Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Walk-In Pantry–Shelf Factory Complete

Against my best expectations, I managed to finish making the extra shelves today. I thought it would take me at least another day. OK, I’m exhausted, but triumphant!

Here are all the shelves in the pantry. Of course, the stone slab isn’t there yet, so I have put stuff on the bottom shelf for now.

36 All New Shelves Complete

The bottom shelf. The four small shelves stacked up are the side shelves for the slab. I have balanced the two long slab shelves on the battens which will eventually support the slab, to show how they fit in.

37 Stuff on Bottom Shelf for Now

On the bottom shelf on the left is my new bread bin, which fits quite nicely that way around. It is larger than we need for just the two of us, so I will be storing something else in there with the bread – not sure what just yet, but there’s room for perhaps a container for an opened bag of bread flour.

I am happy to have some deep shelf space for things like my hubby’s cereal packets.

At the back of this bottom shelf you can see a single narrow shelf. There won’t be any side shelves on this shelf. I have a plastic shelf unit on order from Ebay for storing smaller items, and this will sit alongside the bread bin.

The left-hand side of the pantry. You can see I’ve put one or two things on the original shelves. The bread bin is designed with a flat top for storing jars or canisters. I’ve put my two jars of bread seeds on there for now.

38 LH Side with New Shelves

The right-hand side, showing the new shelves and the spice rack.

39 RH Side with New Shelves and Spice Rack

The electrician called round today to discuss the light for the pantry, as well as one or two other jobs that need doing. He is hoping to fit the light on either Monday or Tuesday, depending on how this week’s work schedule goes for him. We discussed different options for a sensor light, and he is going to fit one that detects movement, and comes on when you open the door.

Still no news about the slab, but I am hoping for a phone call before the weekend. I also have to fix the magazine racks for my paper rolls.

In the meantime, I am going to start bringing things in – I won’t put the spices on the spice rack until the electrician has done the work as they might get knocked off, but things further in shouldn’t come to any harm. All he’s going to do is run a cable up the right-hand side from the power point near the floor on the right, and run it into the middle of the pantry ceiling, where he will mount the light and sensor. He will put a fused spur for the light, beside the power point.

My hubby has mended the section of the wine rack that he removed in order to make it small enough to go under the bottom shelf. He has re-affixed it temporarily, bringing it back to its original size, so that the kittens can use it as a climbing frame. Once they have finished with it, he will remove the extension part and store it in the loft, and I can have the reduced sized one to go back in the pantry. This is what I originally intended.

I am very, very pleased with how it’s all looking, and I’m pleased to have been able to use up pretty well all of the left-over timber from the construction of the pantry. My hubby has used other bits of it for his garden kitty-proofing project, which is also nearly finished. Only a few days now before we’re fully back in the big kitchen, with a fully stocked walk-in pantry!

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