Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I know we always say this, but I can’t believe another week has gone by – it has gone so quickly! I am delighted to report that Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse are well and truly back, and I am enjoying their presence immensely, and have forgiven them completely for bunking off as they did.

Here is my desk as it was late Tuesday night after I dumped everything on it – I’d been doing some painting downstairs.

WOYWW 349 10-2-16

A quick tour. On the far left you can see a demolished decorative carrier bag that my hubby had receive a gift in – it is made from gorgeous black and gold paper in a geometric design with black side panels and some very nice black gros-grain ribbon handles, all of which I shall be able to use in projects. Next, my regular matt gel medium. In front of my paint brush tin, the two boxes with my drawing pens (Turkish Delight) and coloured pencils (cigars). Just peeping out, to the right of the boxes, is one of my Fun Cats that I was working on last night, with the original drawing on top – scroll down to the previous post for details about this.

Just above the cats are some new Perfect Pearls. I shall be doing a blog post about these and my other new stash in a few days. White acrylic paint to the right of these, and some general detritus from the art journal project – teabags, scraps of paper etc. For once, a clean jar of paint water lol!

Sitting on top of that is my completed art journal page on a tea theme – again, scroll down to the post before the cat one to see details.

To the left of the art journal is a pile of new stash – I am grateful to our own WOYWW-er Diana Taylor for her info on the sisal fibre that’s at the bottom, and the pink pack next in the pile which contains a lovely flower stamp set she recommended. On the top are a couple of clear stamp sets that I got on Ebay this week – the lower one is smaller than I expected, but will still be useful.

Talking of new stash, I have succumbed completely to a totally irresistable temptation to buy some absolutely gorgeous new flower stamps – they are on their way! (There goes my Christmas money…) Details to follow later.

I’ve had an incredibly busy week, including dealing with various things that have gone wrong in the house, and several outings. This week seems to be a bit quieter which is good because I’ve been able to have a rest! Next week I’ve got the dreaded dentist, and going back to the chemo unit to have my port flushed, before which I am hoping to do some more baking for the chemo-ites.

I have joined a church craft group called KnitterNatter (you can imagine which activity occupies the lion’s share of the evening!!) which meets fortnightly on a Thursday evening. Next meeting is tomorrow. I have decided to be good and devote the time to working on various UFOs I have. They all take up far too much room in the studio and it’s high time I got to work on them. More details later.

Happy WOYWW everybody, and have a great week full of inspiration and productivity.


  1. Woo hoo! Very glad your Mojo is back. It's lovely to see you creating again :D

  2. Wow, the muse family have certainly returned and I just had to peek at your cats - love them.
    Great activity on your desk and great news about the new group you have joined. Not too sure about the port being flushed (is it uncomfortable?) but definitely with you on the dental front. I dread going but need to.
    Neet 1 xx

  3. It's so lovely to hear that you're back and enjoying your crafting! Congrats on getting some of your Zentangling published (I saw that on Judy's blog). Well deserved as your tangling is fantastic :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  4. Hi Shoshi, Everything Lucy above me says. I love the look of your tea journal pages. I had to smile about your Knitter Natter group. I go to a cross stitch circle on Mondays and we certainly do more nattering than x stitch. Barbxx

  5. mm turkish delight. Also funny the screwdriver on your desk. Vicky#19

  6. So much going on your desk, Shoshi, it's making me dizzy! It's all good though - glad your creative spirits have awakened finally! Full steam ahead!

  7. Glad your mojo and muse are back! I love the funky cats - they are WONDERFUL! New stash? Can't wait to see!

    Take care
    Sharon K #44

  8. I think I'm tired from just reading all that. You've been one busy lady with no end in sight. I should be being busy but I just can't muster it up.... LOL! Have fun playing!

  9. Well, I'm so glad you told us what's in the boxes as I had visions of you munching on the Turkish delight while puffing on your cigar!! I'm glad you found the sisal with no trouble - that came through quickly. I've just had a peep at the cats, they are totally delightful and I'm sure they'll make a great card for your hubby.
    Enjoy using your new stash, I'm looking forward to seeing you use the new flower stamps with your wonderful panache and originality.
    Hope you have a happy and creative week,
    Diana x

  10. You didn't tell us your big news though, good job Judy did!! congratulations... love your cats (I'm not really a cat person..) so glad you're back in the groove! Helen #4

  11. Glad that you are enjoying being creative again Shoshi - you are certainly busy- that is good as long as we can get a rest in between :-)
    I'm rushing round to visit as I'm very late - photo issues - again!!!!
    Anne x #65

  12. I started okay this morning but got tied up with a difficult project so only just getting round to starting my visits. I had to grin when you mentioned the carrier bag, I have quite a collection of those and must get round to doing something with them. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

  13. The funky cats below are so kewl, Shoshi, well done. Love the desky goodies too, trust all goes well with dentist, port flushing...not forget the UFO's!!!!
    ...happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x 15

  14. Thanks so much for the visit Shoshi. The sisal is probably the same as mine, it's an absolute tangle of tiny short pieces, long pieces, thick and thin bits and also quite a lot with 'slubs' on them - I have to tease out the bits I want and it gets everywhere! I really ought to get on and make a Valentines card for my hubby, thank you for reminding me of that, we are getting quite close now. Have fun with your new stash, can't wait to see your creations.
    Diana x

  15. You're all over it! I like the stamp set, even if is a little smaller than you thought, don't you agree that you can never have too many florals! I love reading if WOYWWers enabling each other...that's a lot of sisal!

  16. Hey sweetie... finally getting the opportunity to stop by and am so happy to see you playing again and getting out. I have missed visiting with you. Hugs and Blessing! Kelly #42

  17. Great busy desk this week. Like the journal pages and those flower stamps. The knitting group sounds like a riot. Good for you for joining the group and accomplishing some UFOs at the same time. Diane 35

  18. Hi Shoshi,

    You have certainly been busy creating - I love the variety of your projects too. I understand how life interferes with creative time. I can't wait for the day I retire and can have a full day of fun. You're sweet to make sweets for the chemo-ites. Glad you are doing so well!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (50)

  19. I'm a little late (I's Friday today), but I do hope you have had a good Nitter-Natter yesterday and hopefully, you have finished some UFOs and befriended a few new people. That is always good.
    It's so good to see you being creative again and full of ideas of things to make.
    Looking forward to seeing your new floral stamps. You draw so beautifully, I would have thought you wouldn't need stamps!
    Have a good week and many blessings,
    PS I have a platypus on my blog today as part of Friday Smiles. It made me think of you.

  20. I have been browzing your blog and I can see that you make marvelous Art journal pages! I also lov your own "cat-stamp".

    Don´t remember to take it a bit easy though now and then. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Susan nr WOYWW


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