Wednesday, 19 August 2015


What’s on my workdesk this Wednesday? Unfortunately, nothing!

I had my fifth chemo last Friday and am still very wiped out, so haven’t been in my ARTHaven since then. I did manage to complete the Great Mystery Projects last week, though, and they all went off to our own Shaz, to encourage her in her upcoming surgery and to give her something to play with once she feels up to doing some creative stuff again.

I am sorry to have kept my fellow WOYWW-ers in such suspense over the past weeks, but All is Now Revealed!! This is what I sent her.

02 Pizza Box Full of Goodies

Please scroll down through the posts below to see what I’ve been up to, and what was under wraps for so long! I am happy to say that Shaz is very happy with her parcel of goodies, and I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the best in the coming weeks and months, and a full recovery and return to strength as soon as possible. She and I have shared this cancer journey together and have supported each other throughout, for which I am so grateful!

I’ve also made her a get-well card which is now in her hubby’s safe keeping, and I will share that with you once I know she has received it.

Before my last chemo I was told they would increase the dose of steroids to try and help me through the worst of the effects, but so far I haven’t noticed any difference from before, and after a reasonable weekend, went downhill again on Monday and have felt utterly pooped and wiped out since then. The double dose of anti-sickness meds is really helping, though, and I have not been troubled with nausea this time, so far. I just have to rest and go with the flow and know that it will pass, and look forward to the second half of the cycle when I feel more myself again, and can do more things.

I had my final scheduled appointment with the stoma nurse yesterday morning, and she is so pleased with my progress that she doesn’t need to see me again, but any time I need any help or advice, I can call on them, or make another appointment. She is delighted with how much better I look, despite the chemo, and very satisfied with the way everything has healed up, and that I am managing everything so well. Having set me up with a supply company to provide all the things I need, yesterday she advised me about special underwear to help support the stoma bag and I got on the Internet last night and organised a prescription for that – everything is provided free by our wonderful NHS, and I should expect these things to arrive in the next few days.

So I am doing well! After the next chemo I’ll be 3/4 the way through the treatment, with the final one being on 16th October, which suddenly doesn’t sound quite so far away as it did. Then onwards and upwards to the cancer-free life that they are all quite sure I am going to achieve!

Next week I hope to be able to show you that I’ve been busy with art again.

Happy WOYWW everybody, and have a great creative week ahead.


  1. Shoshi, you are so bright and cheerful is spite of all you are going through, and the thought of knickers on NHS made my day. Bless you for sharing with such honesty.
    Chris #31

  2. Sorry to hear you are struggling after your last chemo - it must be so frustrating to feel so wiped out after it. I love the little package of goodies you sent Shaz - and I've just scrolled down and seen the birthday card - WOW - it's stunning, I love all the beautiful little details on it, and the colour is just so rich and vivid. I also love the steampunk card for her hubby, the faux leather background is so glassy and gives a real masculine feel the whole thing - I love it! Hope you are soon back to your creative self,
    Diana xx

  3. Oh my goodness.What a time you are having Shoshi.You're a brave and inspiring woman, and your thoughtful gifts for Shaz are amazing. I only hope if I am as ill as you, I could be as brave. Your posts on your works in your arthaven have been inspiring.You know so many techniques.Very creative you are!!Thinking of you.
    Judy #21

  4. So pleased to hear you are 3/4 way through your treatment. Praying all continues to go well. Lovely gift for Shaz I am sure she was delighted.
    have a lovely week.
    sandra de @38

  5. I think of you often and will be so glad when they declare you cancer free! Keep your eye on the prize my friend and hang in there. Glenda #37

  6. Hi Shoshi, sooo glad to hear you're recovery so well, just got to hang in there with the chemo - none of which is pleasant but you can do it.... Great that you and Shaz have each other that totally understand what each other are going through and lovely stash that you've put together for her now. Cheers RobynO#18

  7. Hi Shoshi, so happy with the wonderful gift you sent me, thank you so much. I have the papers lay between my BSPro plates to flatten out, as per instructions, lol. Totally agree with you at how fast the time is going. I found that too with my chemo, because of the reason, you expect it's going to feel like forever, yet it flieas past. Bit like these few weeks before the surgery. For a long time it was just an event the was going to happen eventually, now, two weeks today by now I will be in theatre. Scary stuff. Have a great week, Love & Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  8. You are a gem Soshi!
    Glad the light at the end of the tunnel is coming closer x

  9. You are knocking this cancer on its butt!! Woo hoo! It's good to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are practically back to your crafting self. I love what you made though, so awesome. Hugs! Sandy Leigh #40

  10. Waiting eagerly for some date after the 16th October to hear you are a free bird once more.
    That was a lovely idea to post all those goodies for Shaz, very thoughtful of you.
    Don't worry about not being able to post pictures and things, we all understand what you are going through at the moment but every cloud has a silver lining they say and it is not that far off yours. It's just nice to hear from you.
    Hugs, Neet 22 xxx

  11. By the way, I forgot to say I've found one of those stoma cutting guides, lol. Also, one of my Welland boxes has two of them, on the inside flap of the lids, so they are quite thick. If any of the other boxes have any, I'll cut them off and send some down to you! xxx

  12. What a fun parcel of this and that you have put together. I know Shaz was quite pleased to have received them. I hope you feel up to being crafty soon. You are right that October 16 doesn't seem as far away as it once did. It is almost here! Judy #51

  13. I saw your amazing gift on Shaz's blog. You are a very special person and we are all so lucky to have all these wonderful deskers from all around the world that can support us during hard times. Be assured of lots of prayers and good wishes coming your way.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  14. what a lovely gift for Shaz - you sweetheart!! I am glad that despite you feeling so rough after your treatment, your medical team are so pleased with how you are doing. Finger crossed that the last treatment (that would have been Mum's birthday) goes well too. Take care and rest when you need to! xx Helen 3

  15. How lucky is Shaz to have you as her friend (((hug))) . Sorry you are still feeling rough especially as the steriods sounded hopefull. Fab that you are near the end of the chemo. As Neet says, its lovely to see you post even if you are too washed out to create xx Take care Soojay 23

  16. That's a fantastic gift and I'm sure Shaz will be really pleased with it. You have done well to produce so much under the circumstance so I know she will appreciate it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  17. Of course I had to see the big reveal, and was VERY impressed with all the things you made for Shaz for her birthday and her impending stay in the hospital. You are a TRUE friend.

    I hope the steroids work for you, because you sound really tired. But I know you will take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you again in that wonderful playroom you wanted for years and finally got. Thanks for the visit earlier and happy WOYWW from #2, because technically, it's still Tuesday in my world.

  18. Shaz is blessed to have such a loving and caring friend in you. I looked through the photos of all the beautiful goodies you created to enclose in the parcel. I am very impressed by your thoughtfulness and generosity, in addition to your talent. I am sorry to hear you haven't been feeling up to working in your studio this last week due to the Chemo, so I pray that you're back to your creative self soon. Happy WOYWW and blessings to you and your family, my dear friend!

  19. Hi thanks for your lovely comments on my blog the drips were created with a glue gun. They were then coated in treasure gold. Hope that your energy returns soon and think of the work you will create when you are stronge enough. Dee x

  20. Oh Shoshi, so sorry you're feeling unwell. Here is hoping it passes quickly. October 16th is your last round? I'll be celebrating with you. Feel better my friend.

  21. Hope you are feeling a bit better now (I am late in commenting)
    I love the things you made for Shaz. Especially the lacy white things (I'm not into steampunk)
    Good news that the stoma nurse is not coming back. I'm sure she was very nice but it's just excellent news that you can manage on your own. Yes, Good old NHS. People complain, but for cancer sufferers they are very good indeed.
    Have a good (Better) week,

  22. Hi Shoshi. It's a bummer that last chemo treatment was so difficult for you. I'm glad to anti nausea medication is working for you. The stoma nurse sounds very positive and that's great that you can handle that yourself. Also knowing that u can call them for any help eases your mind.

    I love the package you made for Shaz. I know it's been difficult for both of you but its nice to have someone that you can talk with and knows exactly what you're going through.


  23. Sometimes cheering others up helps to cheer ourselves up! Am over joyed reading the news that you seem to be moving in a positive direction with helpful nurse and getting supplies ordered and organized. Just wanted you to know I fell in love with those Lace Fragments Rubber stamps and am contemplating purchasing them! diane 44

  24. Hi Shoshi, I haven't been around much lately. Trying to catch up on news. I naively thought that after your surgery you're good to go on your way to recovery - I didn't realize you needed chemo as well. Sounds like you're coping well, though - I remember feeling desperately sick when I was pregnant (I know it's not the same thing, of course, but I also know it's not much fun). You're so brave and positive - that attitude will carry you through anything! I hope to be back for the next WOYWW! See you then!


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