Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Card Factory 2015–Swirly Cards

05 Finished Cards

Ages ago, back in the days when I had Sheba (my Cougar cutting machine) up and running, I tried unsuccessfully to cut some very hard and rather thick navy blue card. The swirly patterns cut OK, but the happy birthday sentiment did not. For some reason I did not throw this piece away, but put it in my stash,

01 Faulty Cutting

In the end I did cut this successfully, using some different card, and this is the card I made from it, which I also found in my stash, and which has gone into this year’s card factory stash along with the more recent cards I’ve been making. This one has some dull silver card behind the cut out parts, but of course this doesn’t show up properly on the photograph!

Spirals Birthday Card

Today I decided to cut off the badly cut part of thick navy card, and use the swirls on their own to make a couple of cards.

When I was tidying my card and paper stash shelves yesterday, I found some printed note cards that I bought years ago and which I’d never used, and thought I would use these for the back piece of my swirly cards, so I cut a couple of squares and used Pinflair photo glue to stuck them behind the swirly cut pieces.

02 Clouds Background

The advantage of photo glue is that any excess rubs away cleanly when it is dry. It’s pretty messy, gloopy stuff to use, but works well for this kind of project.

Here are the two swirly pieces with the cloud pieces stuck behind.

03 Swirls with Cloud Backgrounds

The next step was matting and layering. The first matt layer was with silver mirror card, with a 1/16 in border. I then rummaged in my stash and found my envelope papers – these are the printed patterns on the inside of commercial envelopes, and they are usually printed in blue for some reason – small, overall patterns that prevent anyone from reading the contents of the envelope from the outside. I cut them to form a 1/4 in matt around the silver, using two different designs.

04 Envelope Paper

The final step was to mount the pieces onto white card bases, measuring 5 1/2 in square when folded.

05 Finished Cards

Another two quick cards to add to my card factory stash.


  1. Those swirly cards are great!
    I am posting on Wed Desk about auntie's works too. You would just love how much she is enjoying her works with drawing and colouring! She colours very neatly too! Don't you LOVE it when you find things you didn't know you had.Cards are a beaut way to try things, and soon you will have a lovely stash of them.
    Judy x

  2. Good that you were able to salvage those faulty diecuts. Don't you just hate it when that happens? My Cameo does that sometimes, but I only cut stencils with it these days, so it doesn't matter that much. Love that swirly pattern - would look great in a gelli print used as a stencil!


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