Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WOYWW 455 Reorganising my Desk

Last Thursday I went to the craft show in Exeter and had a truly wonderful time – a real treat after a pretty horrendous couple of months recently. You can read about the craft show here, and see all the fabby new stash I got to play with.

Since then, I’ve decided to have a clear-out in my studio and to reorganise my desk a bit, partly to make room for new things, and also because certain aspects of it have been rather frustrating. There’s a long way to go but at least I’ve made a start.

For this WOYWW, I’ve done a couple of annotated photos. The first one shows the normal view of my main work area. You can see that I’ve put my ironing pad over the top of my mystery project which is still literally under wraps! I’m progressing slowly with it – not so many opportunities this week, what with the craft show, and needing to recover for a couple of days afterwards.

WOYWW 455A Annotated 21-2-18

On the brown shelf unit above the desk you can see my various carousels for frequently-used things. I used to have a lot of odd things on there as well – small bottles of glue, the odd rubber stamp, etc., and every time I revolved the carousels these things would fall off. When we cleared my parents’ house I rescued various things from Dad’s workshop and among them was the partitioned wooden box now on the right of the desk. It was filthy, but after I’d scrubbed it with hot soapy water and left it to dry, it was quite respectable, and it now contains these bits and pieces, close at hand and more tidily stored.

I also screwed a cup hook onto the side of the eye-level shelf unit above this, and have hung my two heat guns on there. This frees up desk space and keeps the cables tidier, but they are still easy to reach. The wooden shelf right at the top (just visible in the photo) usually has the box of embossing folders on it – currently on the desk because I’ve been using the Cuttlebug plates that also live in there, and I’ve also got rid of the CD storage box that used to be up there, which held some very old clear stamps, which are now filed away with the rest of the stamps on the rail. At the craft show I got quite a few new dies and now have too many to go in the original box which used to be on the shelf unit top-left in the photo, so I’ve now got them in a similar box to the embossing folders, and they will live side by side on the top shelf above the desk.

On the far right of the desk you can see my new purple scoring board that I bought at the show, stacked up with my other boards (envelope punch board, paper trimmer etc.). These used to be lying around flat, taking up space, and always the one I wanted was at the bottom of the heap! I have ordered a nice rack from Ebay, designed for storing chopping boards in the kitchen, and this will be used for storing these, making them easier to use and keeping things tidier.

This photo shows the pull-out unit to the right of the main work area, and shows things better organised now. The RUBs (Really Useful Boxes) with card scraps are only being used temporarily for this, in an attempt to keep things tidier and free up the unit for its original purpose as a cutting station. The boxes of ribbons used to sit on top of a plastic unit with 2 drawers that used to be where the Cuttlebug and wooden box now are – this unit, and the ribbons, were not in constant use. The unit is now stored on the top shelf above the desk, and the ribbons need to find another home.

WOYWW 455B Annotated 21-2-18

The far side of my studio (sewing area) has been an absolute tip for months. I got a whole lot of knitting yarns out when I started knitting the socks before Christmas. This project went into abeyance when everything went pear-shaped with my hubby breaking his leg and Mum dying etc., and I need to finish that second sock, so that I can tidy up again! The mess is driving me nuts.

Another thing I’ve been doing this week while resting on the recliner is to go back through a lot of old posts on my blog, and replace the photos. For some time they were all linked to my Photobucket album, but when I had too many photos on there I had to subscribe to the pro version, and after a while I let that lapse, so the photos disappeared. I’ve still got a huge number of posts to work through, but again, at least I’ve made a start.

Even this small change in my desk organisation has made a huge difference – freeing up space, things more easily accessible, tidier and calmer environment! Let’s hope it lasts because I’m not the tidiest of workers!!

Now that’s sorted, I am hoping to crack on with the mystery project this week.


What is it about kitties and boxes?

15 Both in Chewdled Box 20-2-18

They are still enjoying chewing this little cardboard box. However much I sweep up, there are always bits of cardboard all over the carpet.

Today I managed to make a start on editing some of the kitten videos that have been mounting up for a while. Here are a couple to keep you going. More next week hopefully.

Ruby really enjoys walking around the back of this wooden chair. This was filmed on 1st January.

The two of them wrestling on top of the cat tree! I was scared they’d fall off. The whole thing rocks about and one day I think they are going to have it over, but fortunately the base is very heavy and it’s withstood their attentions so far! They have pulled off quite a bit of the fur, though, and it now has some bald patches. This one was filmed on 14th January.

Marbles in the Sunshine

Yesterday a friend came and spent the afternoon with me. She had just been to the House of Marbles and had treated herself to a small bag of marbles, really inexpensive, and so pretty! When I laid them out on the table, I was struck by how beautiful they were with the bright sunlight shining through them, and had to photograph them.

Here’s the full set.

01 Complete Set

Here are some of them, photographed individually. I was very intrigued by how the light is reflected on the opposite side of the marble from the light source, and how the colour and reflection shows in the shadow in each case.

02 Clear Green Marble

03 Clear Red Marble

A very pretty veined marble.

04 Clear Veined Turquoise Marble

This one was clear blue glass, encrusted with glass fragments to create an interesting sparkly texture.

05 Encrusted Blue Marble

This one had been sand-blasted and had that gorgeous silky feel, like sea glass.

06 Sand-blasted Blue Marble

Laying the sand-blasted one in front of the clear red one, see how the colour is transferred from one to the other. An interesting shadow too, with an extra bright spot.

08 Clear Red and Sand-blasted Blue Marbles

It would be interesting to try and draw these. I had a bit of practice drawing Zengems and this made me observe more closely how light behaves with transparent objects. Time to get the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil going again!


  1. Your desk looks great, so well organised.. Love the marbles in the sunshine! read the post about the show too and it looks really good - love your wheelchair! great purchases too, really like the imagination stencil, most of the others I have (ahem) ! Helen #1

  2. Hi Shoshi, glad you have recovered from your day out at the craft show. You have been a busy bee this week tidying and rearranging your desk. Mind you, with all the goodies you bought, you did need somewhere to put them! I'm still looking forward to seeing the mystery project! Have a lovely week Heather x #28

  3. looks like a lot of working going into organizing your desk etc. I need to try and do that here. I need to be able to get to my stuff without having to move something else to get it. Loved the cat videos. I have 3 cats and it is always a circus around here! Ghost likes to walk on the backs of chairs and I don't know why! Skiddy likes to jump up to the top of the kitchen cabinets and up over the cabinet over the refrigerator. Stormy is my talking tabby that is always griping about something! I love the marbles. My dear daughter got me hooked on crystals and every so often I have to buy another. I love how they sparkle in the sun! Have a great week! Vickie #36

  4. Hi Shoshi, love all the goodies you got at the show (couldn't resist scrolling down). You have really thought out the reorganisation of your desk. I like your idea for storing your embossing boards. Meow to Ruby and Lily! Sarah #7

  5. Who is the boxer at the top of the tree? I notice she had a great left hook. Had a smile at the antics of Ruby on the back of the chair, I think she was chasing her own shadow at the end. So enjoyed both videos - keep them coming.
    Lovely marbles and what a great job you made of tidying your craft room. I remember you getting that room all set up when you moved - seems a long time ago now.
    Happy crafting.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  6. Hello soshi, great organisation talent, and very cute kittens. Lovely and plenty of new stuff, have fun using them and I am curious after the mustery project, happy belated WOYWW Vicky#31


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