Saturday, 3 October 2015

A Visit to Babbacombe

As I have been feeling a bit stir-crazy, stuck in the house, with the only recent outings being to the hospital, and as today was a beautiful day, I asked my hubby if he would take me along the sea front at Babbacome, one of my favourite haunts near where we live. I wasn’t feeling too bad and just needed to get out for a while! The sea front there is smaller and more intimate than in Torquay proper, nice and high up with magnificient views down the cliffs, and very pretty flower beds (still well in bloom) and look-out points. With its strings of decorative lights and the light-hearted seaside hotel architecture it always makes me feel better! We put the buggy in the car and set off. The day seemed sunny and bright, but what a surprise met us when we arrived! It was a “Lost Horizon” experience – I have never seen the sea look like that at Babbacombe before, and the light was simply amazing with the sun low in the sky now we are into autumn. It was magical.

01 Lost Horizon

02 Lost Horizon

03 Curving Railings

04 Soft Grasses

05 Lost Horizon with Railings

07 Palm Trees and Pampas

08 The Sea Front

My hubby took this one of me on my buggy. He made me take my dark glasses off, and I’ve got the sun right in my eyes! I took one of him but for some reason it was out of focus… We went over the road to a cafe and had a cappuccino outside in the sunshine before returning home and I crashed out on the recliner and went right off into a deep sleep till lunch time!

06 Me on my Buggy

Finally, the statue of Baroness Mount-Temple, in silhouette. This delightful little statue, which stands in a circular stone trough, depicts a local Victorian philanthropist, and every day someone puts a fresh flower in her hand.

09 Baroness Mount Temple

I was so glad we went! I love the sea in all its moods, and for me, the height of summer is not the best time to see it. Out of season the light is often more interesting and the shadows longer. There was such contrast today between the brightness of the sun and the haze over the sea and there were aspects of this very familiar spot that appeared fresh to me.


  1. I'm so glad you're out and about Shoshi! I've always loved your part of the country and hope to retire there one day. It must be nice and quiet now with all the tourists gone. Great photos and I like your funky hair! Shame the one of Mr Shoshi didn't come out well.

  2. What a pretty seaside spot.Gee your cliffs are high. I love the sea in all its moods too. I think it's the fresh sea air, and the sound of the waves that does it for me.A wonderful children's film years ago called No Worries", had this as a theme.A kid has to move from the country and the seaside gave her the feeling of space, and that's what healed her.A lovely film, and so true about that space.Being up on a cliff makes the sky very big too. So glad you had a lovely visit. Looking forward to seeing those Zentangles!
    Judy x

  3. You're looking great Shoshi!
    What a lovely outing. The sea looked amazing! You're having an indian summer. Too good to stay indoors. I loved the photos.

  4. Oh my goodness - I can't even imagine living so close to that beauty!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I'm glad you got out.


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