Wednesday, 14 February 2018


I am still working on my mystery project so I can’t show you my desk as it is at the moment, but on Monday I took a break from that and made a Valentine card for my hubby, and I can show you that.

11 Finished Card Front

I wrote in detail about it here. I followed a tutorial on Youtube for the pop-up which was very successful.

12 Finished Pop-Up

I am writing this in the small hours and my hubby has gone to bed, so he hasn’t received it yet and I can’t tell you how he likes it!

Just to keep your interest in my mystery project going, here is another sneak peak of some more background papers.

141 Inside Front Cover Waterfall Inking Page Back Mats


I still haven’t had time to edit my recent videos, but here is another photo.

13 Both in N's Box 1 13-2-18

My hubby has been sorting through a lot of old photos and papers and sticking them into scrapbooks and this plastic box came down from his office, and as you can see, it is no longer available!

Health Update

Still no date for my operation. I am watching for a letter daily. I think the hernia is getting bigger and Kermit, my stoma, is definitely not a happy bunny. Yesterday I had to change his bag twice – I am now doing it every day, instead of twice a week which I was doing when everything was working properly. This is the only way I can keep on top of the skin irritation I’ve been getting because he keeps retracting. I am also getting some pain and discomfort from the hernia.

I’ve had a couple of bad days with my ME this week as well and have had to rest. It’s a pest because I’ve got a lot I want to do at the moment! At least things are a lot more back to normal than they were, with my hubby being much more mobile now, and using his boot less and less. He is doing his exercises and gradually building up his strength again after being inactive for so long.

Pancake Day

Yesterday was Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Because my hubby isn’t allowed sugar, I couldn’t cook traditional sweet pancakes, so I cooked an old favourite recipe from my favourite recipe book which I had for my 21st birthday. Chicken and walnut pancakes – deeeelicious! There were a couple of spare pancakes left over so I had these for pudding, not with lemon and sugar, but drizzled with maple syrup. They went down a treat.

I made a double quantity and the rest has gone in the freezer for another day. I also cooked enough chicken to make a chicken, bacon and pasta bake which I shall make later today – this will be suitable for the low residue diet I shall be on for a while after my operation. I’ve now cooked up quite a few dishes in readiness and the freezer is getting very full!

Did anyone else make pancakes yesterday?

An Exciting Day Coming Up

Tomorrow, I am being taken to a craft show. It’s several years since I’ve been to one, and this year I really wanted to go, but couldn’t see how it would happen if my hubby wasn’t able to drive me. I asked a friend if she was going, and she said she was, and she is taking a couple of other people as well, so we’ll be a car-full. I am so thrilled to be going, and so looking forward to it.

It’s the Craft 4 Crafters show held at Westpoint, Exeter (where they hold the Devon County Show). It’s always brilliant. I’ve been through the online list of exhibitors and made a note of the ones I particularly want to visit, and I am also making a list of things I want to pick up if I can. You often get good prices at shows, and it’s always great to see things “in the flesh,” especially if you buy most things online. I shall stock up on the basics (cardstock, double-sided tape etc.) and I also hope to get some more Distress Oxides, and maybe a few more punches and dies.

It will be a long day so today I must make sure I don’t overdo things so I’m in a good state to enjoy it to the full!


  1. Ooh have fun at the show Shoshi, hope it isn't too tiring and that you manage to get round all the stalls you want to. Keeping fingers crossed that you get a date for your op soon. Love how you created the pop up; I'm sure your hubby will love the card. Meow to the kitties. Sarah #14

  2. Great card, am sure your DH will have loved it. I know it's the pop up I should be looking at, but I particularly like the random colour wash on the insert! hope you enjoy and are not exhausted by Craft4Crafters. I find less and less bargains to be had, just lots of regular prices, so I hope you can prove me wrong!

  3. Hi Shoshi, and enjoy the show! You are right, it is nice to see things in the flesh, and you do indeed often get some great bargains. Glad Hubby is improving, and love the Valentines card. I admit we never have sugar with pancakes, just lemon juice and honey.
    Hope you hear soon, I'd expect it's all the flu cases they've had to deal with causing a backlog. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

  4. I LOVE the card you made for your hubby, that's sp funky and right up my street! The secret project backgrounds are great too, can't wait to see what you do with them!
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  5. Your Valentine card is awesome - i can't imagine that hubby wouldn't love it! I'm glad you get to go to a craft show - I haven't been to one in many years. Hope that letter comes soon, have a wonderful week! Lindart #38

  6. hope you have a great time tomorrow, and the letter comes soon too! Helen #1

  7. Hi Shoshi, what a lovely card, I'm sure your hubby loved it. Sorry to hear you are still waiting on a date for your operation. I hope you get it through soon. Have fun at the show, but don't overdo it! I'm looking forward to when you reveal the secret project. Have a lovely week Heather #13

  8. Hiya my dear! Love the card you made. We don't 'do' valentine's day but I've seen some lovely cards around today. All bunnies from tomorrow I expect. Sorry to hear you are still waiting for your op - hope that all kicks in for you soon. The backgrounds are a gorgeous colour. What are you making I wonder? Happy Wednesday and enjoy the show, hope you've managed to have a rest today. Cindy #22 xx

  9. Hi Shoshi love the card for DH and the backgrounds. I didn't get the pancakes made, I was too tired. Tonight too full! Have fun at the craft show. Hope you get that date soon! Anne x #21

  10. awesome card for the hubby! I am sure he loved it. That is interesting sneak peak...I will have to make sure I keep following to see what your secret project turns out to be. Love the sweet. I have a tabby one sitting on my desk purring as I type. Spoiled rotten snot! Sorry to hear about the hernia and stoma issues. Hope they can get it fixed quickly for you. Vickie #39

  11. Lovely card Shoshi. Hope you have a great time at the show. We must see all the goodies you come home with, completely jealous Lol!Have a lovely belated WOYWW, Angela x20x

  12. Hi Shoshi. Trust you have had a fantastic day at the show. Seems like a long while since the rose in the mouth episode!!!!! Always loved the show at Westpoint. It's a great venue.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  13. What a great pop-up card! I'm sure your hubby was chuffed with it! We don't do Valentine's, but we always do Pan Cake Day! Forgot to take a photo though! Kitties look incredibly cozy in that box. I'm sure you'll get it back one day though - probably in about two weeks' time when they lose interest in it - they always do eventually! Can't wait to see your photos of the craft show - as I'm sure there will be some! Sorry I haven't been around much lately - trying to catch up on my day off! Have a lovely weekend! xx


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