Wednesday, 9 September 2015

WOYWW 327–Adult Colouring

Well, better late than never! I wasn’t thinking of joining in WOYWW this week because there’s nothing on my desk to show, and I’m feeling rough in week 1 of my 6th cycle of chemo.

However, the other day I downloaded a free pdf taster for an adult colouring book and today I decided to try my new Sharpies and colour it in. My hubby kindly printed it out for me on his laser printer.

This is more WOYSRT (What’s On Your Sitting Room Table) than WOYWW this week lol!

Here is the original printed drawing.

01 Printed Drawing

Colouring in the fish.

02 Colouring the Fish

Colouring in the water.

03 Colouring the Water

Forgot to photograph any further intermediate stages, but here is the finished picture. I coloured the waterlily leaves with different shades of green, and added a touch of pink to the flowers. The final touch was to colour in the edges of the background with grey, shaded to black at the edges, and to add a tiny touch of shading here and there.

04 Finished Picture

Quite fun, eh? Hope you like it.

I know that we on WOYWW have all been thinking a lot about Shaz this past week. She went into hospital a week ago today for major surgery, and has been having a tough time since. Just in case you don’t get to see the link elsewhere (I know that Jan – LLJ – has posted it, and she has very kindly emailed me with some updates over the past couple of days), Shaz’s hubby has started a blog about her journey, so that we can follow her progress.

We are thinking of them both so much at this difficult time, and wish Shaz a very speedy recovery, but it is going to be a long stay in hospital. We send our support to her hubby too – it is so hard for them as they feel so helpless, watching what is happening and feeling powerless to do anything, but as I told my hubby today, just the fact of their being there and being supportive and loving is enough. Shaz and I are both so fortunate in our hubbies – they are cast in the same mould, and have wanted to be fully involved and supportive throughout our respective cancer journeys. I count myself very fortunate that my journey has not been as arduous as Shaz’s, and I can never forget the amazing support she has been throughout this year, as she has trod much of my path before and has shared the wisdom of her experience. Get well soon, dear friend!!

Happy WOYWW everybody.


  1. I'm so glad you were up for some colouring fun Shoshi, despite feeling a bit rough. I've got the exact same Sharpie pens! I'm thinking of you and Shaz at this difficult time. You're right, you both have wonderful, supportive husbands who will help you through this. Wishing you both a full recovery. xx

  2. When I first saw your coloring page I thought that was a real doozy, but once you get going on it I see that it isn't nearly as impossible as I thought. It came together fabulously. Things like that make our inner child very happy! Now if we could just get some cookies and a nap time too!!! Judy #38

  3. I'm glad you joined in otherwise we wouldn't have seen your beautiful colouring! I like the shading very much, it works really well :-)
    Haven't heard how today has been for Shaz yet.....
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  4. I love your colouring page - there are so many beautiful colouring books out there and I was very tempted in Waterstones yesterday to buy one but managed to restrain myself! I can easily become obsessed with things like that and then the housework goes out the window! I'm so glad you've been up to doing something creative, despite feeling rough. I'm thinking of you and Shaz, and I'm so sorry that she's having such a terrible time at the moment - how lucky and blessed you both are having such wonderful husbands.
    I hope you are soon feeling much better from your 6th round of chemo - not long to go now!
    Diana xx

  5. Glad you are able to join in and love your colouring .I read shaz's hubby's post - bless him - scarey and horrible for him to see her suffer. Have a Good week xxx Soojay15

  6. Hi Shoshi, I have just downloaded that Koi page today and got those Sharpie pens last week. Pretty obvious that great minds think alike. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x 22

  7. Your coloring is fabulous! Love the picture! Did go to Shaz's hubby's page to check on what's happening. She has my prayers. Hope you get to feeling better, too! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #32

  8. Connection at hotel is slow and poor. No photos showing up but I can play catch up when I get home. Knowing you they will be superb.
    Hope the chemo affects soon wear off, not long to go now. Keep your eye on the end.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. Greet job with the colouring Shoshi! Hope your treatment is going well

  10. Lovely colouring page, Shoshi! Such a restful way to create.
    Blessings on your treatments and recovery

  11. Love that colouring Shoshi.I have copied some kitty sheets for auntie, as she has been doing colouring since I last visited. I want to take back some Zentangle colouring that I have shown her previously, but she wassn't ready or interested back then. Love colouring!!Love patterns!


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