Wednesday, 9 July 2014


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Here is my desk as at late on Tuesday evening.


As you can see, I am continuing to work on my Recycled Mini-Album. Today I completed another page with an emphasis on circles in the design. The page includes printing with bubble wrap, and creating circles using a pen lid dipped in paint. The background is made from the piece of kitchen paper I’d used for mopping up, which featured in last week’s WOYWW post.

For further details of this project, please scroll down to the previous post.

The book is sitting on top of one of my scratch papers – you can see more of this on the previous post, too. To the left is my blue desk-tidy which contains my foam applicators and stencil brushes amongst other things. I used these to create the circles in the border.

Working around clockwise behind the book, you can see the purple pencil box I use to keep my drawing pens in. Behind that, in the mini-bath, are some pieces of kitchen roll in the early stages of their creative journey before too much ink and paint have built up on them!

Further on again, and my gel mediums and acrylic paints seem to be taking up permanent residence on my work surface rather than being put away on the shelf that is their real home! Drawing pens in front, in black and white.

You can see the two bubble wrap printing blocks I made this afternoon. More details on my previous post.

Large rectangular tub of gesso almost out of shot, and some Distress Inks and my usual tin of paint brushes. Essential baby wipes on the drawers beyond!

Much of this week has been spent trying to catch up on my video editing. I have now uploaded a couple of videos about the Recycled Mini-Album, and also the Altered Pizza Box I made recently. All relevant blog posts will eventually be upgraded with these videos, but they are on Youtube already. Still got quite a few to go! I hate it that it takes longer to edit and upload a video than it does to do the actual project one was filming!

Other news – great excitement – our solar panels are being fitted this week! There’s a post about that below the one about my latest mini-album page.

Also, great news on the 5:2 diet front. Last week, you may remember, was my first week on this revolutonary new diet, and I was amazed to have lost 5 lb. I have now been doing it for 2 weeks, and at the end of the second week, I have lost a further 7 lb, making a total of 12 lb in two weeks!! I expect in time it will plateau out – I do not expect to continue to lose weight at this rate, but I am feeling extremely chuffed about it. Trouble is, nothing actually shows yet! Also, when I’ve lost weight in the past, I’ve tended to lose it from places I’m not really bothered about – like my face, and my wrists (watch strap gets loose!) – I am convinced that I could get really, really skinny except for my awful stomach which refuses to budge! Ah well, we can’t have it all our own way, I suppose.


  1. Your little book on your desk looks very interesting. Well done on the video front. It sounds like it is very complicated. I will have to go and check them out.
    Well done, also on your weight loss.
    What things do you eat on the days when you only have 500 calories?

  2. Your book is looking fabulous - I love the circles theme and patterns on the edges - it's just screaming at me to look through it! Well done on the weight loss - I am very impressed - keep up the good work!
    Hope you have a great week,

  3. love your book , it's coming along nicely . Big well done for the weight lose you must be so please with yourself. Happy woyww Jill #27

  4. It will show, but be patient! The part I wanted to go fast is now slowly changing..but it's the last part!! Meawnhile, well done - results like that make it easy to stick with huh!
    I take it back about the dirty kitchen tissue from last week - as I suspected - you've made it look fab!

  5. What would I do without baby wipes??!! Your recycled album looks wonderful. Here from WOYWW.
    Cathy #61

  6. Glad to hear your 5:2 diet is going so well.
    I feel for you with the video editing. I haven't actually made any craft ones yet but the few I've edited in the past put me right off. Looking forward to watching yours though so after this I'll be hopping over to YouTube.
    Have a lovely week
    Gillian #49

  7. You have had a busy week and sounds like you have accomplished a lot. Congratulations on the weight loss. I love what you have done with your mini album on your desktop.

  8. Hi Shoshi,
    Congrats on the battle of the bulge! It is a never ending cycle for me, so while on vacation I decided to just star eating more healthy and staying away ( best as I can) form sugar and starchy things. Will see how THAT goes.....LOL

    I subscribed to your You Tube channel so I check out that beautiful album your working on.

    I truly want solar panels, but I would have to cut down two huge shade trees. I do LOVE my trees, but not the extremely high electric bills that come this time of year, so I would forfeit my beauties to live in a cool house. Hopefully I can get DH on the solar panel idea
    Have a great week
    Krisha #64

  9. Love how we all fill our desks with 'stuff' when working, lol. Well done on the diey front, I agree it always seems to go easiest from the places you don't want to lose it, and tummy and butt hang on for ever. Will have to look at that diet, still trying to lose a little. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #19 xx

  10. lots!!! going on here- love the album, and I'd del right at home at this desk.
    Best of luck and good health with the weight loss- Iknow what you mean about losing it where it doesn't matter!
    robyn 26

  11. Your album is coming right along! And so many fun and crafty goodies on your desk! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #71

  12. I love you album, the gorgeous edging and circles bring the whole thing to life, love it.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  13. Interesting project!! : ) and congrats on your diet!! I struggle with weight too but looks like you are winning the battle! Keep up the good work : )


    p.s. drink plenty of water it will help melt the inches as well as the pounds!

  14. Happy WOYWW! Well done on getting all this done, plus success with the diet. Argh, the stomach, I always remind myself that my daughter is worth all the inches I gained when I was pregnant!
    peggy aplSEEDS@12

  15. Congrats on the weight loss! That is no mean feat. I'm in the same journey as well :-)
    Sorry to hear about your mum, isn't it the case that TIAs and strokes really do affect the personality....hard for the person but also their loved ones.
    Finally, I really do like your purple pencil box, very funky!
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  16. Your mini album looks great. Stick with the diet. I never use scales I always go by my clothes and watch, if they are loose then I feel I've lost weight. Of course it's never that my clothes are losing their elastic :)
    Have a great week, hope mum is okay.
    Von #18

  17. Hi, Shoshi, I just came back to say I loved your comment about the tear bottle. What a lovely custom to have and just another example of why I love WOYWW - I never know what interesting thing I will learn from people around the world!


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