Wednesday, 22 July 2015


My desk today has on it the remains of the project I completed yesterday – a faux leather masterboard.

WOYWW 320 22-7 Annotated

As usual, I haven’t put stuff away after I finished, but then, if I had, all you’d see would be a bare desk. I don’t know why, but I’ve often just finished something when it’s time for WOYWW!

You can see the masterboard on the craft mat. Here’s a better picture of it.

20 The Completed Masterboard

I’ve got a bit of a deadline on to make several projects, none of which I can show you until the recipients have received them, but the faux leather is definitely going to be used for one of them. At the end of last week, I did a mixed media project which I also can’t show you… I haven’t even got a sneak peak of that!

Resting on top of the masterboard on my desk is a plastic box with some acrylic paints in it. I mentioned to my hubby last night that I’d used up practically a whole tube of burnt umber, painting 2 A3 sheets for faux leather with 3 coats of paint, and I’d have to order some more, and he said he had some acrylics somewhere which he didn’t want. Someone gave them to him but he does watercolours. He dug them out and there’s a nice lot of burnt umber, as well as some other colours, but I still need to order some more paints.

You can also see the three tubes of acrylics on the left of the masterboard, that I used to paint it. Further to the left (mostly out of shot, you will be glad to hear) is the same untidy pile of stuff waiting to be put away! I hate putting things away. It’s a very boring task. Eventually I can’t stand the mess any more and then I get down to it.

Still not put away are the distress inks I used for my last project (which is still secret). Beside those are the gel medium and acrylic wax (also not yet put away!) used to finish my two faux leather masterboards. You can also see the piece of kitchen paper I used to clean up the brown acrylic paint I used. I keep these pieces of kitchen paper and use different ones for cleaning up different colours and eventually when they are nicely covered, they can be used for creating backgrounds, or reconstituted into “hand made paper.” Just as I hate putting things away, I also hate throwing things away!

That just about covers my desk for this week, I think.

I am determined to crack on with my projects and get as much done as possible before Friday when I have my fourth chemo treatment. I am not sure how I am going to feel afterwards, and with deadlines firmly in place, I am not at all sure I shall finish my projects! Hopefully the effects will last only for the first week, like last time – I can cope with that. After this treatment I will be half way through! What a great milestone that is – after that I shall be making rapid progress towards the end, which should take place in mid-October.

After showering, hair-washing, tidying my bathroom (I’ve finally put away all the bags of samples we picked up from the stoma open day back in June – I have now tried them all and done a review on my Gutless Bag Lady blog), making the bed with clean sheets, sorting the washing, taking my WOYWW photo and also dealing with a bag leak and a major stoma fountain in the bathroom first thing (sorry if that’s TMI but it was fairly dramatic!!! Kermit, my stoma, who is usually very well behaved, decided he was fed up with being a goodie 2-shoes and showed another side to his character!) – I am now exhausted and on the recliner. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better later and will be able to crack on with my latest project.

Have a great WOYWW everybody with lots of creative juices flowing, and I look forward to seeing what you are all up to.


  1. Love your busy desk. I am looking for some faux leather to make traveler's notebooks, but you are doing art! It sounds like what I do too, after finishing up at the craft desk, it's back to the housework and chores. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #38

  2. That faux leather piece you worked on looks very realistic. I didn't know your husband watercolored, and would love to see some of his work sometime. I'm praying that your 4th chemo recovery goes even more smoothly than your 3rd one. I'm glad to hear you'll be half way through your treatments, so that you can focus on your artwork. Happy WOYWW and blessings, my dear friend! #43

  3. Hi Shoshi, lovely masterboard. Laughed about your Kermit accident, sorry. Sid has done the same to me. Good luck with Fridays treatment, it's amazing how fast the time flies, isn't it? Love to you both, Shaz xxx

  4. Oh wow, the faux leather effect is stunning, and very realistic - I visited your previous post on it and it looks to be much easier than you'd ever expect! I love it and can't wait to see what you do with it. Good luck with your next round of chemo - half way is great, I hope there's a great big light at the end of your chemo tunnel now.
    Diana xx

  5. I love that faux leather. It looks so real. I'll be you had fun making it and watching it come to life. I had to laugh that you said you always have just finished something when WOYWW comes around. We love seeing the aftermath!!!! Judy #51

  6. Hi Shoshi, your faux leather masterboard is amazing. It does look just like real leather. After all those jobs in a morning I'm sure we'd all feel exhausted. It will be wonderful to hear that your chemo has finished. I hope all goes well for you on Friday and I'll be thinking about you. Barb#29 xx

  7. You're doing so well! I'm not surprised you need to be in recliner mode after all that.I think it Kermit was going to chuck a wobbly, it was better that it happened at home!
    The faux leather looks amazing, amazing! Now listen though, deadlines are just dates in your head. If you feel rough after the next round and you have neither the energy or the enthusiasm, then there's nothing to be done or worried about.

  8. The faux leather is incredibly realistic! Clever you! Routing for you as you head to the next chemo session - best of luck Ali #7

  9. The faux leather masterboard is fabulous! It looks so real! Praying that Friday goes well and you have not adverse effects. And I hope you get Kermit under control and get rested! Love your projects! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #41

  10. That faux leather is definitely something to try.It looks terrific. Thoughts with you for your next round of chemo.

  11. Good luck for Friday. Now that is one too many secrets that you have teased us with. I do hope you will be revealing all, or some of it, soon. The suspense is awful.
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx
    ps love the faux leather look

  12. Hi Shoshi, I will just have to be patient to see your Masterboard made into something, look forward to it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 28

  13. Hi Shoshi, happy WOYWW, now rather Thurs. Anyway glad you've been at your desk...that faux leather is fabulous and do hope Kermit is behaving now and that you're able to finish your projects by Friday. Hope it all goes well thinking of you RobynO#9

  14. the masterboard looks fabulous! I don't put things away often either (lack of space for storage) .... hope you get your projects finished on time. Helen 2

  15. Wow that is just Fab!! As Julia said - forget those deadlines and do what you can , when you can and only if you want to xxxx. Hope it goes well next week and you are able to celebrate half way there (((Hugs))))
    Have a great week ! Soojay 14

  16. That faux leather looks brilliant and obviously a rest is in order what with the fountain impression, that would knock the stuffing out of anyone. x

  17. Just had to go and look at how you made your faux leather -brilliant! Hope I'm not too late to wish you well tomorrow! Chrisx 40

  18. Hi, Shoshi! I'm impressed at the faux leather you made! I hope your treatment goes well. I visited your Ileostomy blog and found it very interesting. So much useful information from a personal point of view.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs and blessings, peggy aplSEEDS@3

  19. Wow, sounds like you have a fairly dramatic morning with Kermit. Hope all goes better this week. Love the fauz leather.
    sandra de @32

  20. HI Sweetie. It's Saturday. I hope today finds you not too out of sorts from treatment yesterday. Know I"m thinking of you.

    Do you have a link to that faux leather tutorial - as in is there one you prefer? yay for hubby and paint left overs. Sometimes you jsut need that simple gift. Sending hugs and Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #57


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