Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Another week gone by, and not a lot of art done chez Shosh, I’m afraid! Last week was very busy. On Thursday I had my filling at the dentist (or should I say I had my fill of the dentist) – Shoshi Shakes and Shivers in Terror…… and on Friday I had my port flushed and took my chemo cakes in, and the cards I’d made for the unit. See my previous post for details.

Crashed out on Saturday, exhausted. Got to church OK on Sunday, crashed out in the afternoon. Definitely crashed on Monday. I’ve really overdone it recently. M.E. acute fatigue is generally delayed and sometimes you think you’re going to get away with it but that hardly ever happens.

I’m doing this post in the very early hours of Wednesday. Tuesday was a much better day and in the evening I actually managed to get back into the studio and do a little bit of painting.

Here’s my desk, late Tues. evening.

WOYWW 351 24-2-16

You can see I’ve been working on the border of my art journal page “Dare to be Different” which is covered with kitties in rainbow colours. The border is black and white, painted in acrylics. Note the dirty paint water jar. I’m notorious for those.

Here’s a detail of the finished border.

24 Border Detail

I still have the text to do, and then it will be finished.

Sometime this week I’ve got to refill my ATG tape glue gun, and put a new cartridge in my computer printer. Everything seems to be running out at the moment.

Remember my nameless little Panda from last week? My hubby gave him to me for Valentine’s day. Thank you everyone for your suggestions for a name for him but I’m afraid nothing seemed to gel with me. Suddenly the other night my hubby said, “Why don’t you call him Yum Sing?” (I had considered giving him a Chinese name.) Yum Sing is the name of our favourite Chinese restaurant. I thought I’d better look it up and find out what it meant (in case it was rude, but I didn’t think a restaurant would choose a rude name!) – it means “Cheers!” – a toast! Since he is such a cheery little Panda and makes me feel better just to look at him, this seemed appropriate, so Yum Sing he is!

Here he is with my favourite little stuffie, Humphrey, now looking a bit threadbare around his beak, after 20 years of loving!

05 With Humphrey

And a portrait on his own.

06 Solo on the Bed

This week looks to be a lot quieter than last, and I am hoping to spend a bit more time being creative. While resting on the recliner I have been working on my Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet) cross-stitch sampler. Photos will follow eventually, I promise, but it’s hard to photograph at the moment because being quite large, I have rolled up the part I’m not working on and secured it with a tacking thread, to make it easier to handle, and there’s not much to show at present. I am working on the borders.

I also want to do some cooking – for some time I’ve been determined to try my hand at samosas, and have downloaded some recipes, and I’m going to devise my own version from all of these. My friend Jane who lives in the southern USA, has also sent me her chilli recipe which I am keen to try.

Happy WOYWW, everyone, and have a great week, full of inspiration and creativity.


  1. Sorry you're tired this week. That sampler sounds pretty amazing.Love Panda's name! That kitty journal looks cute. My latest page looks hmm?!!Oh well, I'm learning new media, so just plugging along!Glad you'll be able to create later this week.That's always nice.

  2. A great journal page & lovely the boarder. Happy woyww Jill #1

  3. wow! I love how your kitties page came out, the border looks fantastic, I love it! thanks for sharing your hard work :) Clemencia @32

  4. What a lovely page you have going on here! I love those little kitties! I'm not playing along today but come visit my blog as I have an announcement and I'm asking for everyone's help. Take care of sounds like you are overdoing a bit. Thinking of you!

  5. I love b&w borders - they're always so effective! Glad you've found a suitable name for your panda (so much better than andy-pandy I was going to suggest next!) - he looks very cute next to Humphrey (hope he's not jealous!) Got both your emails, Shoshi, I just haven't had a chance to reply. Perhaps later today! Happy WOYWW!

  6. I also always have a dirty paint jar on my desk, i hope i will have a sink in my craft studio in the near future. Hop you'll feel better soon and such a great name for mr panda.happy woyww Vicky#3

  7. Love the picture of Yum Sing on his own as the cushions behind him look fantastic! Very suitable to put him in front of them.
    Sorry the ME has taken over this week but Nature has a way of making us rest when necessary and sometimes we don't see the reasoning behind it - you had been a busy bee.
    Have a good week -
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 4 xx

  8. Love the rainbow cats and Yum Sing....all my stuffies have names :-)
    I have the obligatory dirty water jar on my desk too....just kept it out of the photo! LOL!
    Hope you have a btter with you on the fatigue problems xx
    Happy WOYWW

  9. I'm sorry to hear you are so exhausted now, but I bet you are glad you have got all those appointments out of the way. Now you can relax, and your body can catch up.
    I love your kitties, and the contrast from colourful to black and white.
    Yum Sing looks great, and I do like his new name.

    Happy WOYWW,
    and have a good week,

  10. Love your panda - good choice from hubby. Is the dirty water jar your trademark, Shoshi?? You certainly are not the only one who doesn't empty the jar - I frequently have mine around, plus (of course!!) all the stuff that never gets put back where it should go!
    Take care of yourselves. God bless.
    Margaret #40

  11. What cute cats. I hope you get more energy soon!
    Have a great day!

    Diane WOYWW #44

  12. Goodness, you have been busy - I love the kitty page, that black and white border really brings it all together beautifully. I always have a beaker of filthy paint water on my desk and I can't begin to count the number of times I've taken a swig thinking it's my cup of tea - and that still hasn't encouraged me to replace the water more regularly, I still wait until it's almost opaque!! Hope you start regaining your energy soon, it sounds like you've been extremely busy as I've just read your previous post!
    Take care,
    Diana x

  13. Hi Shoshi,, I do hope you are feeling a bit stronger by now. I think it's as much a 'delayed reaction' to everything, as your ME, as I get wiped out on occasion too. I think we don't actually grasp totally what our bodies have coped with, and are still trying to recover from.
    Love your cats journal page, brilliant!Lots of love & hugs, Shaz xxx

  14. What a great name! hope you have a good week and don't be tempted to overdo it... guess it must be hard when you have lots of things you need/want to get done! not sure "choose" to work on the floor is quite right, but that's how it is for now unless I break the habit of a lifetime and get rid of enough books to get into the dining room to craft in.... ain't gonna happen any time soon! Take care. Helen #2

  15. Those rainbow kittens sure are fun and definitely different in a great kooky way. Your painted on border looks great-a labor of love I'm sure. Yum Sing is a cutie and that's a great name for him. PJ #63

  16. Please remember to rest! I have to remind my DH that one day of work = one day of rest. It is the only way to go sometimes ....
    Love the journal....
    Have a good week
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #64

  17. Yum Sing to you my dear. You are being quite productive despite what life is handing you these days. I absolutely adore your journal page. So much love and kitties all in one place. Take care of yourself.

    Pat #61

  18. Sounds like your body really needed you to take a break!
    I love the cats.
    I'm another one who doesn't like the dentist. I thought there actually wouldn't be anyone who liked going but a woman I used to work with loved going. She really looked forward to it (very strange). It's the anticipation in my case. It's actually not as bad as I always imagine lol

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #47

  19. Second time today during this blog hop WOYWW when I get the same idea:
    to make my old calendar an Art journal. Maybe it´s time to try. Never
    done it before.

    Inspiring week to you too.
    Sussie nr 50

  20. The rainbow cats are gorgeous - that's a lot of cats! I don't love going, but am lucky to be OK about the must have added to your tiredness of a busy week. I love the story of yum sing!


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