Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Walk at Kingsteignton

On Saturday we went out for lunch with some friends, followed by a walk along the river at Kingsteignton. To begin with the day was warm and sunny but later it clouded over, but it didn’t spoil our enjoyment. It was a good place to walk with a level path, and surprisingly for a Bank Holiday weekend, not too many people about.

01 Across the Footbridge

A canoeist on the river.

02 Canoeist on the River

Approaching the suspension bridge.

03 Across the Suspension Bridge

View of the river from the bridge.

04 The River from the Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge – I love railings and shadows!

05 Suspension Bridge Railings and Shadows

Looking up at the structure of the suspension bridge.

06 Suspension Bridge Structure

The metal cut-out figures. I love how the steel has rusted.

07 Metal Cut-Out Figures

Our party.

08 Our Party

A gorgeous sinuous metal bench.

09 Curved Metal Bench

10 Curved Metal Bench from End

Lovely curves and shadows.

11 Curved Bench Detail with Shadow

Industrial construction beside the railway bridge.

12 Bridge Construction

Under the railway bridge.

13 Under the Railway Bridge

Newton Abbot Racecourse through the netting. No racing unfortunately – I love looking at the horses!

14 Newton Abbot Racecourse


15 Acorns

One of several carvings along the walk.

16 Fox Bench

More carvings – my hubby astride a water buffalo!

17 N on Water Buffalo

18 Carved Water Buffalo

The flowing river.

19 Flowing River

They have constructed a special place for dogs to swim.

20 Dog Swimming Place

21 Dog Swimming Place

Carved kingfisher seat.

22 Carved Kingfisher Seat

Since then I’ve been really tired, so trying to rest now I’ve got a few quieter days, and enjoying spending time with the kittens.

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  1. what fabulous photos and amazing sights - I love the curvy shapes and shadows!


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