Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mixed Media Birthday Card Part 2

I managed to finish the card yesterday, in time for my hubby’s birthday today.

21 Finished Card

Here is the card with the three mixed media panels in place. I added some strips of gold tissue paper and stuck them down with soft gloss gel medium, allowing the ends to extend beyond the sides of the card.

17 The Elements in Place

To make the sentiment, I selected the small set from the Darkroom Door Alphabet Medley stamp set.

18 Stamps for Sentiment

It took some time to stamp each individual letter, using my stamp positioning tool. I used gold embossing powder and stamped on an offcut from one of the background papers. Once the stamping was completed, I cut the card edges to make them a bit uneven, and ran around the edges with my distressing tool.

19 Stamping the Sentiment

I inked the roughened edges with Tea Dye Distress Ink.

20 The Completed Sentiment

On the inside of the card, I added some Tea Dye, Forest Moss and Fossilised Amber Distress Inks, using Inkylicious Ink Dusters in a circular motion, beginning in the middle of each side. After this, I spattered the card with water, and after a few seconds, blotted it off, which removed the ink and left the white spots. Then I stamped the sentiment using a Stampin’ Up sentiment stamp from the Perfectly Penned stamp set.

22 Card Inside

Detail of the sentiment on the top of the card.

26 Detail of Sentiment

Detail of the Tyvek panel.

23 Detail of Tyvek

24 Detail of Tyvek and Tissue

25 Detail of Bottom Left Corner

After assembling the card, I added some more gold gilding wax to the surface of the Tyvek and on the microbeads, and a little on the gold tissue paper. In reality it is quite shiny but of course it doesn’t show up very well on the photos. There is a lot of different texture on this card.


  1. Brilliant Shoshi, gorgeous textures. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. I nipped back today hoping you might have posted your hubby's birthday card on here! I'm so glad I did, it's fabulous - the beautiful textures and the sumptuous metallics work together perfectly. Hubby was bound to love it! So glad you had a lovely day, and it sounds like it was rounded off perfectly with good food and good company!! Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Diana xx

  3. Hi Shoshi,
    Great card! Thanks for showing us all the detail involved. Very cool.
    Now, on to your WOYWW post!


  4. Beautifully grungy! I must say I do like that alphabet stamp! Will look it up! I bet Nicholas loved his card - it is totally unique! Wishing you a happy weekend, Shoshi! Sorry it took me a while to get back and thank you for your comments on my blog!

  5. Great card! Hope your hubby has a lovely day!

  6. I think it turned out so handsome. Men cards are so hard to make. You have a gorgeous talent for making them. I was in greeting cards tonight at WalMart (The big box US store everyone complains about) and my DH said to me is there an upcoming holiday for cards? I told him no that my Mom told me they had cheap cards I could tear up so I was looking for them. I said the only card holiday coming up was Father's Day and he doesn't like cards so I don't make or buy them. My DH likes other things I make him. I do miss making cards for guys.

    1. Thanks Aiyana! Glad you like it. Man cards aren't that hard really - lots of grungey colours and not too many flowers lol! Sorry your hubby doesn't like cards - mine loves them and has kept every single one I have made for him lol!



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