Monday, 18 May 2015

“New Patient Talk” Appointment

Today I went for my pre-chemotherapy appointment in the day unit at the hospital. It’s a beautiful unit, very bright and airy, with attractive pale wood everywhere. We saw a specialist chemotherapy nurse who went through everything with us and told us what to expect.

On Wednesday afternoon I have a pre-assessment appointment with the radiologist in preparation for my appointment with him early on Friday morning, when he will install my port-a-cath under anaesthetic.

My chemo begins at lunch time on that day, Friday 22nd May. I will be having a treatment every three weeks for the next six months.

I have detailed this in full on my Cancer Diary page.

I now have only a few days of “normal” life before this ordeal begins, and I have done an online Tesco order this afternoon, so that tomorrow when it arrives, I can begin preparing some food ready to freeze, to have when I am not feeling well enough to do anything. I also have an order of wholefoods arriving in the next day or two, and shall be able to make delicious and appetising smoothies to see me through! I shall make another great pot of clear chicken soup, as I did before my operation.

I need to keep thinking positively about all this, and not to think of the stuff they are going to pump into me as “poison” (which, in actual fact, it is!) but as something very good, which is going to eliminate any possible remaining cancer cells in my body, and ensure that I have a long and reasonably healthy life from now on! The idea of six months of it is pretty daunting, but when I think that if I don’t go through this, and the cancer does reappear, I may end up with only six months, or less! After all, what is six months of one’s life, as long as I continue to have a life to live! My hubby continually says he is glad I had such a big operation, and glad that I am having the chemo, which may sound strange, but the alternative does not bear thinking about. I must be continually thankful that this amazing treatment is available for me, free of charge, and could be saving my life. This year may seem to be a washout, and all the plans I made at the end of last year have so far come to nothing, but if it simply means that they will take place next year, it really doesn’t matter.

This past week I have really started to feel better after my operation, and it’s a bit galling to think that just when I feel like doing things again and picking up the threads of my life once more, they are going to zap me down with chemo and make me feel dreadful!! This past week, I have been in my studio again, and in the evenings, having been doing Zentangles, working on more ATC-sized designs for my Zentangle sample album. I shall be uploading some photos soon. I have also made my hubby’s birthday card, and have his anniversary card to make, too, and if possible, a very belated Valentine card which I promised him!

So – those of you who pray – thank you for your wonderful prayers going up from the four corners of the globe, which have so far carried me through marvellously well, and I ask you to continue to pray! We will get through this. There is no way round it, over it, or under it. The only way through is through! I do pray that I shall be a good witness for the Lord by how I deal with it all, and that I don’t give my hubby a bad time.


  1. Its good to hear you being so positive Shoshi. Sending my best wishes to you and your hubby.

  2. Prayers will continue for you, Shoshi! Not fun, but like you said - better than the alternative.

  3. I'm not sure what type of chemo you'll be getting, but my first treatment was pretty uneventful - except for how wound up I was afterward! The steroids really had me amped up, but thankfully, my oncologist had warned me. I will say that not everything from chemo was a negative ... Because of the steroids, I stopped having any pain in the usual areas (my neck is a mess, but this was the first time I'd been pain free for years!). Send me your address and I will make you a chemo quilt to give you comfort during your treatments. Take care!

  4. ah dear Shoshi so glad of the update and ray this treatment is totally efficacious in every single way for long term goal... yes we are blessed to live where we do, so many blessings upon us really.
    big hugs and many blessings of the LORD be upon you and all who care for you each and every step of the way dear friend,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  5. Hi Shoshi.Just read through your last three posts - haven't been on the computer much recently, so have only been catching up with folks occasionally!! We wish you every blessing as you go forward into the next stage of your treatment. How precious it is to know that Father God is there in it with us. He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us - WOW!!!! Some promise to take into the treatment rooms, hey?
    Trusting N is getting rest as he, too, prepares for this next step. Give him our love.
    Glad you managed a day out together, and managed to do some crafting. Take each day as it comes - in fact, try each half hour as it comes.... it's how we are getting through.
    Take care. Love to you both.
    God bless.

  6. You are amazingly positive about the next six months and I'm sure that will be a help to you. Praying for you and hubby at this time and that your mum settles in her care home. Xx


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