Sunday, 30 July 2017

More Kitten Fun

I did warn everybody not to expect any sense out of me once the kittens had arrived. All I can think about at the moment is kittens, kittens, kittens!!! They are so utterly adorable and we are spending as much time as possible with them, which of course means doing very little else – but at least I am managing to do lots of videos of them. This delightful time in their lives is so short and before we know it, we will have two mature cats, and we want to enjoy every minute of their sweet young lives with their vigorous play and endearing little ways.

For the first couple of days they were a little in awe of us, probably because we are so much bigger than they are, and they would run away if we got too close. However, this morning when I went in, I noticed a huge change. Ruby came running towards me, crying out to me! For most of the day when she hasn’t been occupied with playing with Lily, she has been trying to climb up onto my lap. I have spent a lot of time today cuddling her and she’s been purring her head off, and then sleeping in my arms, so soft and warm. She has really bonded with me! Lily is more distant with me but I think she is starting to bond with my hubby. It will be so nice if they will come to both of us, because I’ve had so many years of having to watch both our old kitties sitting with him and nobody with me!

Here are the videos I made today.

Catch the Birdie.

A neighbour met my hubby in the street a couple of days ago and gave him this feather wand tool and the tunnel. They have played with both these toys pretty constantly – they are a great success.

Feisty Play.

They had a quite manic play session earlier this evening! No wonder they are so tired afterwards and need a nice long sleep.

I did manage to do the ironing today and for most of the time they were asleep. I also managed to cook dinner! Still, I am going to have to start doing stuff again soon or nothing’s going to get done except kitty dazzling.


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