Wednesday, 23 September 2015


As usual, I am between projects so nothing in progress on my desk, except for a card with some glue drying, and some of my purple papers and some other bits and pieces.

WOYWW 329 23-9

Starting on the left, the pile of white card pieces are some bits that I cut to make more 5 1/2 in square cards like the two on my desk. I’ve cut the matt layers ready too. My stash of made cards is empty and I need to get the Card Factory going again! I shall make some more triple-embossed cards with these.

Towards the back of the desk beyond these cut pieces is the purple get-well card I made for our neighbour, and on the right of the desk you can see the little box, and some soap and bath melts with matching tags, ready to go. To the right of these is the purple paper. I have yet to make a basket to contain all the purple goodies and will probably use some of this purple paper for that.

In the centre of the desk is the card I made for my aunt’s birthday at the end of the month. Scroll down to the previous post for details of this.

Beyond that, at centre back, are my new Brusho paints. My friend Lucy brought up the Brushos she bought recently, and I decanted half into the little clear pots that I’d got on Ebay in preparation. All labelled now and looking nice and colourful, and a lot prettier than the original packaging!

I’ve got a lot on at the moment and only a few days to complete it before my next chemo treatment on Friday. This will be the penultimate one, with the eighth and final one being on 16th October. Not looking forward to either of them but on the other hand, can’t wait till it’s all over now. Then it will be more scans and blood tests to make sure they’ve got rid of all the cancer and hopefully a cancer-free start to the rest of my life!! It’s a bit frustrating having only one week in three when I can get anything done.

Watch this space for further purple goodies and some cards made with the new Brushos!

Happy WOYWW, everyone, and a good productive and creative week ahead for you all.


  1. The matt layers always make cards look just that bit more special I think.Love the purple, such a rich colour.

  2. That purple card looks gorgeous! It will go perfectly with the gift box. The flower card is pretty too. Not long to go now Shoshi! I know how frustrating and tiring it must feel to have these treatments back to back right now, but next year you'll think back and it will all be just a distant memory! All the best, zsuzsa

  3. Oh I love the purple papers! I've been thinking of you, and am sending prayers and happy thoughts your way for Friday. This is all going to be over before you know it! I had eye surgery on August 27th, and I was dreading it so much and I just kept thinking about how soon the surgery and two-week recovery would be over (I had to keep my head in a down position for two weeks) and I was thinking about plans on my calendar to look forward to. Of course, that is nothing compared to what you are going through, and you will come through this. Won't we have a happy Christmas this year! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  4. Those cards look gorgeous. I love my brushos , I am sure you will love them too. One of my friends at school just went for her first chemo last week - she has just had one rough day so far ( or so she tells me) . It will be so lovely when yours in finished xx Soojay 16

  5. Your cards look fabulous. I'm sure you will make some more wonderful ones now that you've got the card factory going. I'm loving the purple stuff. Of course we will stay tuned to see what you do with your new Brushos--we're looking forward to it! How nice that you had a friend to share with. Judy #48

  6. Hi Shoshi, hope you are good today. Good luck with the card factory. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 36

  7. I think purple is my favourite colour.. I need to build up my stash of cards too, as I really don't like making them much these days! Happy WOYWW Helen 8

  8. Yay, purple! I love purpley purple......and yet it's a colour that I don't use very much. I don't know why, maybe all the fabrics that use it are either too pale and chintzy or too heavy. It seems to work much better on card, maybe because it's in more concentrated doses...dunno really, I hadn't thought much about it until now!!
    Hope your chemo goes ok on Friday and that the following couple of weeks aren't too horrendous. I see that Shaz has had a slight setback and is in hospital for a bit longer. I think she has to be completely right before they let her out.
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxx

  9. I love purple, the start of that card is looking good. Love those bottles standing in line waiting to be used
    Bridget #1

  10. Lovely all that purple! I have read your page about making the card with the little flowers and the page about the purple basket (which is absolutly gorgeous) .
    Good to hear that the oncologist is decreasing the dose on Friday. Not long to go now.
    Hope you feel less horrible tomorrow,
    Thinking of you,


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