Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Stoma Cakes and WOYWW

This evening I suddenly remembered it was Wednesday and time for WOYWW! Better late than never… That seems to be my theme recently.

Here’s my desk as it is today.

WOYWW 382 28-9-16

I’ve been working on some Zentangle tracings of photos I took in Mamhead Woods when we went with friends last month. I am making a small album (2 copies, one for me and one for them) and am going to overlay some of them with tracings done on parchment paper. See here for more details of this.

I haven’t done any more since that post because I’ve been pretty busy with other things.

On Saturday we went to Montacute in Somerset, and had a lovely day out.

03 Main Facade of House

This coming Saturday, my hubby is very kindly driving me to Somerset again, for an Ileostomy Association meeting – I don’t usually ask him to take me to meetings as far afield as this, but it’s the 60th anniversary and I thought it would be good to go to that one – the Devon and Somerset branch covers quite a large geographical area. As well as the usual things (lunch, the committee stuff, reps from supply companies showing their products, a speaker, a supplies exchange table and a raffle), because it’s a special meeting, they’ve decided to hold a cake baking competition. With my love of baking I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Unfortunately Mary Berry wasn’t available to judge the cakes… I know that my baking isn’t up to winning standard, and I expect there will be some beautifully iced offerings and this is something I can’t manage to do, but nothing daunted, I thought I’d enter anyway because it’s fun! To make it more fun, I decided to make some stoma cakes and see if anyone recognises what they are!! I might get the booby prize for giving people a good laugh, anyway!

So yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and got baking. I finished the icing this morning.

Here are the stoma cakes.

01 Stoma Cakes

02 Stoma Cake

Note the chocolate chip in the centre of each one or a bit of added realism!!!

This time I decided to make marble cake, so I made up two mixtures, one plain and one chocolate, and mixed them together without stirring too much. The plain mixture had a generous dose of vanilla extract and the chocolate mixture was flavoured with cocoa powder, and the resulting cake has a delicate chocolate flavour, as well as looking quite interesting! I used a basic Madeira cake recipe which is nice and moist.

While making them, I had a complete mental aberration – I was putting alternate spoonfuls of the two mixtures into the cup cake cases and thought the plain mix seemed a bit runny, and suddenly realised I hadn’t put the flour in! Duh… A narrowly averted disaster! I scooped out as much as I could and added the flour, but they were a bit of a mess! I had originally decided to make 12 stoma cakes, and then use the rest of the mixture to make a larger square cake to cut into portions, but to be sure I got a decent enough batch to take on Saturday, I made a second lot, and kept the others for home consumption. There was enough mixture left for a half-sized square cake which yielded a few portions.

I had made enough of the pale pink icing for the stoma cakes, but made too much of the red icing, so I used this up on the other cakes, just swirling it on with the piping bag, and added some candy sprinkles for decoration.

Here are the resulting cakes.

03 Buns to Use Up Icing

04 Square Cakes to Use Up Icing

I wouldn’t normally use such lurid red icing on my cakes!!

I made them in good time for Saturday, as the buttercream stomas are quite thick, and will take a few days to firm up and be safe for transporting to Somerset. I’ll let you know how I get on in the competition, and whether they go down all right, and whether anyone recognises what they are!!

I also made an almond and cherry cake from my mum’s old recipe. She used to make it in a round tin and put whole almonds on top, but I used my usual baking frame and cut it into portions. To make the cutting easier, I used flaked almonds rather than whole ones.

05 Almond and Cherry Cakes

This is a lovely moist cake. I add more almond essence than the recipe says, as I like a good robust flavour!

Last time I baked, I made some coffee drizzle cake as an experiment. I love lemon drizzle cake and wondered if it would work as well with coffee – the result was a delicious moist and flavoursome cake, but the top did not end up nice and crunchy like on the lemon version. I forgot to photograph these. Most of them are now in the freezer.

In between all this activity I’ve been pretty exhausted and resting a good deal of the time. I’ve done a few more Zentangle samples for my album and a lot of preparation for my Bible study group which is going very well.

Have a great week, everybody.


  1. Well, I think your goodies look very delicious! I don't bake much as I want to eat everything! Looking forward to more of your Zentangle projects!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #37

  2. Hope you're keeping well Shoshi, you certainly look as though you've been busy. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 19

  3. When can I come by for cake & goodies!! I promise I'll bring the coffee. Oh they look scrumptious! I used to bake all the time now I cook and hardly ever bake. Thought I would be skinnier that way...LOL!
    Chris #27

  4. Love the cakes! Glad your humour is still showing through all this. I love the Zentangle designs. I have gushed over them before. I am definitely going to give it a try. It's such a great use of pictures. Hope you have a good time at your meeting - I'm sure everyone will love all the goodies!

    Take care
    Sharon K #41

  5. Those booby cupcakes are hilarious, but your almond cherry cakes from your mother's recipe look and sound scrumptious. I would love to have one with a cup of coffee or with a glass of cold milk. Good luck in your competition!

  6. Those cakes make me want to leap thru the screen. I am on Paleo diet for sinus at moment.Will see what happens after a month. I saw a lady with lamington cakes on her table.i nearly arm wrested her for them!!haha(just joking)!!Love the Zentangling!
    Judy #9

  7. Am not surprised you were exhausted after all that baking. Think it would have been enough for me on a good day. Good luck with the competition, am sure all of your cakes taste most delicious.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  8. Yummy cakes! I'm sure everyone will see the fun side of them at your meet-up. Lucky, I've just polished off some left-over crumble from yesterday - otherwise I would be salivating here. I could still force down one of those almond cakes though! Love almonds - and I hear they're good for you as well! Best of luck with your cake entry! Let us know how it goes!

  9. Hi Shoshi, I'm pretty sure everyone will get it, and as we have all learnt a sense of humour helps with having a stoma, they will provide a great laugh. Hope you are well, still waiting this end! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8xx

  10. What a wonderful post, but it was the fabulous photos of your cakes that "took the Cake"! Giggle... and they just kept on coming as I scrolled down through your post. I thought it they would NEVER end, and by the time I got to the bottom I was up out of my chair to get a cookie... (she says with a smile) (hugs) and Happy belated WOYWW from Lynne #44

  11. well, today is Friday and I am even later.. the cakes look fabulous - hope they survive the journey. I remember Montacute from visits as a child with my parents, not been for years (decades!!). Have a great weekend, I am off on my travels too,to Happy Stampers at Port Sunlight. Helen #2

  12. You have a point Shoshi - Bake Off has never had a Medical Show...there's maybe a lost opportunity there, huh?! I've never been to Montacute, what a beautiful building, I'm glad you had a good time :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxxx

  13. I haven't joined in with WOYWW this week, but having a quick tour around whilst I wait for it to stop raining! You have been busy with your baking - and now I want a cake. I am trying to keep sugar/carbs as low as possible in my diet, but impossible to give both up completely. Ali x

  14. I am completely out of kilter with WOYWW and it's now another week and I'm still visiting from last week - I'm so sorry. I love the cakes, they have really made me laugh and I bet they went down a treat! The idea of coffee drizzle is making my mouth water - I just love coffee flavoured cake better than any other flavour I think. Montacute house looks fabulous and I don't think I've been there despite lots of holidays around that part of the world - it's on my 'to go to' list now! Glad your bible study classes are going well,
    Diana x


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