Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Not a lot going on on my workdesk at the moment. After my third chemo treatment last Friday, when they reduced the dose by 10%, I wasn’t feeling too bad at all over the weekend, and managed to complete a card I needed to make, but on Monday I started to feel progressively worse, and yesterday and today I haven’t managed to do a thing – feeling completely flattened, nauseous on and off (despite the meds for that), weird sensations in my hands and a horrible taste constantly in my mouth. Also I can’t keep awake and keep dropping off on the settee while I’m trying to watch DVDs. This is NOT FUN. I know I’ve got to get through it, and I will… but it’s getting a bit frustrating not being able to do things when I’m on fire to be creative at the moment! I can’t even draw or knit. At least I’ve been able to get some inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube etc. for my various projects once I’m able to do them again. After the next treatment, on 24th July, I will be half way through and that should make me feel a bit better about my progress, hopefully.

Anyway, I can show you my desk – it has been posed a bit because I can’t show you the card until it’s been sent off in a few days’ time so all you get is a sneak peek!

WOYWW 318 8 July Annotated

You’ll also have to wait and see what the “funny stuff” is and what’s under the masterboard! At least my paint water is clean. So it should be. It hasn’t been used. Duh.

Happy WOYWW everybody.


  1. So sorry that you're not feeling any better this week. Looking forward to seeing your card finished and sending.
    love to you. Barb#16 xx

  2. OhShoshi, a, sorry that you're poorly, maybe you should just go with your body if it needs to sleep, let it. Pro lay best for you.
    It is frustrating though, none the less, feeling for you in it all, and pray it is really doing this job and won't be too hard to cope with... God bless you dear Shoshi.
    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x #5

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  3. Hi Shoshi , pleased to see you managed to join but sorry you are still not feeling so good, you are always so positive so Looking forward to seeing the funny stuff
    Jan no 31

  4. I am not bothered about seeing your staged desk, it is just good to know that you are around albeit not feeling well. So sorry to hear that but I know my friend Liz, who has just finished her 6 chemo sessions and is now on 15 radio's, suffered a lot. Just take each day as it comes and if you can only pop on and say "hello" each Wednesday I am sure no-one will mind. You concentrate on getting through all of this and coming out good the other side.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  5. Hey Sweet Lady! Time I got around and visited a few folks again. Take the rest time. Your body needs this. Enjoy the time to cruise Pinterest (I'm colormuse if you want to find me) and youTube. Soon you won't have time for that sort of nonesense. You'll be too busy making your own. Gentle Healing Hugs!

  6. Hi Shoshi, I know exactly what you mean about the nasty taste! And not being able to drink anything cold for the first week. Even my usual goto, of bitter lemon, didn't mask the taste. Even worse is that you're supposed to drink lots of fluids to help get the stuff out of your system- I just hope coffee counts, lol. Sitting watching craft vids was my pastime too, it's a real shock how tired this makes you, isn't it? Just seems so strange. I can vouch for it taking a goodly while to improve too, unfortunately. I know they say up to 12 months, but you at first find that hard to believe, but now I'm guessing they are not far wrong. Hope you are feeling a bit better now, its horrible just starting to feel ok, then getting blatted again! Love & Hugs to you both, Shaz xxxx

  7. So sorry to hear you are feeling bad again, it's a real roller coaster journey isn't it. Hopefully you'll begin to pick up again soon and get back to some crafting - the positive side being that at least you are feeling fired up and full of ideas! Keep those thoughts and I'll be looking forward to seeing what magic you create when you are back in full flow!

  8. The funny stuff looks like something you definitely want to keep away from cats! That is my excuse for not using fibers anymore and forgetting they are in a huge bin the closet--cats. You can blame most anything on cats, or at least my hubby does. Dinner missing from plate? Cats! Pile of barf on the floor? Cats! Global warming? Cats!

    Sorry to hear you are getting run down and feeling so poorly. Rest up as you never know when that burst of energy will hit. Judy #47

  9. I am so hoping you will begin to feel like your old self again soon. This is the hard part and I know you feel frustrated but don't give in or give up! Be strong and know that we are all thinking of you!

  10. So sorry, I forgot to give my name and number for my comment. Glenda #33!

  11. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so worn out all the time, hope it passes and this will soon just be a dim memory. Take care Ali #12

  12. Ooh you little teaser!! Love to see those angels emerging.I have started on some Molly Fitz type dolls, and can't wait to do more.I am up early each day wanting to get stuck into them.
    I can't imagine what it's like on chem.I can only hope it gets better soon. My thoughts are with you.

  13. For a relatively busy desk it's pretty tidy! Your masterboard look pretty cool. I hope you get to feeling better. Blessings!
    Carol N #38

  14. Hi Shoshi, love the masterboard and look forward to seeing the card.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  15. Hang in there dear friend. Do what you can with what you do have. for now that will have to be acceptable. Your get-up-and-go will return. Okay, really do want to know what that funny stuff is! Diane #39

  16. When my Father-in-law was going through chemo he would eat ginger candy and that seemed to help with the nauseousness (spelling probably wrong, but you get the idea). It's worth a try. Be strong. You can do this! It might be hard, but you will soon be half way through it. :-)
    April #50

  17. Hi Shoshi, sorry you're not feeling the best but hang in there, your body is in charge and you just rest and repair even when the mind wants to be elsewhere... keep being inspired and make plans. Hugs and sending you smiles RobynO#11

  18. Oh I hope you get on the other side of this really soon I know what it's like when you want to play and don't feel well enough I turned to YouTube and view view View. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier Hope you're up and about soon and able to play Peg R

  19. It sounds like you are really going through the mill Shoshi, just take it easy and rest up. I hope you can keep positive and hopefully the burst of energy will come back soon. Then you can have some fun and creativity.
    Best wishes to you :D

  20. Keep going girl! You're nearly half way! I know what you're going through. It really is yuck
    You're keeping us in suspense with this peep of your desk. I'm guessing the funny stuff might be angel hair or something to do with the angel you are making. Can't wait to see her/him...
    Thanks for visiting.
    I'm sorry, I'm ever so late in commenting!
    Have a good week,

  21. I am so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling. I am sending prayers and hugs as I type this! I am amazed that you did this post, and came around and visited me earrlier! I hope these comments from your friends cheer you up. Hang in there! Love,

  22. Well you have piqued my interest...funny stuff, a sneak peak....hmmm what will it be? Thanks for popping by my desk. Vikki #53

  23. Your seahorses look great, wonder what you've been using a screwdriver for:) Wishing the best for you with the chemo, horrid that medicine makes one feel so sick! Thanks for your visit, happy belated woyww.

  24. Sorry you are still feeling rubbish - hope it goes soon. Fab mile stone to look forward to - half way though - all good and nearer to the end of it after that xxx Shame to cant creat but you need to rest to be strong - so dont worry about dropping off xxx Take care xx Soojay 13

  25. I hope you feel better soon, rest up now and once you are feeling better do your creative stuff.

  26. Sending you positive healing thoughts and gentle hugs (((Shoshi))). Hope your next chemo goes ok and you don't feel so bad afterwards.

    You are teasing us with the little sneak peak:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #22

  27. Hi, Shoshi. My sister went through all of that with her chemo too. Hang in-- this too shall pass difficult as it is right now. I saw your comment on Lindsay's gelli plate video. I used the recipe without the rubbing alcohol and it made a perfect gelli plate. 😊. Looking forward to seeing what's under that master board....
    Nann4. #35

  28. Oh, if I lived closer I would bring over a big stack of art books for you to borrow while you're in treatment. Then you could lay back and rest while dreaming up new ideas for when your energy comes back to you . . . and it will! Keep that in mind . . . thinking positive can carry you a long way.
    God Bless.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  29. Chemo affects people so differently, doesn't it? I'm so sorry you've been knocked sideways by it, Shoshi....I guess all you can do us keep doing what keeps you've been doing.....and one day soon, the crafting bug will bite again.
    Sending big squishy hugs and positive vibes,
    LLJ 9 xxx

  30. Sorry to hear about your treatments, keep strong and wishing you the best.

    Hugs Diane


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