Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WOYWW 363–Birthday Card for my Hubby

We have had an extremely busy time of late, and for the past week-to-ten days I have been extremely tired as a reaction to all this. After some time of not being in the studio, I have had to make time for it because it’s my hubby’s birthday tomorrow and I must make him a card!

WOYWW 363 18-5-16

Please see my previous post for details of the earlier part of this – this afternoon I have got to finish it. Not much left to do.

I have created three layers of texture using different media – embossed metal, ink-sprayed ribbed velvet, and melted and painted Tyvek, with the addition of glass microbeads which I have coloured with gold alcohol ink, and gold tissue paper.

Health update: I saw my surgeon last week and he is pleased with my progress. He says I have to have another CT scan at the end of the year. My next appointment is with the oncologist at the beginning of June.

We have just had an anxious evening and morning – we lost Phoebe! After the kitties had had their supper, she did not come in with us as usual. We searched the house, and called and called, and went all around the garden, and my hubby looked in the road both front and back, but there was no sign of her. I became increasingly anxious and had a bad night worrying what might have happened to her. Still no sign of her this morning and she didn’t turn up for breakfast. We were particularly concerned because she hadn’t had her epilepsy medication. My hubby had to go out, and he phoned me mid-morning to see if she’d turned up. After my Tesco delivery I sent out in the road again, and called all around. Suddenly I thought I heard her voice… I kept calling, and heard it again but couldn’t identify where it was coming from. Coming back into the house I heard it again – she was in the airing cupboard! This is opposite the back door. When I opened it, out she came – she didn’t seem to have made a mess but some of my carefully ironed laundry had been pulled onto the floor. She was none the worse for wear and I gave her a late breakfast with her medication, and immediately phoned my hubby to tell him all was well.

I looked in the airing cupboard twice last night but didn’t spot her. She must have been hiding right at the back behind a pile of ironing, asleep!

What she put us through, the naughty little baggage. I picked her up and hugged and hugged her!

Phoebe Bursting Out of Small Kitty Bed 18 Dec 04

Happy WOYWW everybody, and have a great week.


  1. Oh blimey Shoshi, I bet you were panicked not being able to find her...thank goodness she's ok though.
    I'm liking the look of the card you're making for your hubby, the metallicky effect is striking. Great news about your health as well, onwards and upwards, lovely gal...
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  2. Hi Shoshi, firstly, please wish Nicholas a lovely Happy Birthday from us, won't you? You must have been distraught at losing Phoebe. So happy it turned out well!Good news on your checkup. Have a great week, Love & Hugs, Shaz #2 xxx

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow, N!!! have a good one.
    Well done, Shoshi on making the card - trust you get it finished in time... What a naughty kitty... causing you all that bother. Glad you found her.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. Hi Shoshi, the story about your kitty is not unusual as I have heard this one before. But who wouldn't love that gorgeous face. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 21

  5. Oh Shoshi, how worrying for you, I hate it when a cat goes missing. Ours sleeps in the airing cupboard most evenings, but can get shut in if we are not careful, however last time we lost him he was in the caravan.
    glad Phoebe is Ok and that your docs seem happy about your health.
    Chris (No desk)

  6. I am SO glad your cat is okay. What a scare! Glad everything went okay at the Drs. Always great to have good news. I know my Mum gets a little anxious every time an appointment comes near, though thankfully she has been okay.

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Sounds like he and I are birthday friends - mine is tomorrow too! I reached the middle of forty last year and am now sliding down closer to 50. The only good thing with that is that I'll always be way behind hubby as he is seven years older!

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #45

  7. Your multi media card for your hubby is interesting! Would love to see it when done. And so glad you found Phoebe! Our fur kids do mean so much to us! Our Miss Piggy is difficult to get in before supper. Hope you get to feeling better! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #44

  8. So sweet cat!
    I hope your health will continue in the right direction.
    Best wishes
    Sussie nr 16

  9. She's such a cute kitty, what a day you have both had worrying, pets are like children. They cause a lot of stress but they keep us going
    Bridget #23

  10. I'm so glad everything is going well health wise.
    You got me worried there for a minute. I was anxiously reading your Phoebe story. Even read it out loud to my DH. Phew! It had a happy ending! What cats get up to! Worse than children sometimes.
    Happy WOYWW,

  11. Just about to sign off from WOYWW this week and saw your link - glad you found phoebe safe and sound in the end!! Isn't it funny how we leave those special cards to the last minute? My OH is lucky to get one at all some years!! Glad things are going well, hope you feel rested again soon. Happy WOYWW, Love n hugs, Cindy #36

  12. Your OH's card is looking good! glad you found Phoebe - bless her for finding somewhere warm and cosy to hide so well!! Helen #1

  13. It's great to see you being arty crafty again! I love the card and the metallic effect - it sounds like you are cutting it a bit fine but I always work better when I know I'm slightly pressured to get something done. Hope hubby has a wonderful birthday - you can both enjoy the day now that Phoebe has turned up - what a happy ending, I was a bit tense reading the story I must admit!

  14. Happy B-day to your hubby. I am so happy you found Phoebe. I know how scary and traumatizing that is. I have had cats do this to me too. My cat has seizures too and she gets to cold even when it's very warm. I think they like to hide in the closets to keep warm.

    1. Thank you, Aiyana. We've had a lovely day! We are very happy indeed not to have lost Phoebe after all. I'm sorry to hear your kitty has seizures as well - it's very distressing, isn't it. Phoebe certainly found a nice warm place to get shut in, didn't she!


  15. Hi Shoshi,
    So glad you found Phoebe! Oh, it's terrible when a pet goes missing, especially those that have to have medication. She looks quite content in the photo though.

    Since I've seen the finished card I appreciate seeing how it started. Very nice and I'm sure your husband will like it.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Hugs, Kay (4)

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby and your desk has some serious tools to make him a bd card on it :P
    Kitties they always hide so well sometimes when they don't want to be found at least she was still in the house safe
    hugs Nikki Late visiting 8


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