Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Walk-In Pantry–Shelf Factory!

I’ve started making some additional shelves from the wood left over by the carpenter after he had finished building my pantry. I decided to keep it simple and make free-standing ones that can be removed if necessary. They are of very basic construction – just a shelf with uprights at either end, glued and screwed, with a triangular metal bracket across the corners for reinforcement.

I say “I” am making them, but my hubby very kindly cut the wood up for me. I worked out how much I needed and what measurement, and marked all the pieces in order to get the maximum out of what was left. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough decent timber left (my hubby had raided the pile before I decided I wanted more shelves) so some of the bits are made of less attractive plywood, but once they are filled with stuff I don’t think it will matter.

After he’d cut them I applied a couple of coats of linseed oil and finished them with a bit of beeswax polish to seal them, as I’d done on the ones the carpenter fitted, and today I began assembling them, completing the ones for the top shelf.

31 Shelf Factory

The ones on the right are made from the Conti-Board offcuts from the shelf pieces which are going in the bedroom for my books. They stick out a bit further than the uprights but I’m not too worried about that. I just had to use them in the pantry because they were exactly the right length to fill that space!

32 New Top Shelves Complete

They’re a bit rough and ready but they will serve their purpose. I should really cover all the end-grain to make it look nicer… Not sure if I can be bothered, though!!!

Here’s a view of the pantry showing the new shelves installed on the top shelf, and the wine rack now under the bottom shelf.

33 New Top Shelves and Wine Rack

It was falling apart because the wood had shrunk and if there had been any glue on it in the first place, this had dried out. It had to be reduced in size to fit under the bottom shelf in the pantry, and we decided not to bother with the rest of it – it is a bit smaller but the kittens won’t know the difference, and they will enjoy using it as a climbing frame while they are tiny.

On the right-hand wall you can just see my big spice rack. I am so delighted to have this in the kitchen at last – until the pantry was built, there was nowhere for it and it was in the utility room.

34 Wine Rack

The other day I bought these three wire magazine racks. They are going to be attached flush to the inside of the door and will be used to hold my rolls of kitchen foil, baking parchment, freezer bags etc. This was an idea I saw on Pinterest. It will free up one of my kitchen drawers which will be useful.

35 Magazine Racks

I shall also fit a hook for my apron to hang on, and somewhere to hang the clipboard with my shopping lists.

Still no news on the stone slab, but hopefully that will arrive this week. Also, I heard back from the electrician who was supposed to call round to see me to discuss the work today but he didn’t turn up – no doubt running late on his last job. I’ve decided to press on and if I have to move everything back in before he comes to fit the light, so be it – I don’t suppose he’ll make much mess. I really want everything to be back before the end of next week when the kittens arrive.

It’s really starting to come together now!

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  1. A great DIY project - you can never have enough shelves! Like the idea of those magazine holders for cling film and such - will try to remember that!


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