Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Card Factory 2016–More Florabunda Cards

Using the latest Florabunda printouts which I painted:

01 Six Paintings - Perfect Pearls and Watercolour

4 Florabunda Mandalas 1-1-16

I have made up a selection of cards. I have selected six, some florals and some mandalas, to take in to the Ricky Grant Unit on Friday when I go in to have my port flushed. I have had a letter from the hospital calling me in on 8th March to have the port removed, so this will be my final appointment at Ricky Grant, but I intend to return on an occasional basis bearing gifts – cards for them to sell, and more cakes! Anyway, here are the cards I’m taking in this Friday.

02 6 Florabunda Cards for RGDU 16-2-16

I have matted and layered them using some small sheets of paper I have had in my stash for ages, and mounted them onto plain card. Each card measures 5 1/2 inches square.

The remaining four, all florals, are going into my stash. These were matted and layered with a thin border of gold wrapping paper from a roll I bought some time ago, and then onto hand-made paper with leaves in it, to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the design.

01 Perfect Pearls and Watercolours for Stash

I wanted to get these done today because on Wednesday and Thursday I intend baking some more cakes to take in to Ricky Grant on Friday. Time is short, because I’ve got a dental appointment on Thursday afternoon. I have been so busy lately and I don’t want to get overtired again.

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