Wednesday, 4 July 2018


I haven’t made anything new on my desk this week because I’ve been very busy with other things, but there has been some stuff on it. I make no apology for a staged desk this time because it’s just new stash really.

Last Saturday it was the village fete where we used to live, and we always go back for that. It’s fun to see old friends again, and there’s lots to see and do. I got the usual haul of second hand books and this year I got a few DVDs too. In the picture above are the things that most relate to my studio.

A lovely tin with a clear lid and a small clear box like a trunk – I’ve put a few things in that but not sure what I shall use either of these for yet. A mug tree for 10p! I think it is Margaret on WOYWW who has a mug tree for her tapes – I saw it somewhere on WOYWW and thought it was a good idea. It has a smaller footprint than the little rack I’ve been using so I’m giving it a try for a bit. A nice little black zipped bag – also don’t know what to use this for yet but couldn’t resist it – I’m a sucker for what my Scottish grandmother would call “wee baggies.” A couple of fabric jewellery bags – the large one is shot blue and purple and absolutely gorgeous – the shimmering colours really don’t show up in the photo – this will be cut up and used in embroidery projects. The ziplock baggies have junk jewellery – more later on this. The book on making things from cardboard has some great ideas in it but on closer examination I didn’t like the somewhat unfinished look of the corrugated cardboard – I’ll probably use some of the ideas and adapt them, and pass the book on again to another worthy cause.

I make a beeline for the white elephant/bric-a-brac stall at the fete, which is always the best stall in the show. – this is where I got most of the above stuff. This time it was even bigger than usual, because most of the stuff seemed to have been given by us – my hubby loaded up the car to the roof with stuff sorted out from Mum’s flat. It’s weird, but when we were clearing it out I didn’t have any particular feelings about most of it except to associate the things with Mum in a cerebral sort of way, but as soon as I saw it all on the tables at the fete I started to get all sentimental and emotional about it!! I hardened my heart and told myself you can’t keep everything, and I’ve got photos of various things that I didn’t want to forget, even if I didn’t like them all that much. It was lovely to see a lady buying Mum’s old work basket and going off with it with a smile on her face – I told her it had been Mum’s and I was glad it was going to a good home, and she was so happy to hear that.

I always make straight for the junk jewellery because there are always marvellous pickings there for pennies, that you can take apart and make art with, and sometimes there are wearable necklaces etc. Here’s my haul for this year.

I haven’t decided whether to keep and wear one or two promising pieces yet but most of it can be taken apart for other things. The daisy necklace has quite a lot of stones missing. There are lots of length of chain which are always useful and some useful jewellery findings.

The most amazing thing happened at the fete. Several months ago I was looking high and low for a beautiful little soft leather Jewish Prayer Book that had been given to me by the cantor of a local synagogue, and when I couldn’t find it, I wondered if it could have been amongst a lot of stuff I got rid of when we moved house, thinking that I already had another one and probably didn’t need it, and being ruthless, gave it away or something. I was annoyed with myself because I really wanted it. At the end of the fete everything on the bric-a-brac was going for 10p and I wandered back to look, and there on the table was a seemingly identical little book, so I picked it up and said I’d have it. I was amazed that there could be an identical one, just waiting for me to claim it, as I’d never seen another one like it. I flipped through it, and out fell a little card my hubby had written for me! It was my own book after all! I must have given it to the lady who runs the stall every year, that summer when we were clearing things ready to move. I can’t get over what has happened, and that I’ve got it back again, and in such a strange way! I could so easily have missed it.

God is good. Life is good.

Talking of jewellery, yesterday we went on an outing to Teignmouth (which you can read about here) and we found a shop selling loads of fabulous ethnic jewellery, everything at half marked price! They were so incredibly cheap that I couldn’t resist. The sale is only on till the end of the week and my hubby says he’ll take me back either later today or on Friday – we found another shop as well, selling absolutely gorgeous ethnic boho-style clothing which is definitely my style and which I haven’t been able to shop for for ages. We didn’t have enough time today because we had to go back for the car, and it as most frustrating having to walk away without even going in. I hope I’ll have some photos of further purchases to show you soon!

Here are the two necklaces I bought yesterday.

I’ve also been doing some knitting this week, working on an unfinished scarf from when I was having my chemo 3 years ago – one of my famous UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and there’s not much more to do now. Forgot to photograph it but there will be photos next time, or when it’s finished.

Our garden

This year’s sweet peas are now starting to flower, in the tubs along the garage wall where we always grow them. I adore sweet peas.

My hubby has finished painting the pedestal of the new sundial with sand and cement wash, and has also painted it with a coat of yoghurt which he says will encourage lichens etc. to grow on it and age it a bit. It’s looking lovely now, if a bit pale, and the kitties thought the yoghurt was a good idea too, and started licking it off!

I’ve turned the sundial so it now reads the correct time. Our friend yesterday said that he expected my hubby would be getting up in the night to check the time… haw haw haw!!!


I made some more sourdough bread this week, and used my new bannetons complete with their fabric liners for the final proving (which I got on Ebay this week).

Unfortunately the bread came out like two flying saucers this time. It always spreads quite a lot when I tip it onto the baking sheet, and I think the dough is too wet. More experimenting is required.


More fun and games from Lily and Ruby.

Evidence of their first kill?

Feathers all over the lawn… Lily had a distinctly wild and furtive look, tinged with guilt. Ruby looked her usual sunny self. So we think we know who the culprit was. No evidence indoors, thank goodness.

They’ve been trying out new places to sleep, most of which look pretty uncomfortable to me. After the microwave in the flat, which is now out of favour, came my hubby’s desk.

Waking up?

Noooo… back to sleep again. (Lily really is a little dormouse…) Ruby on top of her as usual.

Ruby says, “I do love my sister!” She often washes Lily, who rarely repays the compliment. Lily is definitely Alpha Cat.

Relaxing again. Ruby says, “These lumpy things are really quite comfortable to lie on.” Really?

The favourite place of the moment is definitely my upstairs trolley. My hubby has christened them the Trolley Dollies. Here they are again.

When they really go off to sleep, bits start to hang over the edge – various legs and tails etc. I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember that Esso petrol advert in the 1960s, “I’ve got a tiger in my tank”? There was a craze at school for the free tiger tails you could get at the petrol station, and we all hung them on our school bags. They hung down limply, and our kitties’ tails are just like that – lift them up and drop them, and they are completely lifeless! We’ve never had such laid back and relaxed kitties. “I’ve got two tigers on my trolley.”

I have to disturb them every night when I go up because I need my trolley to push my stuff along to the bedroom. I get squeaks of protest, but a little cuddle always elicits a purr, however grudgingly. They are very forgiving!

Finally, they were out all day again the other day (as usual) and it rained. Ruby managed to get her back half really wet but the front was completely dry – I can’t imagine what she was doing! I wonder if she fell in the fountain.

Their fur is almost white underneath. The stripes are all on the surface.

Today it is wet. We’ve left the back door open (although they do know how to use the cat flap) to give them the option to come in if they want. They are both sitting outside the back door – it’s as if they don’t like being wet, but on the other hand they can’t bear to come in because they love the garden so much!

Have a great week everybody. I’m hoping this frenetic busy-ness will end soon because I’m desperate to get back in the studio and start playing again.


  1. So much of interest here - looks as if you got some lovely things at the fete. I love sourdough bread - making me feel hungry thinking about it. Thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #15 x

  2. Hi Shoshi, great post! Love all the kitty stuff, ats always seem to get comfortable in the most unlikely places! That little book was clearly meant to return to you. Love the jewellery pieces, you can buy small stones that you could replace the missing ones with if you wanted. I bought lots that I made earings out of, and you can get all sorts in a wide range of sizes. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #2 XxX

  3. What a lovely finds you show here Shoshi and what a miracle you found your own book again! And yoghurt on the pedestal, really? Never heard of that but I had to laugh when you wrote the kitties licked it. Wonderful photos of them by the way! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #22

  4. Lovely post and the Fete sounded very English. Too hot here to go out after noon. Your kitties are so beautiful and know they are loved.
    Monica #30 we are bot

  5. How wonderful to visit the fete in your old town. You got some beautiful pieces, and that prayer book was an unbelievable find. Amazing how life puts you in the right spot at the right time.

    Those kitties are STILL so adorable. I always adore seeing their antics and the fun things they get into. How odd the stripes are only on the top hairs. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  6. Hi Shoshi. Goodness - what a busy week. Love the finds at the fete! Especially the prayer book - a real example of redemption - once I was lost but now am found - bought back! Yes, it's me who hangs their DST on a mug tree. I have two - and they are usually fairly full - but currently have a number of empty arms - I think I feel a craft show coming on!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  7. The kitties look like they are having fun and keeping you amused. Love the idea of using a mug tree for tape - I always seem to be losing my tapes! Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#38)

  8. It's amazing how that book came back to you - almost unbelievable! Love the two necklaces - as beautiful works of art - but I wouldn't be able to wear them - they look very heavy. You're not taking these apart, are you - only the ones you bought at the fair? That's a good idea. actually - you can use them in all sorts of projects! Kitties look so cute - funny how Ruby grooms Lily, but not the other way around. Those feathers on the lawn - so sad when they feel the need to kill other animals. Oreo killed two birds this afternoon and brought them into the house - we only saw the corpses. I'm not talking to him now. He's so cruel! But I guess, he can't help himself. Hope things will get less busy for you now and you can return to your studio soon to create again.

  9. Happy Belated WOYWW. Firstly, a wet day!! We are desperate for rain here, and just seen the forecast saying that at least another 10 dry days for Wales. The grass has nearly stopped growing, and hubby started feeding the cows silage today (this is feed meant for winter, so we will have to make more than we planned, or will have to source hay - which will be more expensive this year, as all the other farmers are in the same boat). After the horrible winter, we really could have done with an easy summer. Amazing that you found your little prayer book. How precious. Milky, our house cat, kills a lot of smaller creatures - several per day. We have to have the catflap turned to only allowing her to go out, or she does bring them in the house. She is the opposite to you too. Insists on really comfy sleeping areas, and has many beds/blankets around the house, plus her own bedroom (which is our dressing room, but she has a single bed in there with a duvet on top). Perhaps it is because she is often sore from the injuries she had back in 2009 (she is full of metal). We love to spoil her - she is 11 now. Ali x #27

  10. No wonder you haven't done much in your studio - what a hectic time you've been having. I love the story of your little prayer book coming back to you, how incredible. I also love the necklaces you found - both the beautiful ethnic ones which are absolutely stunning and your ones from the fair that might be re-conditioned - all of them are great finds. The kitties really are a couple of little characters and always raise a smile, they must be great fun to live with!
    Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for your visit,
    Diana x

  11. Hi Soshi! First off, I am just in love and in awe of how close your kitties are. They are seemingly inseparable. Just love them! Gorgeous necklaces. Hmm hadn't thought about a mug tree for washi. Would be a great way to keep my most used ones handy.. though I fear my desk is already crowded with things I feel I need to keep close LOL Creative Blessings and hugs - Kelly #29

  12. A handful of useful things purchased from the Fete as they say one persons trash is another persons treasure. Glad to see you are already putting it to good use.
    I say the hanging tape tree too, it's an Idea I think I may adopt if ever I get an area of my own to call my creative space.
    That Junk Jewellery is amazing, I always find pieces with missing stones so interesting and try of think of ways to fill those vacant spaces. Have fun playing and recreating with it all.
    It was fate that the book should return to you, I love hearing of stories just like these.
    Thank you for sharing WOYWW Creative wishes Tracey xx
    P.S Sorry i'm on a real go slow this week..


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