Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Probably going home tomorrow

The doctor who saw me this am said I was fit go go home today! I questioned this, telling him about my slow shuffle yesterday. I saw the usual doctor this pm and had a chat with him, and he said the physios had certified me fit to go, which I said was ridiculous because I hadn't seen any of them since they were first persuading me to get out of bed immediately post-op, and how could they judge me fit if they hadn't even seen me? He said they had said I had achieved my original baseline of being able to transfer from bed to wheelchair and could wash and toilet independently. I said this was far below the baseline when I first came in. He said they will come and see me tomorrow and assess me properly, but it is most likely I shall go home tomorrow. He said that I am going to make better progress with walking at home, and if I stayed in, with the demands of staff etc., it could take me weeks to get back to what I was, but in the safe environment of home (we have loads of adaptations and I am familiar with how everything works) I will be doing more short walks with the frame and moving around more. They will be providing me backup support with physio visits at home to check on my progress. My hubby is already lined up to look after me as he did last time I came out of hospital. After this chat I did feel a bit more confident about going home. Surgically speaking I've been ready for several days and the doctor said that once I am moving more, my strength will rapidly return. After all, I have not been walking for almost 3 weeks and I have lost some muscle mass and have been very weak, and the recovery from emergency surgery is always a lot longer than from elective surgery.

So it looks like green lights for tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Here's to getting well very, very, very soon :)
    God Bless You.

  2. You posted this almost a week ago, Shoshi! I hope all is well and you're well on your way to recovery by now! I haven't been around much since last week as it was half term, but I'm back in full swing now. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow on WOYWW if you can make it. xx


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