Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Again, I can’t show you what’s on my desk, but I can tell you that my mystery project is coming along very nicely and I’m enjoying it very much, and I can’t wait to share it with you!!! It is soooo great to have my mojo back.

I can give you another sneak peek, though. This stuff was on my desk on Monday. Another background created by adding stuff to a sheet of boring paper in a different colour from last week.

092 Page 8 Creating Mat

I love combining materials. Here I mixed Distress Inks with Infusions. I’ve also been having a lot of fun combining Distress Inks with Distress Oxides and Infusions.

Health Update

I’ve been doing a bit of cooking in readiness for going on the low residue diet. I made salmon and broccoli bake, and I’ve got chicken pieces defrosting, ready to cook some chicken pies – I’m boiling the chicken with carrots, onions and herbs to make delicious clear chicken soup, and cooked this way, the meat is extremely tender and absolutely delicious. I won’t be able to eat the onions but at least their flavour will be there. They will be frozen, ready to make soup later on. I am planning on adding the chicken to a white sauce cooked with some of the chicken stock, and add some broccoli florets and carrots, and top it off with mashed potato and cheese. I’m also planning on making up lots of cauliflower cheese. Both these dishes can be pepped up a bit with the addition of bacon lardons. Freezing them separately in foil containers, it will be easy for my hubby to zap them in the oven. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I’m able to do that myself, and if I’ve done all this in advance, we’ll have a good supply of home-cooked ready meals with suitable veges all in.

I still haven’t got an admission date for my operation, but last Friday I had my second pre-assessment appointment, this time with the anaesthetist, and everything seemed to go OK – I wrote about it at length here, but the main thing I came away with was that he was reluctant to agree to a PICC line from the outset, but that’s not to say it definitely won’t happen. It will be up to my surgeon and the anaesthetist on the day. At least they have my request on record, and the reason for it. I also re-emphasised the need for the ward staff to be patient with me and make extra allowances for my ME which makes it hard for me to sit out of bed post-op for as long as most people.

I am just wanting them to say “Let battle commence” now, and to get on with it.

My hubby has gone and got himself a cold so I’m giving him a wide berth. The last thing I want is to get a date and have to cry off because I’ve got a cold!

He is taking the boot off on Thursday, and going back to the fracture clinic at the beginning of March. It rather looks as if he won’t be allowed to drive before then, but at least he’ll be fully mobile on his feet. He’s already doing lots more.

I am really enjoying having things much more back to normal, and I feel as if my life is back under control again. December and January were horrendous and I never want to go through a period like that again!


I’ve been so busy with my mystery project that I haven’t had time to edit the kitty videos I’ve taken recently, but I’ve got some nice photos of our girlies for you.

The box they did their deconstructive art on is now even more reduced, but that didn’t stop Lily settling down in it yesterday. Ruby looking on.

07 Together, Lily in Chewdled Box 5-2-18

Ruby washing her sister.

08 Ruby Washing Lily in Chewdled Box 5-2-18

I’ve got some sweet video footage of this. She holds her down with one paw.

Lily dropping off to sleep, with Ruby keeping a close eye on her.

09 Ruby Watching Lily Asleep in Chewdled Box 5-2-18

My hubby gave them an empty paper bag yesterday and they are making short work of it. They’ve already destroyed one. And what is that mat doing there? It belongs by the door into the patio!

11 Lily Watching Ruby in Paper Bag 6-2-18

There are constantly bits of cardboard and paper all over the floor and I’m forever sweeping up. Not to mention to cascades of cat litter in the kitchen – when my hubby is driving again we are going to B&Q and getting some deeper boxes! Lily is the worst for this and sometimes I think her vigorous digging is going to take her to Australia.

Ruby has gone off cuddles with Mummy. She used to come running, and as soon as I picked her up, would go off into paroxysms of purring, but all she does now is squeak at me in protest, and wriggle. They have both turned from adorable little babies into adolescent thugs who would definitely play their music too loud and not do their homework, and they certainly don’t keep their room tidy. My hubby says when they grow up a bit more, they will be more loving again. When they are relaxed after eating, they are cuddling up with him as he sits with his leg up, but at the moment Mummy is NOT flavour of the month I’m afraid.

06 Ruby Asleep on Daddy's Shoulder 1-2-18

As for the clicker training, I have had to abandon it for now, because after about 2 seconds they are bored and go off. None of the websites mention this – they all say it works, and the videos show great success, but they are obviously not dealing with rebellious teenagers who just want to do their own thing! I am not giving up entirely, though, and plan on going back to it when they’ve settled down a bit.


  1. The mystery project is looking interesting Shoshi....

  2. LOVE the rich colours of those pieces on your desk, and anything with salamon and brocolli, and I'm there! Yum!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 4

  3. Gorgeous pics of the sweet kitties. All the best with your planned procedure and it sounds like you are a very organised lady.
    sandra de @19

  4. Ha! Ha! I do think it is funny that we are both working on secret projects! sounds like we are mad scientists.....
    Thanks for your visits over the past few weeks, I have been 'somewhere' else and not spending time doing what needs to be done, just my project.... paint takes time to dry ... so much time!!
    Have a good week and stay warm
    Christine #21

  5. Glad to hear that you've had your second pre op appointment and have your wishes on record. Good news about hubby's foot too. I laughed out loud of your description of the kitties as teenagers; at least they don't fight all the time. Glad your mojo is back in full force and your project is going well. Have a good week. Sarah #23

  6. Oh, those sweet and fun ´kitty stories´... almost make me want to go out and get a cat again (but the hubs isn´t too fond of cats so I won´t...) I hope both your health will improve in the near future, the food sounds great and healthy for one and it will indeed be nice to have when you come out of surgery. Happy woyww and a warm hug from Holland, Marit #26

  7. Wow, that's a proper In-Your-Face colour - I LOVE it and am glad that whatever you're working on has sparked the old mojo as well! The pics of your cats in boxes/bags etc made me hoot :-D
    Hugs LLJ 15 xxx

  8. Hi Shoshi, Oh I do love the colours you achieved. Absolutely gorgeous. I do enjoy reading about the kitties. Hope they do get a move on for you, there are so many cold & flu bugs about, catching one would be awful for you. I was fine up to a hospital visit last Monday, by the time evening came round I was sneezing like crazy! Have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  9. Well Shoshi, sorry about the PICC line! Like you said, it's not totally no, so I will be praying that it goes in your favor! Glad to hear hubby is getting that boot off! I KNOW he will be glad as well! That diet sounds like my kind of diet! YUM!! Those babies sure are growing up fast and I TOTALLY get you on their behavior! I have 3 "wild and crazy" babies that are in a constant state of "reeking havoc!" LOL And that's in addition to my two teenage daughters!!! Arrrrggghhhh! LOLOL Love your craft reveal and those amazing colors! Can't wait to hear the FULL story! :P Blessings, Felicia #32

  10. starting at the end and working backwards...your tales of your rebellious teenagers did make me chuckle! Glad you're getting all those lovely sounding meals sorted, that's a great idea and will be a big bonus after the surgery! Hope the date is provided soon!
    Lastly, am loving your secret project, what a fabulous mix of colours! Have a good week and avoid that cold! Helen #3

  11. Love the colour of those pages! Glad things are moving along - you sure are organized! This kitties are definitely teenagers, and once that's over, they will be better - but so much fun right now watch their shenanigans! Inky is about 32 in people years, and has settled down quite a lot. Hope everything goes well for you, and I'm looking forward to the secret project reveal! Lindart #38

  12. I so love the colours you've used on the paper but love your kitties even more. Have a great woyww, Angela x17x

  13. Love the photos of your girls. They are always so cute.
    Great news on the operation but can understand you wanting to keep out of hubbies way if he has a cold. I came home from the USA with a stonking cold. You have been waiting for this and no sense in delaying it further if it can be helped.
    Great results with the mix of Oxides and Infusions.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx (been asleep all day)

  14. As usual the kitties steal the show! Best of luck with the new diet plan. Broccoli sounds good to me now. :)
    Happy WOYWW
    Rose #7

  15. Your kitties are adorable. I looove cats.
    I wish to hug them all. :)

    Your background papers are beautiful and
    you made me hungry actually. So time to make
    some kind of vegetable soup. Late lunch.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Sussie nr 38.


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