Monday, 26 September 2016

Tracings for Mamhead Album

Continuing to work on the two copies of my mini-album commemorating our visit to the fabulous Mamhead Woods a few weeks ago.

On my last WOYWW post, I shared the first Zentangle tracing I did of one of my manipulated photos. I’ve had another two or three sessions working on further tracings.

Some of them didn’t lend themselves well to Zentangle, so I’ve just done straight tracings, and I may add some gold, or some colour, to these – not sure yet.

These first two tracings were done using a sepia pen to echo the photo underneath.

06 Sepia Tracing - Sweeping Bramble


09 Sepia Leaves Tracing

This was done with the usual black pen.

08 Sepia Fern Tracing

Today I started working on tracings of the manipulated tree trunks photo – this was desaturated and then made into a negative image and posterised and I really like the effect. I thought the tree trunks would work well with ribbon-style Zentangles and I’m quite pleased with the result.

10 Tree Trunks Zentangle Tracing with Photos

I may add a little more. Here’s the tracing a bit closer up.

11 Tree Trunks Zentangle Tracing

Here it is in situ over the photograph.

12 Tree Trunks Zentangle Tracing Over Photo

I ran out of steam before starting on the pair of this one, and had to come down and have a cup of tea and rest! More another day.


  1. I really like the effect of the tracing against the photos in the background. I'm sure they could be used in digital art some ways. The zentangled tree trunks look fantastic and very different when you have the photos behind them. Almost like in between a cartoon world and reality, if that makes sense. Also, the lightbox gives it a soft, dreamy feel.


  2. What a Seriously COOL technique... you have inspired me to give this a try... I have been inspired to tangle all month, maybe it's the weather? Smile


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