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I’m afraid there’s nothing changed on my desk from last week! I simply haven’t had the opportunity to spend any time in my studio this week. Anyone who has visited my blog since last week will know that Mum had a TIA and we had to spend some considerable time at the hospital with her. I’m happy to report that after an overnight stay, she’s made an almost complete recovery, although her balance is slightly worse than before. I have been busy with two visits from the community team – I am amazed how quickly the system swung into action and therapists were sent to assess her at home. I have also been very tired after the experience and have been trying to rest, but with the fitting of the solar panels I’ve had a few early starts which isn’t terribly good news for me!

The electrician and his team were here yesterday connecting it all up, and the system started generating electricity immediately! We have a monitor attached to the consumer unit which broadcasts wirelessly to a small box connected to our broadband router, and I can go online and view a constantly-updating summary of the electricity we are consuming, what we are generating, and how much is being fed back to the grid. It even gives a weather summary for our postcode! Today was the first full day, and it was an interesting test, because I had the tumble drier on for 2 loads of towels, then I did over an hour’s ironing, and then my cleaning lady came and was running the vacuum cleaner, and I’ve done a bit of cooking. It was a fairly high-demand sort of day, and the sun was shining most of the day. We generated slightly over half the total consumption till the early evening, which is great, and uploaded 0.6 kWh to the grid! Amazingly, the panels were still generating electricity at 10 p.m., although at a lower level as dusk began to set in. I shall be interested to see what happens tomorrow, when we should be using a lot less power. Anyway, it has already proved that it is going to be saving us money long-term, as long as we are organised and use the high-demand stuff during the day as much as possible.

Diet news. I’ve moved my weigh-day from Monday to Sunday (so I can tell my friends at church how I’m getting on!). I refused to let myself get demoralised this time, but I was disappointed to see that I’d actually gained 4 lb last week! My only explanation is that we went out for a slap up meal the night before. Still, I have lost a total of 8 lb since I started, and I am sure this is only a temporary blip, and that the trend is generally downwards.

Talking of church, I was admitted to full membership on Sunday, with a lovely welcome from everybody, and some very nice things said about me up front – afterwards the minister said to me, “Embarrassing, isn’t it!!” I was given a lovely card, and was one of the people chosen at the end of the service to be given the flowers. They always have fresh flowers on the platform which are given away at the end – the last time I received them was on the first Sunday I attended. My hubby came with me which was lovely, and he mentioned that in the past I have sung in church. I was approached afterwards and asked if I could learn a new song for us to sing, and introduce it as a solo. It is a long time since I’ve played my guitar and was a bit tentative at first, but after my hubby found it in the loft, I managed to play a bit and was amazed that I remembered all the chords! With a bit of practice, and if I take a perching stool to rest against, I think I should be fine. I feel very much at home at this church, which is literally around the corner from where we live, and I can get there under my own steam in either the buggy or the wheelchair.

So many new and wonderful things since we moved here, including, or course, my fabulous new ARTHaven, and so much to look forward to now my hubby has retired. Life is good.

Have a great week, everybody, with lots of opportunity for creativity.


  1. Well, Shoshi, much going on in your neck of the woods! was very interested about solar as lots of folks are using it here too..
    We don't have have it .. but am sure you will find in a great benefit . Well done on joining a good church too that is always a blessing to have place to hear Gods word..
    .. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x no number yet!

  2. Good morning Shoshi, so much happening in your life.
    Well done for getting solar panels, they are great, I find it such fun that I can have dishwasher and washing machine on and according to our smart meter we are using no electricity at all because the panels are generating more than I am using.
    Hope your mum is fully recovered and that you can catch up on your sleep.
    Your church sounds wonderful, and it seems as if they are keen to use your God given talents to give Him glory.
    Bless you
    Chris #32

  3. Goodness it's all happening for you this week isn't it - I'm sorry to hear your mum had a TIA - I know a bit about them as my mum had several in her final years and each time is was quite distressing for everyone concerned but she always seemed to recover fairly quickly, although each time she'd never get quite back to as she had been before. It sounds like your mum's in good hands and hopefully her medication will help prevent any more. It's lovely that you've found a local church you are so happy with - it can be quite a challenge finding the right one when you move to a new area - and so handy that it's just round the corner. Keep going with the diet - it sounds like you're doing great but just had a blip as you said! Meals out are an occupational hazzard to dieters!
    Hope you have a good week, and hope your mum feels much better soon,

  4. What a lovely post to read!
    Not at all surprised you have not had much time for crafting - things have been rather busy for you and what talent! You never said (or I never read) about you being a singer too. How wonderful that you have found your church and how wonderful you are now going to embrace your new find in such a way that gives joy to everyone in the congregation. Good luck!
    Sorry to hear about your mum, hope things go better each day, it is such a worry.
    Take care - Hugs, Neet xx 29

  5. Glad to hear the solar panels are doing their stuff.. It's a great things to do! And don't worry about the gain, weight loss is a journey, complete with side roads and roundabouts! I think I'm stuck down a country lane somewhere that has grass growing in the middle of the road, lol!!!! But I'm plodding along :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  6. Interesting post about the solar panels. You must have more sun in Devon than the rest of UK! We checked them out as here in Texas there is sun ll the time. We finally thought the installation cost would take too long to make up. We should have installed a windmill!
    happy WOYWW
    Monica 59

  7. I'm sorry to hear you haven't had much time in your studio, but thrilled to hear your mother is doing well. Your solar panels sound like they're working great, which is something my wife and I have talked about installing in the future. I know how hard it is to be trying to loose weight, because I've been working on the same thing through exercising, so I'm glad you're moving on. Congratulations on your new church membership, as well as on picking up your guitar to sing there. I took piano for year when I was young, but haven't done anything with it for years. Happy WOYWW and Blessings, my friend!

  8. Hi Shoshi, sorry to read about your Mom, but pleased it is looking good now. The solar panels must be great, unfortunately, our roof is such( with dormers back and front) that we can't get enough on there to make it worthwhile. Maybe when the tech improves. Diest are like that- yo-yo-ing a bit in places, as you say, the thing is not to get disheartened at the first speed bump!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #64 xx

  9. Glad all is going better for your mum - the health professionals who come in to John are all great, too. It's wonderful to know you have this help on hand, isn't it? Glad you are now a member at your church - hope hubby is settling somewhere, too, now he is retired.
    Take care - don't overdo it - God bless.
    Margaret #13

  10. Sounds like you've had a full week Shoshi. Not surprising you didn't get much crafting done.
    Glad to hear you mum is on the mend.
    Have a lovely week
    Gillian #50

  11. That's good news that your Mum is making a great recovery! You sound busier now your husband is retired! #31

  12. Hi Shoshi sorry to hear about your Mum and I hope that she continues to recover well. The solar panels are obviously proving a great success. Glad you have found a church where you are so happy. I have been going to my church for over 40 years but cannot say that I feel happy or at home there.
    When I went to weigh in last week I had stayed the same - good after all I'd eaten but was still disappointed. I cannot see it improving next week either . Never mind I will keep on trying. Happy WOYWW Anne x #20

  13. Your life is obviously very busy at the moment, hope you get time to do some crafting soon.
    Take care and have a great week, Angela x #42

  14. You have had a busy week, Shoshi! Glad to hear that the solar panels are up and working splendidly and so is your Mum. The order of those two things should have been switched, of course, since Mum is far more important than the panels! Good job with the over-all weight loss and with finding a great fit in a nearby church! I hope you get to do a bit of crafting soon!!

    Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for visiting the Playhouse! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #18

  15. Hi Shoshi,
    What a lot is happening for you at the moment. It's not surprising your art has had to take a back seat for the moment. I always take something away to do and for a whole week (which is a treat), I will take a fair amount of stuff!
    Hope your Mum continues to be on the mend! And it sounds like you should take care and don't stress about the weight!
    RosA #1

  16. Hope your mum is in better health these days, what a trying time for you all but nonetheless, its good to have family around.
    Bridget #58

  17. Lot's happening with you, Shoshi! I'm so glad to hear your mom is recovering well and that your solar panels are working fine. Not to worry about the little weight gains. Just keep at it and I'm sure there'll be more losses than gains.
    How nice for you to find a faith home so close to your home. Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@73

  18. Glad your Mum's on the mend & really glad to support services jumped in as needed. Hopefully they'll continue supporting you all so take the pressure off a little.


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