Wednesday, 11 February 2015


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Well, better late than never… About half an hour to go before this would be WOYWT – What’s on your workdesk Thursday!

In answer to that question, a repeat of last week: not a lot. Well, a tiny bit more than last week.

WOYWW 297 11 Feb

On the far right is a large acrylic block that has been out for weeks, waiting to be put away. On the mat is my iPod, and its case with the neck strap, and the earbuds. They have sound-reducing rubber tips which are supposed to stay pushed on, but in the past I have found they have a habit of popping off and getting lost, so I started gluing them on with Pinflair glue. This works extremely well, but after several months they work loose again. Today I stuck them back on again – I want them working properly when I go into hospital, and I’m going to make sure I’ve got lots of nice music and audio books on my iPod to keep me going. The case had also got a bit worn and developed a split, and I’ve mended that with Pinflair, too.

On the left of the iPod are three stamps, and at the back left, the wood blocks I have just pulled them off. These are all Stampotique stamps, and for some reason they only supply them mounted on wood blocks, which I don’t like, so I always peel them off and stick them on EZ-Mount Foam to use with acrylic blocks. The large one is the Kitty Squad stamp I bought several months ago and still haven’t used, and the medium one is their Medium Bee, which comes with the tiny bee on the side of the block. I’ve had their Large Bee for some time and have used it quite a lot, but it really is a bit big for a lot of projects, and these two smaller ones are gong to be very useful.

So much for my desk. In the past fortnight I have done precisely one embroidery piece for my bed decorations. Here it is.

21 Red and Green Paisley

Here are some detail shots.

22 Red and Green Paisley Detail

23 Red and Green Paisley Thick End Detail

24 Red and Green Paisley Thin End Detail

I do wish photos would pick up shiny stuff. The red triangles between the shi-sha mirrors, and the French knots between the small circles, are all worked in red lurex thread which sparkles, but in the photos it looks really dull. The photos simply don’t do it justice.

Mr. Mojo is still on his extended holiday (probably having a naughty vacation in some obscure south coast seaside resort with Mrs. Muse) so this is all I’ve managed to achieve, I’m afraid. It looks more and more likely that my poor hubby is not going to get the special Valentine card I promised myself I would make for him this year, to show how much I appreciate all he is, and does, especially at the moment… Maybe it will be OK for him to have it late?

Cancer update… On Friday the specialist nurse phoned after their meeting to say that the scan revealed that the cancer is confined to the bowel and has not spread, which is a great relief. This news was followed by a brief period of high elation, followed by total exhaustion and a long sleep in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I felt all unsettled again… I have it on good authority from other cancer sufferers that this emotional rollercoaster is perfectly normal, so I’m not fretting too much. I have also received my appointment to see the surgeon, and I will be going tomorrow lunch time, after which we should know a bit more. I’ve got a whole sheet of questions for him, some of which I am sure he will cover, and I shall be sure to write down all the answers!

Despite the reassurance by the anaesthetist last week that they take post-operative pain management very seriously these days, and I can expect a lot less pain than after my hysterectomy 20 years ago, I am still dreading the operation and feeling very nervous about it. I hope that he will tell me tomorrow when I shall be admitted. Watch this space (or at least, my Cancer Diary page) for updates.

The anaesthetist said it was essential that I kept stress to a minimum during this whole period, but this is proving more difficult to achieve than I thought. Things are not good with Mum again at the moment, after a period of much better behaviour, and we are making plans to deal with this, and I am intending mentioning this to the surgeon tomorrow and getting his opinion. I can’t say more at the moment but hopefully we’ll manage to achieve some peace and quiet, and the opportunity for me to have a good convalescence.

We seem to be so busy at the moment with all these hospital appointments and other things – we managed at last to get to the dentist this afternoon, having postponed so many appointments because of problems with Mum, and I now have the back of a couple of my front teeth thickened up with the new filling material they use these days – they had apparently worn very thin. At the moment it feels weird and I can’t bite down very well, but he says it will wear down a bit in the coming days and weeks. My hubby now has two collapsed teeth as a result of the delay, but the dentist says he can fix them and he doesn’t need any further extractions, which is good.


  1. Love your embroidery! So sorry you are going through what you are going through. Hugs*

  2. Hi Shoshi, that is good news that there is no spread- thats the one thing that keeps you worrying, I found. Good that you have an appt, my first treatment is this afternoon, so we will see how that goes. I too have loaded my tablet with e-books, audio books and music- they are an absolute lifesaver, I've found. Hope all goes well, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

  3. Shoshi,

    good news it hasn't spread yes being happy is good, hang in there girl and make your mother take a back seat for a little while, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. It should be about you. Have those afternoon naps and do what you can when you can, you only have to please yourself. I to wish the blogs would pick up the sparkly stuff because so many people make the absolutely beautiful things that sparkle and shine and we can't see them, maybe smellavision and sparkleavision will be a feature in the future.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 64

  4. Lovely embroidery - we crafters are good at imagining and I can see the sparkle in the red now you mention it.
    Good luck with the hospital appointment - hope all goes as well as it can.
    Ignoring any talk about dentists as they terrify me.
    Hugs, Neet 28 xx

  5. I'm glad to hear that the cancer hasn't spread, Shoshi. I hope you can get your op over and done with soon. Best Wishes to you.

  6. Hi Shoshi! It's a good idea to get your ipod sorted for the hospital stay. Don't forget your Kindle either! I'm sure Mr Mojo and Mrs Muse will return from their extended holiday full of energy and zeal soon! Lovely embroidery done in the meantime. Dentist appointments are always a bit scary for me, but I guess when you're getting ready for cancer surgery, it's just a walk in the park in comparison. I'm sure it will all go smoothly. These sorts of procedures are almost routine these days - not that I would want to play it down, of course. I can imagine the emotional roller coaster taking its toll - that alone must be exhausting. Happy WOYWT! zsuzsa xx

  7. Hi Shoshi! Wow, you did manage to do some embroidery. And very beautiful it is too.
    I've not heard of Pinflair gel glue and I must admit to using superglue for a lot of things. You have exactly the same ipod as I have. I bought it years ago but it has an enormous memory and is still going strong.
    Thanks for the update on the medical front. I will go and see if you have had time to update your cancer page and read that. I can assure you that pain management is much improved. During my nursing career at the hospice we specialized in pain control. In most hospitals they let patients manage their own pain control post surgery.It is done with a button to press and a dose of pain medication is administered.
    Yes emotional up and downs are very normal but also not very helpful I'm afraid. I do hope the situation with mother can be sorted soon. Any chance of a respite care admission somewhere?
    Gosh I'm waffling on a bit,
    Our prayers for you are continuing,
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Hi Shoshi, pleased you decided to join us. Have a happy woyww, Angela x 37

  9. well, because I'm late, I'm more up to date on your treatment than this post allows. You are mentally strong and I think that stands you in great stead for the coming weeks. Stress isone of those soon as somene tells you to avoid it, everything becomes stressful! Dont worry about the pain control thing..twenty years and a completely different attitude now prevails, I promise.
    Meanwhile, the embroidery is may not seem much to you but looks like a grand achievement from where I'm sitting!

  10. Hello Shoshi - I thought I'd left a comment on your WOYWW post but obviously mistaken. Thanks for visiting. I have left another message in your cancer diary - have read your latest update. I'm not surprised you haven't been in a crafting mood - hope that in not too distant future you will be able to do more again. The embroidery is lovely. earlier in week I had been trawling through pinterest and this led to different blogs etc ( I should have been doing something else :-) ) and I noticed your blog and name mentioned. The You Tube video was about a stationery box that you had made. It was nice to hear your voice. Take care and I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Anne x #30


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