Wednesday, 2 August 2017


I surprised myself yesterday afternoon – I managed to tear myself away from our new kittens and actually did some art!

WOYWW 426 2-8-17

On the left you can see my crib sheets to tell me what’s on which page, and how I did it. Resting on top is the first lot of pages from Vol. 1 of the mini-album I’m making, some complete with their tags, which are still awaiting some sort of yarn tassel.

Beyond the sheets are the pages for further volumes of the album, and in the centre of the desk are My Inkylicious Ink Dusters, the Black Soot Distress Ink and its home made ink blending tool. To the right of that are the small blot-off sheets that I am making from the mess on the craft sheet. Beyond that are the pages of Vol. 1 which still need tags.On the right, water spritzer, jar of water, acrylic paints, and in the foreground, pens. Apart from that, all the usual detritus of a busy desk!

Not sure when I’m going to get another chance in the studio but I’m keen to make progress on this project now. For more details of what I did yesterday, click here.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (or perhaps not!!) – KITTENS!

We got them last Thursday, and today they are 10 weeks old – I can’t believe we’ve already had them almost a week!

Both Kittens with N 31-7-17

If you keep scrolling down, you will come to all the kitten posts since we got them, with photos and videos.

As you can imagine, we are both totally smitten with these tiny creatures. You wouldn’t believe how much personality they are already showing, and how they make their wishes known, in no uncertain terms!

It is so, so good to have kitties in the house once again. Someone on the forum I am on said (being married to a vet): “When we get new animals after the previous ones have died, we are not replacing them, but honouring the ones that have gone by giving a good home to the next generation.” I don’t think for one moment that Beatrice and Phoebe would approve of them, though! “Who are these young whippersnappers taking over our house in our absence!” We miss our old girlies and will never forget them, but we are overjoyed by our new little arrivals! They are called Lily and Ruby, and are silver tabby British shorthair cross. Their father is a pedigree silver tabby, and their mother a brown and white tabby. She had five kittens, and here they all are, asleep together in the basket, awaiting our arrival on Thursday to pick up our two. The lady we got them from very kindly sent me this photo.

All the Kittens 27-7-17  from Catherine

Happy WOYWW everybody, and have a great week.


  1. Some yummy textures on those cards, Shoshi! I see I've missed a few of your earlier posts. Will be reading them shortly! Don't want to miss those cat videos! Nice to see that Ruby and Lily have settled so quickly - I bet they don't even remember where they came from. Lovely to see them with their brothers and sisters - and it's lucky for them that they still have each other - although Oreo never seemed lonely by himself. He only had one sibling who was already taken when we went to pick him up. Out of that litter, I would probably choose that darker one - the odd one out - only because s/he's different from all the others LOL!

  2. Happy WOYWW - and KITTENS!! They are adorable, and are named after two of my granddaughters! I can only imagine how distracting they are. Wish I lived closer and I would be round on your doorstep demanding to come in! You are so organised with your crafting. I have gone the opposite way with most of my creating - just going with the flow, except for when I have challenges/trades and then my notebook comes out. Ali x #20

  3. Hi Shoshi, oh my your kitties are adorable! So sweet. Such beautiful markings too. Love the artwork. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 XxX

  4. I can well understand why you couldn't tear yourself away from those fluffy bundles of cuteness. Welcome Lily and Ruby! Sarah #12

  5. Oh my - look at that basket of kittens!! I'd have been sorely tempted when faced with that not to have them all!! Your two are beautiful girls and you can see from your photos just how much you love them. Happy times :-D
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  6. Shoshi, I haven't visited in a long while and it's always so nice to because I love your little stories. I also ALWAYS love the goodies you have on your desk. I told you one time before that I LOVE, LOVE those Inkylicious Ink Dusters! ONE DAY I am going to get some...not sure when, but that's the plan! Can't wait to see your finished mini album. From what I could see, it looks like it has some prize pages in it! Ok, so now for those ADORABLE babies! Oh my goodness! I would be on cloud 9 and would not be able to stand it till I got my hands on them and in my home! I know you are excited. Yes you probably do miss the old gals, but having new sweet ones in the home will be so wonderful! And how grand being married to a vet! I would love that for sure! Well happy trip to pick them up and be sure to post some "new at home" photos for us! I hope your health is in order. As I said, I haven't visited in awhile and praying your are healed and happy! Many blessings, Felicia #27

  7. such pretty kitties! no wonder you've not done much crafting!

  8. Hi Shoshi. Not a cat person myself - but they really are rather cute, aren't they? And just look at them snuggling up to N!!
    Take ca5re. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  9. Can't really see detritu on your desk, extraordinary thing that, it's not as if im unfamiliar with the word or the stuff! Nice to see you getting on with stuff, but I bet it's only five minutes here and there for a while. Kittens!!

  10. Gorgeous photo of the kitten Shoshi. Pleased to see you've got some crafting done despite the obvious distraction! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx


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