Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 2: Tenterden and Hastings

We were supposed to be having an easy, restful day today. My hubby took me to see a National Trust house in Tenterden - where the Victorian actress Ellen Terry lived. It was an ancient, timber framed house without a straight line in it - the floors were all up and down with little steps between the rooms - not exactly accessible but with a few bumpy wheelies I was able to manoeuvre around downstairs and saw all the incredible collection of theatrical artefacts, and then staggered upstairs and around the rooms up there on my crutches, where the floors were more like mountaineering! I was pretty tired after that, as you can imagine...

03 Smallhythe Place 2

Eventually we managed to find a rather indifferent pub lunch and made our way to Hastings. We're great Foyle's War fans and wanted to explore some of the sites but couldn't find his house, which was disappointing... We had a "stroll" along the lovely sea front and then decided to come home.

That was when the fun with Jane started. I've been calling her "Mrs. Tom Tom." She's got a personality of her own, to go with her pawsh accent! I think my hubby confused her by giving her two "homes" - he decided to put our B & B as "home" so she'd direct us safely back each day, but somehow he didn't delete the "real" home, and we found ourselves being directed back to Devon - via the M25!!!

The trouble is, every time my hubby changes something on Mrs. Tom Tom, he manages to touch the screen when he puts her back on the windscreen and heaven knows what changes he's made!

I think the main problem is that she's a jealous so and so. First of all, she got really miffed when she saw him looking at the map, so she decided to get her own back. Then she was really annoyed because he didn't take her out for lunch.

He inadvertently silenced her at one point and she was Not Pleased to have her voice stopped! She hates being ignored...

I can see this is going to develop into an Interesting Relationship.

By the time we got back it was nearly 9 p.m. and I was exhausted - swollen feet again, and aching bum and legs - that car seat is not comfortable for long trips! My hubby is also exhausted after all the driving. (I knew it was too much to hope for to have a quiet day immediately after our arrival - my hubby likes to fill every moment - real action-packed stuff!)

We've seen more oast houses today than we can count! They are so attractive... Also such pretty houses - I had no idea there was so much weather-boarding, and lots of simply gorgeous timber framed houses which are just bursting with character. And the blossoms... Everywhere there are flowers. We had such lovely weather today and it was like the Garden of Eden.

07 Timber-Framed House 
If Mrs. Jane Tom Tom misbehaves herself tomorrow she'll get a smacked botty.

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