Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 1: Our Arrival

Well, we've made it and are now in Kent on our hols. For the first time on holiday, we've got Internet access - WiFi at no added charge, which is just great.

We had a long drive up - with a lunch break and then a half-hour stop so my hubby could have a sleep - it took us 8 hours. When we arrived I was totally shattered. I did sleep quite a bit on the journey. I've overdone it these past few days getting ready to go away etc. When we arrived I just collapsed on the bed and had to good rest - my feet were quite swollen and it was really nice to get off the car seat which really isn't too comfortable for long journeys and awful not being able to put one's feet up.

Our B & B is way out in the country on the North Downs of Kent, nearest place Sittingbourne. As country-dwellers this suits us fine. It's wonderfully quiet. The house is Victorian. Our room is a modern weatherboard extension on the ground floor with wheelchair access - the bathroom is en suite with a wet room shower, grab rails, support thing round the loo and a really nice shower stool, and also a non-slip floor. Apparently a previous owner had a disabled son and had the extension and adaptations built, and it's a good selling point for the B & B owners to have disabled facilities. It is all beautifully appointed, bright and clean. We've got a TV and loads of tea making stuff and a very pretty iron bed. The car is parked right outside so my hubby hasn't had to hump loads of stuff upstairs. He's really tired after all that driving, so we've agreed for both our sakes to have a fairly quiet day tomorrow and not do anything toooo adventurous!

01 Our B & B - N
Here's a link to their website:


For anyone with a disability looking for a nice quiet place to stay in Kent, this is ideal.
The approach to the B & B was by lots of narrow lanes (also just like home but at least you can see the view, which you can't over our high banks). Surrounding us are orchards full of fruit trees laden with blossom - quite beautiful and also unexpected!

05 Fruit Orchard 1

We saw our first oast house today.

01 Oast House

We came up on the A303 which is nicer than the motorway (it goes really close by Stonehenge!), and everywhere the May blossom is just starting, and there are primroses and daffodils and bluebells everywhere. This is simply the best time of year, and certainly the best for hols!

We joined the motorway just before the M25 (nightmare - sooo glad I don't have to go on that every day!!) and then country roads again.

I gave my hubby a Tom Tom satnav for an early birthday present and it was incredible. He's chosen a woman's voice (called Jane) and she gave very good clear directions all the way.

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