Wednesday, 28 January 2015


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Nothing on my desk this week, I’m afraid. Since my cancer diagnosis just over a week ago, I find myself unsettled and sans creative mojo, but I don’t suppose this is very surprising. I am not overly concerned  because I am sure it will return in due course. I am already thinking about a card for my hubby for Valentine’s day if I can only get sufficiently motivated!

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying relaxing on the recliner with my newly rediscovered embroidery – an ancient UFO (UnFinished Object) which I am coming to with renewed enthusiasm. Here are some pictures of the pieces I’ve done over the past few days, for anyone who hasn’t been visiting my blog in the meantime.

12 Purple Piece

13 Yellow and Purple Piece

14 Yellow and Purple Piece Detail

15 Large Shi-sha with Whipped Fly Stitch

17 Large Shi-sha with Whipped Fly Stitch Ultra Detail

18 Asymmetrical Whipped Fly Stitch

20 Asymmetrical Whipped Fly Stitch Ultra Detail

They will eventually be made up into decorative pieces for the new half-tester over my bed. The focal point on each piece is Indian mirror work (shi-sha). I am able to complete each one in a few hours. Although each piece is part of a much larger project, I can treat them as separate projects which are small enough to cope with! I am experimenting with new stitches, and am thrilled to find some variations on the basic shi-sha stitch which I have been doing for years. As with a lot of my projects, it is a learning curve and I always enjoy learning new skills! (I had a fun comment from Princess Judy who thinks shi-sha sounds very energetic, like doing the cha-cha but with thread! ROFL!!! Judy can always guarantee to make me laugh! I can assure you it is very relaxing, and much easier to do than dancing!!) I love the little mirrors and the gorgeous rich effect they give. I think shi-sha is my favourite form of embroidery.

I am going for my CT scan on Friday afternoon, after which they will know better exactly how to proceed. I definitely have to have surgery, whatever they find, but the scan should reveal how much, if at all, the cancer has spread, and what further treatment may be necessary. For those who have not visited recently, I have started a new page on my blog (see the tab “My Cancer Diary” just below the blog heading) where I shall be documenting my progress, treatment, and feelings. I am very grateful to our own lovely Shaz for her ongoing support and advice!

A happy WOYWW to everyone!


  1. Beautiful wmbroidery pieces, keeping your hands busy at the moment is the bestide, in whatever way. I hope the news is the best possible you can hope for and that any treatment is swift and effective, take care of yourself.

    Horace @ no. 46

  2. Hi Shoshi. I'm glad you have found a project that you can enjoy doing during this anxious time. Something that relaxes you and is not too demanding when your mind is on other things. I wish you lots of good luck for Friday and hope you get some positive news.

  3. Wow! That's so intricate and beautiful! I love all the bright, vibrant colors. Big hugs to you. I know you are unsettled, but hopefully you'll have more encouraging news soon and can face it head on. Not knowing is the worst. Hang in there!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #5

  4. Embroidery sounds like the perfect occupation for you at this difficult time, Shoshi. Take it easy and keep your spirits up as much as possible. I will think of you on Friday, hoping that whatever they find is easily treatable. Thank you for all your visits to my blog! Take care and stay strong xx

  5. I have learned something new! Never heard of Shi Sha but I have seen it with the mirror pieces...very cool. It is great you can sit down and focus on something creative. Waiting is the worst bit about a cancer diagnosis. When we did this last May I felt 1000% better knowing the plan and procedures instead of just being in suspense. Once you have a plan of action and can attack it is a relief. Best wishes for you for Friday! Shel#55

  6. Your embroidery fascinates me--so many different stitches, and such beautiful bright colors. And of course the shi-sha in each--thanks to Princess Judy, now I envision you embroidering with much enthusiasm!

    (Still praying--and a big hug to you, will check your new blog after Friday for updates.)

    Happy woyww to you, Shoshi!
    #62 this week

  7. It's beautiful work.
    I don't have any other words so I'll just keep praying x
    Happy Deskday

  8. Your embroidery is beautiful and what a wonderful idea to make a hanging around your bed - it's going to look stunning. I always find embroidery very relaxing so hopefully this will be something you can pick up wherever you are and get engrossed in - you might even want to take it to do while waiting in the hospital - I've just had 4 hours in Southampton General this morning (three and a half of which were waiting around) and I'm still recovering from the tediousness of it all, with nothing to do but re-read the only magazine in the waiting room! I shall be thinking of you on Friday - I hope it all goes well - sending hugs and positive thoughts your way,
    Diana x

  9. Some blip ate my comment mid way through! I was saying I am so impressed with your embroidery abilities (and doing the cha-cha with thread). Each piece is like its own masterpiece. It all have a very Eastern Indian feel to it.

  10. Well girlfriend,it may not be on your desk nut it's still very creative and I'm also absolutely sure that it's perfect for the contemplative mood you find upon you. I'm a week behind with visiting and so had note known of your diagnosis before now, and admire your train of thought and I thi that joining the team is the greatest way to commence the fight.xx

  11. The embroidery is beautiful ad I am glad that you have something to do. I'm sure your paper crafting mojo will return. I am praying for the best news re your scan and treatment. Thinking of you and Shaz and praying for you both. Hugs Anne x #32

  12. Your embroidery work is exquisite and the larger project will look just fabulous with all the sparkly mirrors. I hope your scan and treatment go well. My mum went through a very long surgery a couple of years back so I know how things can get. Stay strong sending you virtual hugs Anita #42

  13. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Best wishes and lots of prayers for your healing.
    The embroidery is BEAUTIFUL! I still struggle to master the basic stitches and haven't picked up my own needles in a while, but you may have changed that. Thank you for the inspiration. Keep on keeping on!

  14. Hello!

    Your embroidery work is absolutely beautiful! The finished project is going to be stunning and a family heirloom! I am keeping you in my prayers and wishing you good results of your CT scan. Stay strong - keep writing in that diary! Wishing you a good week!


    Barbara Diane

  15. Wow, each one of these is a mini masterpiece. I love them all. Could not do them if you paid me! I am not a sewer at all unless it is life threatening!

  16. Ditto to all the great comments on your embroidery.... simply stunning. All the best for your medical tests. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
    sandra de @47

  17. Hi Shoshi, I love the embroidery you have been doing. I can see how easy that is to sit with and relax. I didn't actually think about finding out some cross stitch! Thinking of you, and have fingers crossed that your scan reveals a nice easy fix for you. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

  18. Your embroidery is gorgeous! I've not seen anything like that and I think cha-cha with a thread is perfect! I will be praying for you. God always has a plan and knows what's best for us but I can totally understand the being unsettled. Sometimes it takes time to come to terms with His plans being different than ours. Hugs.
    Carol N #51

  19. hi shoshi i must have missed you last week i dudnt know about your cancer..... be positive you will get through it im suree especially with all the blog loving here.. shaz is indeed an inspiration......
    i hope it went ok and i will pop ack later to see an update
    thinking of you
    janet @19

  20. Shoshi, those embroideries are breathtakingly beautiful! Love the colours! But I am surprised that it is called shi-sha, as I only know waterpipes with that name. Funny!
    I believe you that it is hard getting familiar with the cancer problem. My first cancer operation was in 2007 and the second in 2011 and I am still nervous when I have my checkup. But I am still alive. Take your time, you need it.
    Thinking of you!
    Gabriele 44

  21. I have not seen shi-sha work in a very long time. Your pieces are beautiful. Sending tons of Healing and Creative Blessings your way! Kelly #56


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