Monday, 26 March 2018

Floral Mini-Album Pt 2 Constructing the Cover

Recently I made a new mini-album, about my mum who died in December. I was unable to publish anything about this until now because it is a present for her best friend, who sometimes visits my blog, and I wanted it to be a surprise for her. I wrote a series of blog posts as I did each stage of the project, so I didn’t forget what I did, and they will be published in sequence now the project is finished and has been given to our friend.

If you want to see the finished project, please click here.

On day 2 of this project, I made the cover and the hidden hinge binding system, continuing to follow the Youtube tutorial

013 Cover Construction

The pieces for the front and back cover and the spine were cut from mounting board, and they were covered with some long pieces of white card which I have had for many years. You can join two shorter pieces but since I had this, I thought I’d use it and avoid the join.

As instructed on various Youtube tutorials on making album covers, I left a gap between the pieces, the width of two thicknesses of the mounting board, to enable the book to close without tearing the paper.

In the above picture, you can see the double-sided tape on the covering card, and the corners trimmed ready for mitring.

The covering card folded over and the mitred corners created.

014 Cover with Mitred Corners Complete

The cover construction completed.

015 Cover Complete

Because it was covered with white card and I wanted all the borders to be black, I painted the edges all around with black acrylic paint, inside and out.

016 Cover - Painting the Edges

Making the hidden hinge system.

017 Hidden Hinge System Construction

In the above photo you can see that the length of card has been scored and folded, and double-sided tape added, ready to create the hinges for the binding.

The hidden hinge binding completed, ready to be stuck into the spine of the book, with double-sided tape on the reverse.

018 Hidden Hinge System Complete

Each hinge, or projection, slots into the open side of a page. Once in place, all you see is the gusset between each page.

This next photo shows what I’ve done so far, working on two identical albums side by side.

019 The Pieces So Far

Two sets of pages on the left, complete with flaps and pockets; two hidden hinge systems, two covers.

Next stage: to stick the hidden hinges into the spines of the covers, and to begin covering the pages with designer papers.

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  1. This looks so promising! I'm excited to find out where it's going!


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