other – there may be bleeding from the throat inflammation caused by the acid reflux, and I’m almost certainly bleeding from the other end as a result of the ulcerative colitis) so I am back on iron again. I have also been on the 5:2 diet for a week now, and in just one week, with two days’ partial fast, I have lost 5 lb!! At this rate I shall be skinny in six months! This diet is definitely do-able, because you only have to eat less on two days a week (reducing your intake to 500 cals max) and the rest of the time you eat normally.

Happy WOYWW everyone, and may the coming week be creative and productive for you all.


  1. Hi Shoshi well done on the weight loss, good t look after yourself :D I need to focus on that over winter :D always tricky huh!?
    ... lovely fun going on desk. Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x no number yet

  2. Gosh, sounds like you've been having a time of it!! Love the project you're working on though and it's good to see you back again. Helen 2

  3. LOVE the idea of the nested pages to display all the borders. What a great idea! And congrats on the weight loss too.

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  4. I have another friend on the 5:2 and is doing well at maintaing her slim figure rather than yo-yoing which she was prone to, so I hear ya...5lb is a great spur on!
    I love the reducing borders n the journal, and am so really uncreative that I looked at the kitchen roll and wondered why you hadn't binned it yet!! Love what you did to the bike...

  5. Hi Shoshi - lots happening with your mini album, great how we create interesting pieces without too much thought, unlike the main piece you're working on...too much thought for me. Get well soon and keep on that great diet, might have to try it.Happy WOYWW and have a super week RobynO#8

  6. I just love your mini journal - I also looked at your previous post - I love the deep colours and the beautiful patterning. I can't wait to see the finished book and will look out for your videos. Well done on losing weight - it sounds like it's really working - do your two days have to be next to each other or can they be any you choose? And do you eat normally on the other days or are you still dieting all week? Keep up the good work (both arty and healthy!) and I hope you have a good week.

  7. I love how your mini album steps in. I'm going to try and find the other posts to see it from the beginning.
    Good luck with the 5:2. I've been on it for about 16 months now. I lost half a stone in the first month and since then have maintained my weight. I see it as a really easy way to eat what I like for 5 days of the week without getting fat! And then there are those other peculiar health benefits of course.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your book.
    Have a fun week
    Gillian #28

  8. Dr Laura says; Remember to take vitamin C with the iron so your body can absorb it easily! (I'm on it at the moment too)
    The album is looking great
    Happy WOYWW

  9. Love the look of your mini album! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Glenda #41

  10. Hi Shoshi! Sorry to hear you have been ill - hope the iron tablets sort that out at least. I have been thinking about doing that 5:2 diet - I really need to take some action over the next couple of months. I think I shall pick up a copy from work on Saturday and get started. Before I went on holiday I was good for 2 weeks (I am not a huge eater, I just eat wrong things!)went to 3 exercise classes a week and put on 2lbs. Went on holiday eat loads every day and lost 3. Go figure!! Happy WOYWW x

  11. Fabulous little mini! Love all the mediums you have out to play with. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

  12. Like the altered book journal and the way you have kept it in the same tone through out. Hope you begin to feel better and have more time to spend on your projects.
    Monica 54

  13. Glad you are safely home, and hubby can enjoy his retirement. The last couple of years have been so very busy for him one way and another, I trust he really enjoys this change!! Interesting book coming along there. Will see it develop gradually.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #9

  14. Love your mini album, Shoshi. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  15. What a fun altered book you have been working on. Glad to see the creative juices flowing. Judy #72

  16. Hi Shoshi your art work/ projects always sound so very interesting. Sorry you are having the blood loss resulting in being anaemic ( certainly suffered the blood loss - though for a different reason to yours :-) ) Well done on weight loss. Happy WOYWW Anne x #32

  17. Oh this book is looking lush ! Love the black making the rest of your work "pop" - do keep showing us how it evolves ! Ali #5 xx

  18. Loving the journal, the borders are great. Please, please let us see it as it develops.
    Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x # 48

  19. It's me again - just to say you are my June Giveaway Winner. Will be on its way very soon! Cindy x

  20. Hi Shoshi,

    I read your post about your health issues. I hope your ankles have gone down and aren't as swollen. It's terrible when our health issues get in the way of life!

    I like the sounds of the diet you are on. I might be able to do that. I've been drinking smoothies this week and am finding them quite enjoyable and good. I will make them using 2 handfulls of baby spinach, some almond milk, greek yogurt and fruit (usually a banana and/or mixed berries).

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (60)

  21. love the album be interesting to see acloser look
    janet still playing catch up before this weeks posts #7


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