Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Zentangles New, and Not So New

This week, while resting, I have been working on my Zentangle album. This is a large loose-leaf ring binder with pages of ATC pockets, each one containing a separate tangle, with its step-outs on the back, for easy reference. I started this book quite a while ago, and add to it in fits and starts, as the mood takes me, and I am gradually working through the Tangle Patterns site, choosing the patterns I like, and making a small art piece of each one, so that my album is not only a useful resource, but an attractive one as well. When I made up this album, I designed a 12 x 12 inch sheet for the front, and a piece for the spine, and slotted them in behind the transparent sheet on the cover of the loose-leaf book.

Album Outside with Cover Inserts

Front Cover


I realise that it has been a long time since I updated my blog with new tangles that I’d done for this album, so today I went through them all and scanned the ones drawn since I last did an update, and I’m including them here. For earlier ones, you can search back through my blog if you are interested.

Recent Zentangles 1 5-10-16

Recent Zentangles 2 5-10-16

Recent Zentangles 3 5-10-16

Recent Zentangles 4 5-10-16

Recent Zentangles 5 5-10-16

Recent Zentangles 6 5-10-16

3 Recent Zentangles 5-10-16

The most recent ones, which I have done over the week or so:

Zentangles x9 5-10-16

Zentangles x3 5-10-16

On each one, I have added the name of the artist who designed the particular tangle, as well as its title. This helps me, because I can revisit the Tangle Patterns site and keep up to date with other tangles that the particular artists may have done, and I can visit their blogs, and it’s also a nice way to honour them, by incorporating their name into each one – to make my album more attractive I have made each individual tangle into an art piece whenever possible, often interpreting the name or shape of the pattern by my own individual design, as in “amphora” in the last photo. This also makes them a lot more fun to draw. I enjoy browsing through the album now I’m getting a nice collection of patterns, and other people enjoy looking at the book too, even if they know nothing about art!


  1. WOW,WOW,Wow..amazing Zentangle works!
    Judy x

  2. Wow, these are all amazing! The cover is a true work of art, along with the spine. A very impressive body of work and it's still growing continuously. What a wonderful project to work on and collect all those patterns. I can see how it can be addictive, in the best sense of the word!


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