Sunday, 10 May 2015

Norma’s 80th Birthday Party

Last night my hubby and I went to a party to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends. We first became friends in Plymouth over 20 years ago and we used to belong to the same church housegroup, and we’ve shared a lot over the years we’ve known each other.

After we moved we rather lost touch which was a great shame, but we recently got back in touch again, and I was delighted at the timing because she so wanted us to go to her 80th birthday party! The timing was also excellent for me, because I am now 6 weeks post-op and am doing well, but about to start 6 months’ chemotherapy and will most likely feel pretty poorly as time goes on, and this is like a little oasis of better health between the two stages of my cancer treatment! I was at my best to enjoy the evening to the full.

The party took place at the Dome on Plymouth Hoe which was a really lovely place. We had chosen from the menus previously.

As we arrived, here is the birthday girl!

01 Norma

This is Norma’s daughter, Sara. I haven’t seen her for years, and she looks exactly the same!

02 Sara

Sara with her son Isaac – she doesn’t look old enough to have an 18-year-old son, does she! Norma and I went up to Thornton Heath when Isaac was born, to celebrate his dedication at the Baptist church there, and I sang a solo during the service. I last saw him when he was about three! He has always been a very special boy.

03 Isaac and Sara

We had an excellent meal, and before the starter, and between courses, we were entertained by a magician. We were right up close and I kept my eyes fixed on his hands all the time, and I really couldn’t see how he did it! He was very skilled. He borrowed one of my rings and made it disappear, and then it appeared on his keyring in his pocket! He did tricks with ropes and cards, and was great fun and very entertaining.

This the pea and watercress soup that our friend Chris chose, which apparently was delicious! I loved the way everything was presented. Our place mats were made of slate (our friend Bob said we were having a night out on the tiles lol!), and this soup was served on a beautiful wooden board.

04 Pea and Watercress Soup

This is my starter, a smoked salmon terrine.

05 Smoked Salmon Terrine

For the main course I had a roast chicken breast, and for dessert I had sticky toffee pudding which was served with toffee ice cream and a delicious hot caramel sauce.

Here is Norma with her brother Derek, whom I also haven’t seen for many years. It really struck me this time how alike they are – he has exactly her manner of speaking and her mannerisms, and her smile! He told me how much she had missed me during the time we were out of touch.

06 Norma and Derek

Norma made a lovely speech and singled out several friends to give a special mention, including me!

07 Norma's Speech

Here is the beautiful cake which a friend had made for her. One cake was fruit, and the other sponge, and it was iced with a soft fondant icing.

08 The Cake

The cake being served at the table.

09 The Cake Cut

Now some photos of my Christian friends from years back when we lived in Plymouth. This is Chris.

10 Chris

Chris and me.

11 Me with Chris

Bob, Sue, Chris and me.

12 Bob, Sue, Chris and Me

My hubby had been seated next to me at the table, with Chris next to him on the other side, so he and Chris swapped so we could chat – I can sit and chat with my hubby any day of the week! I have attended many groups with these lovely people. Bob used to play the piano for us at many meetings – he is a professional musician. He and I led worship many times together. I met Sue with Norma at a group we both used to attend, and after the meal she and I had a marvellous talk.

It was such a blessing to catch up with all these folks again after so long! The years slipped away and we enjoyed a great time together.

I wish my dear friend Norma many happy returns of the day and every blessing! What a marvellous party it was.


  1. Hi Shoshi, it is good medicine for my heart to see you out enjoying life again. The birthday girl and her brother looked like very special people, so full of happiness and good cheer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Its nice to see you out and about Shoshi. I'm so glad you're doing well. I wish you luck with the next stage of your treatment.


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