Thursday, 16 July 2015

Final Two Lavender Sachet Boxes

Warning: LOTS of pictures!

Today I had a lovely morning meeting up with my two friends whom I met while we were all in hospital together. We were all very pleasantly surprised to see how well we each looked! Only one of them is undergoing chemo as I am – the other’s cancer was sufficiently confined for her not to need it. The one who is having chemo has the same oncologist as me, and she has her treatments on the Mondays following my Fridays; we are receiving the same infusion and are at the same stage on our journey, so we can compare notes and support each other along the way. Like me, she has had her dose reduced, and is feeling the benefit of that. We had such a lovely chat and laugh together over a cup of coffee, and I gave them the little gifts I had made for them.

I had two lavender sachets remaining from when I made them for my fellow chemo-ites on the day unit, and decided they would be for my two friends, so I needed to make little boxes for them. I am so pleased to be feeling so much better this week, and yesterday I spent the evening in my ARTHaven working on the two boxes, and managed to complete them in time.

Both are made from watercolour paper which is great when you are likely to be using a lot of water, because it is designed to take this level of punishment without disintegrating. It is also heavy enough to make a nice sturdy little box. For both, I used clear embossing as a resist, and different Distress Inks, with a combination of blending with Inkylicious Ink Dusters, blending pads, and smooshing with water, to give a nice random effect.

36 Blue and Green Boxes End View

The Green One

I smooshed the outside and inside of the box using Evergreen Bough distress ink on my non-stick craft sheet, spritzed with water, and pulling the piece through the ink to get a good random effect, drying in between and repeating until I got the result I wanted.

01 Smooshing with Evergreen Bough

02 Smooshing Inside with Evergreen Bough

Then I heat-embossed the pieces, using a stamp from my new Chocolate Baroque set called “Harlequin Fragments” using clear embossing powder. I did not put the stamp on an acrylic block but used it unmounted because I didn’t mind it having a less defined look. I stamped once on each of the four flaps.

03 Clear Embossing and Pine Needles

04 Choc Baroque Harlequin Fragments Stamps

To bring out the resist, I inked the piece using Pine Needles distress ink.

05 Clear Embossing and Inking Complete

For the inside, I repeated the process, but this time used silver embossing powder. I chose a stamp from my Floral Doodle Dallions set by Stamp attack for a motif for the centre of the box.

06 Silver Embossing on Inside

07 Silver Embossing on Inside Complete

The final step was to distress the edges of the inside and outside of the box, using Forest Moss distress ink and a blending pad. This added a slightly yellower green to the mix because it was too blue and didn’t match the lavender sachet so well.

08 Distressing Inside with Forest Moss

09 Detail of Inside

10 Outside Distressed with Forest Moss

The finished green box.

11 Green Box Completed Side View

12 Green Box Completed End View

13 Green Box Open

14 Green Box Half Open with Sachet

The green sachet.

15 Green Sachet

The Blue One

I began by covering the entire surface of the outside with Tumbled Glass distress ink, using an Inkylicious Ink Duster.

16 Inking with Tumbled Glass

The stamps for this were from the Stampin’ Up Papillon Potpourri set. I chose a larger and a smaller butterfly, and again, stamped with Versamark and clear-embossed the images to create a resist. I chose another stamp from the Floral Doodle Dallions set for the centre.

17 Clear Embossing Outside of Blue Box

The next colour of ink to be added, again with the Inkylicious Ink Duster, was Salty Ocean.

18 Inking with Salty Ocean

The final colour was Faded Jeans.

19 Inking with Faded Jeans

Once this was done, I wasn’t entirely happy with the result, which looked a little flat and boring, so I decided to have some fun with it, and experiment with coarse sea salt. I spritzed the surface well with water until it was very wet, and sprinkled the coarse grains of salt randomly over the surface and left it to stand for a few minutes.

20 Sea Salt

Then I dried it gently with my heat gun, holding it well back so as not to re-melt the embossing, and so that the piece did not curl up and dislodge all the salt grains. I spritzed it again, and repeated the process. This was the result. A lot more interesting, I think you will agree.

21 Sea Salt Completed

For the inside, I again began with Tumbled Glass distress ink, covering the entire surface but not going for too even an effect.

22 Inking Inside with Tumbled Glass

This was followed by patches of Salty Ocean distress ink.

23 Inking Inside with Salty Ocean

Finally, Faded Jeans. Again, keeping it fairly blotchy.

24 Inking Inside with Faded Jeans

I then repeated the process with the sea salt.

25 Sea Salt on Inside

You get gorgeous swirls and patterns with it, and darker spots around the place where the salt grain was.

26 Detail of Completed Sea Salt on Inside

To complete the inside of the box, I added some silver gilding flakes, being careful not to cover up all the patterns from the sea salt.

27 Gilding Flakes on Inside

As a finishing touch, I went around the edges of both the inside and the outside of the box with a silver gel marker.

28 Silver Line on Outside

29 Silver Line on Inside

The finished blue box.

30 Blue Box Completed Side View

31 Blue Box Completed End View

32 Blue Box Open

33 Blue Box Half Open with Sachet

The blue sachet. On both sachets I have used little embellishments recycled from other things. In this case, the two little discs of abalone shell came from a cannibalised necklace I bought once at a village fete.

34 Blue Sachet

The Two Boxes, Complete

35 Green and Blue Boxes End View

Both my friends were very thrilled with their little gift! For the one having chemo, I slipped one of my lavender chemo cards inside.

Individual Card to Go in Box


  1. Shoshi, those lavender boxes are just so lovely.Who wouldn't want to get one!!
    Judy x

  2. Great techniques Shoshi and such beautiful results. The inside is as lovely as the outside.

  3. Wonderfull Shoshi, very nice Sachets. I Like it.


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