Thursday, 29 April 2010

Our Kent Holiday–Day 4: Leeds Castle

Today we went to Leeds Castle and it was the most, most, most fantastic day out! If you get the chance, do go. It's nothing short of magnificent, with so much to see.

22 Entrance Gate

All the stewards and staff were so charming and helpful and friendly, and we had some good laughs - they had a little "land train" to take the likes of us from the car park to the castle and the driver was a delight.

Unlike the National Trust, and any other stately home we've visited come to that, Leeds Castle allows you to take photos inside, so you can imagine how much snapping I did! It was truly magnificent and full of beauty and interest, surrounded by incredible views.

117 Lake

In the grounds were beautiful gardens with so many tulips out, and beds edged with box hedges which smelt delicious with the sun on them. There were lakes filled with geese, ducks, and swans both white and black, and fields beyond with sheep and lambs. There is also an aviary filled with exotic birds and I managed to photograph quite a few of those.

124 Culpepper Garden Tulips

135 Pergola

169 Sleeping Mallards

The castle was the home of Lady Bailie, who loved birds, and there is evidence of this throughout the house, and of course her famous aviary.

152 Crane in Aviary

80 Bird Sconces in Lady Baillie's Bedroom

Here are some more pictures of the inside of the house, which you can see is so beautiful, and filled with treasures.

37 Large Bed in Queen's Room

This is the Henry VIII Banqueting Hall and you can see his portrait hanging over the fireplace.

53 Portrait of Henry VIII in Banqueting Hall

113 The Inner Hall and Stone Staircase

We had lunch in a converted barn with all the wood exposed - very attractive, and good food too. After spending the afternoon in the grounds, we went to the shop, and as we came out, one of the peacocks strutted his Stuff in front of a couple of totally uninterested females - all that effort, shimmering and trembling loveliness, and they were more interested in pecking bits out of the dirt! I got some super photos of him, and he performed for a rapt audience of humans when he realised his ladies weren't interested, and he turned round and around and enjoyed everyone telling him how beautiful he was!

177 Peacock with Indifferent Mate

176 Peacock Front View

179 Peacock Head Detail Front View

We met some lovely people today - several struck up conversations because of the flowers on my Rolls Royce, and we met a super elderly couple who live nearby and who visit Leeds Castle regularly. We were very impressed that our tickets lasted 12 months! Pity we prob won't be coming back to Kent during that time though. It certainly would be a good deal if you lived locally. I got in at disabled rate and my hubby got in free as my carer (as often happens when we go out), so it was a terrific deal for us.

It was such a good day. Knocked me out, though, so I slept in the car again on the way back. Again my feet and ankles got really swollen during the afternoon, but better after I got my feet up again. I spend so much time with my feet up that I don't think they are used to being in "normal" sitting or standing positions!! It was also rather hot. I wish I'd brought my flight socks with me.

Mrs. Tom Tom was very well behaved today and didn't lead us astray.

Not sure where we're going tomorrow. All being well, we've still got Dover Castle, Canterbury and one or two other places lined up before we return home, and we have also arranged to meet some friends from Brainfog. Can't wait for that!

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