Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 3: Chartwell

We got to Chartwell eventually, but with not enough time to do everything I wanted, but we got round the house which was simply great! I was able to use the Rolls Royce downstairs and its flowers and lights delighted all the stewards who were so friendly and lovely. Then I staggered up the stairs and there was an iron-maiden-type wheelchair there that I could use (really made me appreciate my own set of wheels!) and I'm so glad I made the effort, because one room was full of all sorts of wonderful things that people had given Churchill over the years, from all over the world. He did get given an awful lot of cigar boxes! We also saw all the different uniforms he wore in his various capacities through his long life, and there was a case displaying all his hats! He did have a lot of hats, both literally and figuratively. There were loads of his paintings all round the house, and in one room, on a table beside his armchair, was a cigar box and a large cigar laid on an ashtray. I felt for all the world that he might walk in any moment.

By the time we came out there was only time to go to the loo and a very brief visit to the shop before they closed. My hubby kept saying "can you see anything you like/want to buy?" and I told him that with that sort of chivvying I could do no serious shopping at all, which made the shop lady laugh! (Why do men and women have such totally different approaches to shopping???) I don't know about you but I can't shop under pressure!

We didn't get to see the gardens which was disappointing. I was also very exhausted by the time we got back to the car (although they let us park close by) and I again went right off to sleep on the way back. My hubby was also very tired. I had a bit of a go at him this evening for trying to do too much - he needs to rest on this holiday too, as he's been very tired recently, also not helped by his sleep apnoea problems.

I suggested it would be best if we tried to do only one thing per day, and take it at our leisure, rather than dashing from A to B like wild banshees! He's doing all the driving, and loading the car etc. as well as working out what we are going to do and planning the itinerary, and it's a lot.

Mrs. Tom Tom behaved a bit better today, except that she tried to direct us onto the M25 via an "authorised vehicles only" road which wasn't a proper slip road, which would have been very unsafe to attempt! (If the police caught us at it, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate being told "Mrs. Tom Tom told us to do it.") She got a bit miffed when we turned round and went in completely the wrong direction for a while, through the next village till we were sure she'd pick up and direct us sensibly (which she did). We could almost hear the petulant tone as she repeated "turn around when possible"!! She didn't throw any hissy fits today, though.

One of my Brainfog Forum friends suggested my hubby now had "another woman"! I told her I wasn't sure about that - Mrs. Tom Tom is quite bossy, and he's very anti "bossy women" and often misconstrues things that I say as being bossy (Moi??? As if I would... ) Perhaps I will have a fiddle with it one day and find the sexiest male voice I can and see how he reacts!!! (I'd have to find one that said "crawss the roundabout" like she does, though!)

I didn't manage to take many photos today except for some sheep and lambs.

02 Sheep and Lamb 1

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow.

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