Saturday, 15 August 2015

Some More Embellishments from my Moulds


This is the first of two posts today.

Many of my regular visitors have been justifiably very frustrated and impatient with me lately because I’ve been working hard on several secret projects that I wasn’t at liberty to reveal until now. With her permission, I can now reveal that I have been making stuff for Shaz. As many of you will know, she is about to undergo major surgery and has been through so much over the past year. She and her lovely hubby share the same birthday and I have made cards for them both, a get well card for her (still under wraps) and a selection of bits and pieces for her to play with once she feels up to being creative again. She opened the parcel on her birthday (14th Aug.) and now that she has received them I can share the making of them with you. Until now, I didn’t want to spoil her surprise as she visits my blog regularly. Throughout my own cancer journey, this wonderful friend has been such an encouragement and support to me, and this is one way I can thank her, and show my own appreciation and support. I know that she would love a visit from you to wish her well for her surgery on 2nd Sept.

I shall be uploading a couple of posts each day over the next few days until all is revealed. Please scroll down for earlier posts.

Some More Embellishments from my Moulds

I have cast a few more embellishments from the moulds I made.

13 More Embellishments

I have made quite a few more from the pair of wings with a heart mould, and also a couple of faces from my Sculpy face mould which I have had for quite a while but not yet used. I shall use these faces for my angel project.

On the left are some which have been coloured with silver and gold gilding wax. Most of these are from my existing stash. These went in the parcel I put together of various bits and pieces as a gift for Shaz. On the right you can see the faces mould and the pair of wings with a heart mould.

I subsequently painted the hearts and wings embellishments and added Treasure Gold gilding wax.

14 Hearts with Wings

Several of these went in the parcel.

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  1. Hi Shoshi, these are so stunning! I love them, truly. Your clay experiments certainly paid off. Lots of love to you, Shaz xxxx.


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