Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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I can tell you in one word what’s on Shoshi’s workdesk this week – chaos! I do wish I was a tidier worker but the creative flow grabs me and I just dump stuff willy nilly so I can get on with the next bit. Fortunately in my new ARTHaven there’s plenty of space – and all-importantly, space to dry things.

I haven’t done anything in there for the past fortnight because it’s been such a busy time, and with Mum having her mini-stroke etc. I’ve been pretty exhausted and haven’t had the energy to be very creative. However, I realised today that I have a birthday card to make before Thursday so I thought I’d better get my skates on.

Here’s the main work area.

WOYWW 268a Main Work Area

From left to right at the back: a pot of puff binder which I recently got but haven’t tried yet, and which I may use on this project; gel mediums of all shapes and sizes, acrylic paints, distress stains, ink pads, brushes, gesso, bubble wrap printing block, some unmounted stamps and scraps of card. In the foreground, from right to left: the card base, which has been inked and spattered with acrylic paint. Centre; the main background for the card, with more spattering. On the left, an offcut of the purple card which I’ve used to clean my brushes, which has made a nice background for something or other. On the far left you can just see my small circles stencil.

Just behind the gel mediums on the left you can see a piece of kitchen paper maturing nicely with a bit of a build-up of blue paint. Although you can’t see it on the photo, it’s also quite shimmery (as are the card pieces on the desk) because I’ve been using quite a bit of iridescent gel medium today.

Across the corner, to the left of the main area, in front of my iMac you can see my Perfect Pearls palette, and some gems, sequins and stickles for the current project. My Cougar cutting machine, Sheba (sorely neglected species these days!) is peeping out from behind the iMac and some external hard drives and my drawing tablet. In front of the blind you can see how my current scratch paper is progressing, with the addition of a lot of blue today (which will be toned down by the next layer) and my purple box containing the pens I use for drawing.

WOYWW 268b Across Corner

The pull-out unit to the right of the main work area is a mess as usual. There are scanned photos on there for the recycled mini-album (resting on top) and the paper stacks for the album I’m making about Dad (on the back burner while I work on the recycled mini-album).

WOYWW 268c Pull-Out Unit

In front of the box of acrylic paints you can see some wrapping paper with butterflies on it, which will be used for the current project, and also the narrow strips of inked kitchen paper from a Dylusions playtime I had some time ago. It’s all resting on more used kitchen paper which is ready to be used as backgrounds in projects. Back on the main work surface, on top of the guillotine you can see my heat gun and palette, and the desk organiser has all my stencil brushes and sponge applicators in it.

Beyond, on the other side of the room, you can see my guitar, which is now seeing the light of day again after several years (don’t my fingers know it! They are quite sore!) and a pile of teabags on the sewing machine. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the teabag art again but the mini-album has to take priority at the moment. Hopefully there’ll be another post shortly, about the card I’m working on.

Told you it was a tip, didn’t I.

Happy WOYWW, everybody!


  1. Lots of fun going on here Shoshi well done on the realising of the birthday card needing to be made before the birthday passed .. not always the way I do it! :D
    Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x no number yet.

  2. A tip, Shoshi? No - a creative space!
    Take care. Trust your mum is doing better as each day goes by. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  3. Nah doesn't look that bad to me!! Isn't it funny no matter how much space we have to work in we do seem to fill it up! Intrigued by puff binding - is it a gel medium? Happy WOYWW Cindyx

  4. Your new ARThaven is looking so well organised and so well stocked - it my feel wonderful having all that space to work in and especially having a place to dry stuff! Puff binder - what on earth is that, and more importantly do I need it!!! I'm off to investigate! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #42

  5. I reckon that you need time out after dealing with your mum so enjoy just mucking around in the craft room. It doesn't have to be earth shattering, does it, just having your hands busy means your brain can relax. Good off you for picking up the guitar again!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  6. It does look like lots of good things happening in your space! Your space is a very busy space and very creative!
    Glenda #49

  7. We don't do tidy crafting either. Hope your mum is okay and recovering well.

    The house of bears @no.56

  8. Wow! So many great surfaces in your work/play room. I don't think I need you had so much spare to spread out and have fun in. I loved the tour of it all and how you have so many things going on all at once. Judy #71

  9. Thanks for talking us through your chaos. That is the state my desk is on today.

  10. You have so much on your plate, you are excused from crafting or having a clean desk.
    Praying for your mum and your family
    Bridget #3

  11. Thanks so much for the info on puff binder - I shall watch this space with baited breath as they say! It certainly sounds interesting!
    Diana x

  12. I hadn't noticed before how much desk space you have. Thanks for showing us round.
    Happy crafting and have a good week, Angela x #44


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