Wednesday, 4 February 2015


What’s On My Workdesk this Wednesday? Absolutely nothing!

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I thought I’d join in WOYWW this week, albeit rather late in the day, just  to say I had my anaesthetist’s appointment this morning, and I have updated my Cancer Diary page accordingly.

I have no picture for you today because there has again been absolutely no work done in my ARTHaven. I haven’t even managed to do any embroidery this week. I am still feeling very unsettled, waiting for further news about my bowel cancer. I have not yet got the follow-up appointment after the scan, and until I attend that appointment, we do not know exactly what we are dealing with, or how serious it is. As you will see from my diary, I do now have a lot more information about what is likely to happen before, during and after surgery, but the fine details have to be filled in by the surgeon when I see him.

Yesterday my hubby and I attended the first day of a four-day course for carers. The next three will take place on successive Tuesdays. They know we may not be able to attend them all, but handouts are available, and if necessary we can always enrol for the next one. These courses are offered free in our local area, and are run by an experienced nurse who has had to take a back seat from active nursing due to back trouble. She is now teaching, and running carers’ courses, and has the added advantage of having taken care of an elderly relative herself.

A beautifully presented sandwich lunch was provided, and as much tea or coffee as we wanted. The whole course is free of charge. We are being made aware of all the resources available to us, and individual needs are being met, and dealt with promptly. Hearing the experiences of the other members of the course made me feel extremely humble – compared with what some people have to put up with, caring for Mum is like a walk in the park.

We have also joined a local carers’ group which meets regularly in a local hotel for morning coffee and afternoon tea a couple of times a month. Again, we won’t make them all, but it will be a nice opportunity to meet others in our situation, and make new friends. I am impressed with how much is on offer in our area, but shocked at how little help some people are getting. A lot of this is down to not knowing what’s available, and an added problem is simply not being able to get away in order to take advantage of it.

I will keep you up to date with progress on the cancer front. I am hoping to have my laptop in hospital once I’m on the general ward and feeling up to it, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep in touch with everyone.

Happy WOYWW everyone, and if you happen to see my mojo on your travels, please give him a wave and tell him I miss him.


  1. What a lovely thing for the nurse to do! Sharing her knowledge is also caring, I hope you can achieve all that you both set out to do with this course.
    Just being present is enough - we don't need pictures really!!!
    have a good week, I pray for peace for you both as you wait for news.
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #73

  2. So glad that Carer's Course is helping.Talking to others in the same position is always such a help. Glad the luncheon was yummy! I used to love conferences related to school matters, the catering was always fab- and learning new helpful things great!
    It must be harrowing awaiting the next step in your diagnosis. Thinking of you.
    Love Judy xx

  3. Caring for other people in a way can take your mind off your own troubles. It can't be easy though, I know. My mother-in-law requires full-time care, but refuses to move into a home. She's got NHS carers and nurses visiting her 5-6 times a day now. It's admirable that you provide the care to your mum yourselves. I'm sure you're entitled to NHS support though. Especially that you have your own battle to fight. I was glad to hear your famous humour in your last sentence despite all this - it made me smile!

  4. The carers course is a brilliant idea. So glad you have been able to have this and put a package in place. At moment my Au t still refuses to accept help from anyone in some instances or from only me . It is very stressful.
    I have just read your cancer diary and left a comment there as well. Thoughts and prayers with you and your husband . Hugs Anne x #40

  5. Waiting with you for the latest on the cancer. Hope you can get some help with mum - it can be a wearying time. x

  6. You could of put a pretty picture of some bouquet of flowers or someone doing something really stupid, but it was really nice to hear all about you, you have to take t easy and rest. It's nice to know and have all the advice you can and a support group can go a long way also with a partner to help and guide you when you can't do much and to have the understanding. You better have that laptop in hospital with you, how in the hell are we going to communicate and keep you spirits high if we can send you emails. So make this happen ok I am saying this with a smile and some in jest I do hope you understand my droll humor. Keep smiling and stay in contact.

    Happy WOYWW
    Heaps of hugs from Yoda and plenty from me too.

  7. Hugs, love! I know you may not feel up to it, but perhaps if you give it a small try you might find having something to do with your hands and mind makes you feel a bit better?? Sometimes I'll go into my craft room, even when I don't "feel it", and you'd be surprised how putzing around really can help. Have a good week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  8. I'm not surprised your mojo has gone awol for while, you are having a lot to deal with. I'm glad the carer's course is helping - it's surprising just how many people are in similar situations. I hope your appointment comes through soon - thinking of you,
    Diana xx

  9. It's no surprise your mojo has deserted you at present. It must be a very trying time awaiting clarification. I hope it's not to long before you hear.

  10. It's unsettling when you are waiting for news like this so hardly surprising you can't get in the mood to craft.
    Thanks for the visit and hope you get some news soon, Angela x

  11. It's unsurprising your mojo has gone into hiding at this scary and emotional time. Give him a bit of space and yourself a bit of time and he'll sneak back when you are least expecting it x x x

    Carmen x #53

  12. Maybe visiting other desks brings you some inspiration? But there is always a time for everything. At the moment you can only think of your sickness. So take your time your mojo will come back.
    Wishing you all the best
    Gabriele 23

  13. Popping by with a hug! Kelly #83


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