Monday, 11 May 2015

A Seahorse for Marlene

Great news, folks! Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse have returned at last from their extended holiday/absence without leave! Since my cancer diagnosis in mid-January, I have been so preoccupied and unsettled, and with my mind so full of it all, that I have not been able to focus on anything creative. Today I am really feeling a lot better – it is now over 6 weeks since my surgery, and although I still tire more easily than in my normal M.E. state, I do feel more myself. I am about to embark on six months of intensive chemotherapy and am determined to take advantage of those periods when I am feeling better in between.

Recently a friend of mine contacted me to say that she was exploring the idea of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and asked if we could swap. I was thinking perhaps I had an ATC in my stash that I could send her, but there was nothing suitable. She said she had done a seahorse one so I decided to do the same.

Her ATC arrived yesterday and I love the colour, and the addition of a little bling, which I am pleased to see how well the camera picked this up for once – it is usually really hard to capture sparkly surfaces!

05 ATC from Marlene

I decided to do another of my signature teabag stain ATCs. I’m afraid I didn’t remember to photograph the stain before I drew on it, but it was one on a sheet of watercolour paper that I used to dry teabags on – they leave such lovely marks.

I used a fine Faber Castell sepia pen to do the drawing, and added some Zentangles around the edge, and after completing the drawing, I cut it out around the outline.

01 Completed Drawing

I shaded the drawing with a brown pastel pencil and blended it with a paper stump.

02 Shading with Brown Pastel

I took one of my ATC blanks and inked the edges with Tea Dye distress ink.

03 Inking the Base Piece

I used Scotch Quick Dry adhesive to stick the drawing onto the back piece, and added a little more drawing around the edge.

04 Finished ATC

I wrapped the ATC in a scrap of tissue paper which I stamped with some of my seashell stamps, using sepia archival ink, and repeated this motif, adding a little seahorse, on the small cream envelope I chose to send Marlene her ATC in.

06 ATC Wrapped with Envelope

I included one of my little fans in with the ATC – I made a whole lot of these to go with ATCs for the last ATC swap I took part in. These were stamped with Versamark onto black card using one of my favourite fan stamps, and then brushed with dry Perfect Pearls, adding a little tie of ribbon on the handle.

Fan Tags to Accompany My ATC

I tied up the little parcel with some co-ordinating fancy yarn. I hope Marlene enjoys her ATC.

OK, so it’s a small start, but the creative block is down, and I am excited about getting back into my ARTHaven again. Watch this space – I hope it isn’t just a flash in the pan!


  1. Oh, I'm SO happy you were able to do some creating! It's awesome, too! Best wishes to you.

  2. Lucky Marlene. Your ATC is amazing. Three cheers for Mr Mojo and Mrs Muse. I'm so glad you feel like creating again.

  3. I'm so happy to see you getting creative again, and what a great start - your seahorse is absolutely beautiful, and I love how you use the paper that you dried the teabags on - I keep forgetting I want to do that and I lay them on kitchen roll each time, which isn't very nice as it has quilted patterns all over it!
    Good luck when you start your chemo,
    Diana x

    Diana x

  4. Great to see you back creating again! Long may it happen and be a good diversion for you when you start treatment!


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