Wednesday, 21 March 2018

WOYWW 459 Because of this… we have this…

Because of this…

04 Heavy Snow Falling

We have this…

WOYWW 459 21-3-18

An empty desk.

Unfortunately the snow made our arrangements for Monday quite impossible so I am very sorry to have to report that the Big Reveal of my Mystery Project has had to be postponed. I know several of you have been waiting with Bated Breath (or Extreme Boredom?) to get this over and done with, but it Can’t Be Helped.

However, barring anything else going wrong, if you check back later tomorrow, I should be able to Take Off the Wraps at Last – I did manage to finish the project on Sunday night, and having the extra few days’ grace has meant that I’ve even made a Video for your Delectation and Delight.

So hang in there, folks, it really won’t be long now!!!!!

Other news – also barring anything else going wrong, I am set to go into hospital a week today for my operation. I shall try and get a WOYWW blog post done in advance. I’m really hoping there will be no postponement this time but knowing the NHS it’s almost a given, it seems…

Here are my other snow picture from last weekend’s part 2 of the snow double whammy that hit our area this early spring.

Taken on Sunday 18th March:

01 Snow on Kitchen Patio

02 Boxes etc in Kitchen Patio Covered with Snow

My hubby’s wonderful kitty defences under the weight of snow – some of the brackets actually bent, so he will need to get out there and do some repairs before the kitties’ Great Release into the Garden.

03 Kitty Defences Covered with Snow

05 Snow on Flat Patio

06 Snow on Back Steps

Taken on Monday 19th March:

That little dimple in the middle of the lawn is the water feature my hubby made me for my birthday last year!

01 From Bedroom - Funny Water Feature

Kitty defences bowing down under the strain.

02 Kitty Defences from Study

03 From Flat

Icicles on the satellite dish. No interruption in TV reception, thank goodness.

See how the snow is coming through the kitty defences like a sieve – little squares of snow eventually started dropping down!

04 Icicles on Satellite Dish

This time around, the snow consisted of large soft flakes which initially melted on landing, and we thought we were going to get away with it, but because the temperature was so low, it quickly settled and got quite deep, but not compacted, and we didn’t have the drifting we had last time. It’s hung around for much longer than we expected. A couple of days’ sunshine is gradually getting rid of it.

There is still snow about, but considerably less, and the roads are now all fine. Let’s hope that’s the last of it. I think it’s incredibly beautiful and quite magical, but it does cause a lot of disruption!

I remember my dad telling me several years ago when they were living in Cambridge, renowned for suffering the full onslaught of bitter east winds (I remember very severe winters there when I was a child) that he heard a local lady speaking on the radio, saying that the cold weather was the result of that bitter wind “blowing straight over from the Urinals.”

Check back late afternoon/evening tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll have something to show you that will make all your patience worthwhile.


  1. I have to confess that I don’t think about your mystery project until I come over and while your page is loading I wonder if it’s ready. But I have to say already, with that many flowers to be made, it wouldn’t be a project I would do!! So impatient!! Hope next weeks appointment stays true.

  2. Ooh Shoshi, I will be back tomorrow for sure for the big reveal! I did think about you at the weekend when it gave out major snow in the South West. Ours came and went overnight on Saturday! I'll be keeping everything crossed that there are no postponements next week. Hugs to you and meow to Lily and Ruby! Sarah #12

  3. Lol at the Wind from the Urinals!!! That made me smile. We were lucky here and escaped the worst of the snow - it's a beautiful day today but the wind is still chilly. I hope those kitty defences bear up under the weight of all that snow. I sincerely hope that the op goes ahead next week and the P word doesn't happen.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  4. Afternoon Shoshi. Well, I admit you had a tad more than we did - but I'm nearer the sea I suppose. Looking forward to seeing your surprise reveal... All the very best for your op next week.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. Happy WOYWW. A video! Now I really am impatient. You had more snow than us. Hope that the op is not postponed. Ali x #13

  6. empty desk! huh! bet it isn't now!
    Snow is amazing stuff, the folks next door are from Brazil and it has been wonderful watching them experience it for the first time!
    Hope your appointment goes through, not cancelled for any reason. Stay well.
    Christine #23

  7. Hi Shoshi, love all your photos. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes ahead as planned, and you can get this bit over and done with. The snow does look magical doesn't it, when you can stay indoors and just look out without plans being interrupted!Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  8. Wow, you go so much more snow than us. Great photos. Ohhh I hope spring is just round the corner. Fingers crossed for your op.
    Hugs Lisax #22

  9. no, I'm totally bored with the secret project now (lol!) the snow makes for gorgeous photos, that is a lot of snow... your dad's memory of that comment right made me chuckle!
    Helen #1

  10. Hi Shoshi, great photographs of the snow what a season hey! can't wait to see the great unveil. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy creative woyww, Angela x17x

  11. I hope your surgery isn't postponed - it's best to get those things out of the way. Love the snow. I'm so disappointed that we didn't see the reveal. I am looking forward to it.
    April #26

  12. Lovely pictures! No snow for us in the US so I am living vicariously through my internet friends. I'll look for your newest post for the reveal. Sending love, hugs and blessings for your surgery and speedy recovery, my friend! Blessings Kelly #25

  13. Hi Shoshi! Wow, on the snow, we are having the same problem here in New York! your desk looks great, so tidy! I have to say when I came over here I landed on your album page post and What a spectacular album! I am going to go back and look at it again, it is just sooo beautiful! Have a great weekend, hopefully you are all dug out ! Ginny M #29


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