Wednesday, 14 October 2015


What’s on my workdesk this Wednesday? A card factory!

Scroll down to see previous posts, and the cards I’ve been making recently. I do not really want to get typecast as a card maker as I would prefer to be doing other things, but needs must, and I thought if I can get a nice lot made, it will save time in the long run, if I have a good stash to draw on when necessary. Most of the cards are blank inside, and generic – and ready to be personalised and given the appropriate sentiment when I use them – something that will not take long to do.

WOYWW 332 14-10

I thought you might like a slightly different view of my desk this week, taken from the other side of the room.

Working from left to right, in the orange carrier bag are some boxes with my Florabunda drawings in them, and the prints my friend Lucy made for me, so that I could do some colouring. My pens and coloured pencils are in there too, and I’ve been carrying this up and down stairs over the past few days. Next to that is a cardboard box with kitchen paper in it, that I am using to soak up various different colours of inks and paints etc. When they are nicely coloured all over, they get used in projects. The plastic filing tray on top of this has scrap paper in it. In front of the iMac is my old laptop, on top of which is the brown cardboard box with completed cards in it, and top of that, the open box contains work in progress for the card factory.

Moving on round to the main work area there’s a pile of scrap card and paper, with my gorgeous little green pincushion that Lunch Lady Jan made for me a few years ago, and the little rack with double sided tape, masking tape, etc. on it. Next to that is a piece of kitchen paper maturing nicely with greens and browns and yellows. Then my tin with brushes in it, and my hot glue gun. In front of these is my envelope punch board – in the process of being used to make envelopes for the card factory – some larger ones to fit the square blue cards you can just see, and on the punch board itself, an envelope for the 3 x 3 in cards you can see to the left of the punch board. On the right, in front of the square blue cards, is one of the remaining cards from a card factory I had going a couple of years ago – I found this the other day, together with the 3 x 3 in cards.

Then my heat gun, Cuttlebug, talc (useful for making mixed media pages less sticky so they don’t stick together, and various other uses too), and kitchen roll. The white thing sticking out is the corner of the box I keep my ribbons in. You can also see another piece of inky kitchen paper coming on nicely! The usual stuff on the shelves above. You can see all my rubber stamps in plastic bags hanging from the rail, and my distress stains on the shelves.

I think that about covers it.

Health Update

I am now only a couple of days away from my final chemo on Friday. I have to go in tomorrow to the chemo unit to have bloods taken, followed by my usual appointment with the oncologist the day before my treatment. I will be able to report to her that the reduced dose last time has certainly alleviated the peripheral neuropathy, which although still present, has been very much less severe – this was the object of reducing the dose, because if left unchecked, this unpleasant side effect can become permanent and we certainly don’t want that. However, despite feeling better in week 1, in week 2 I crashed a bit and felt very exhausted and not too well (last week). This week, though, I am feeling a lot better, and have managed to achieve quite a bit in the studio with my card factory, and am able to enjoy what has turned into a very busy week this week, with visits from friends and family, and a family birthday supper last night.

After Friday I shall have to get through the usual recovery period, but at least as I climb that final ladder, it will be with the knowledge that it will not be followed by the usual long and very slippery snake! It will be soooo good to be able to concentrate on getting well again (as well as is normal for me with my M.E., that is) and to know that with the passage of time, the effects of the chemo will diminish as the toxins are flushed from my system.

I have been looking at diet, and making plans about when I am well enough to take over the kitchen again after my hubby has been looking after me for so long. He has done very, very well and I appreciate everything he has done, but the time has come to abandon the ready meals and to start concentrating on a healthier diet for both of us, and the introduction of lots of colourful fruit and veg full of antioxidants to help flush the chemo out of my system! The veges that might cause me problems because they have potential to block the stoma (leafy veges like kale and spinach) I will still be able to eat, once I start making green smoothies with my high speed blender.

I am not planning on rushing into anything, and there are bound to be days when I do not feel well enough to cook, and for a while I expect we will share kitchen duties, but gradually I shall take over the bulk of it, and start doing the grocery shopping again (which should save us quite a bit of money too lol!!).

What I am really looking forward to is having more energy so that I can spend more quality time being creative. I have so many plans. I have decided that if I can put in even one hour (preferably two!) per day, I will be amazed at how much I can achieve – I have already proved that during the past six months of my chemo – looking back over my blog I’m amazed that I’ve managed to achieve anything at all, and actually I’ve done quite a bit!

Happy WOYWW everybody, and may you all have a fulfilling and creative week.


  1. Hi! Visiting you from Connie's sweet blog. My, you make much fancier cards than I do! I do like to make up some simple ones to have ready to send. I hope you continue to feel better every day. I have Lyme Disease and have extreme fatigue but hope some day to get better. Take care of yourself. Nancy

  2. Know what you mean about healthy eating - I love cooking from scratch as I call it and abhor the ready meals that some folks seem to live on. Of course you an pick and choose wisely and needs must at times.
    Nice to see you being so productive. I made batches of cards but then found that when some birthday were coming up I could not find a suitable card for that person so have now got a box full of cards which I think will end up being given to charity and I will start again.
    Good luck Friday - will be thinking of you.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  3. Happy WOYWW. Your blog was one of the first I sought out in the list. I apologise now for not keeping up with your blog updates - and cannot believe you are about to have your last chemotherapy session. I must go back and read through the past few months. It certainly sounds like you have been keeping productive and hubby has been looking after you (when I come out of hospital I always have ready meals in the freezer that Rich can just put in the oven!). Lots of lovely stuff on your desk. My stockpile of cards is very small now, as I keep taking from it and not adding. Not even started Xmas cards - and planning to buy mostly charity cards this year (which would have been unthought of previously). Ali x #33

  4. What a wonderful desk, I'm sending your healing hugs and hope your treatment goes well. Take care Zo xx 32

  5. Thanks for the lovely tour of your desk, Shoshi! Everything seems to have its place and right at hand too. I usually have to jump up and down trying to gather everything from various hiding palces and then take them all back, only to get them out again th enext day. Sometimes I wonder if I spend more time gathering stuff than actually creating! Best of luck with the final round of Chemo - you're definitely through the worst of it now. Like you said, upwards and onwards from here! Keep us posted! Will think of you on Friday! zsuzsa :)

  6. I hope all goes well on Friday for your last chemo, Shoshi..and fingers crossed that the side effects aren't too horrendous. Onwards and upwards :-) And crafting each day if you can sounds like a fine idea to me! I always buy generic cards for the very reason you stated, you can use them for anything.
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  7. Your workspace is so organised Shoshi and you have so much great shelving. I had to keep scrolling back to find everything you showed us.

    Well at last you will be finishing your chemo and it's great hearing all your plans for your recovery and the things you plan on doing. It's such good news that the lower dose worked for you and I wish you a full and speedy return to health after your final chemo session. You're one strong lady!
    Big Hugs, Barbxx #34

  8. Your creative busy week makes me so happy! Isn't it funny that even those of us who do not consider ourselves primarily cardmarkers have to become card factories sometimes! Thinking of you and praying that the last chemo treatment will be over quickly and your energy restored. Hugs! Sandy Leigh #37

  9. Hi Shoshi, pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better, not long now. Love the view of your desk it looks very spacious, really like it. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x

  10. I know talc will take away the 'sticky' but had never thought about dusting my mixed media pages with them! You, my dear, are genius! And what is it with guys and their 'over-spending' at the grocery store? Definitely a guy thing LOL But what would be do without them. Hugs to both of you. Creative Blessings! Kel #43

  11. yay for the treatment coming to an end, you will feel so much better not having to do them and hopefully all goes well with the diet and cooking. love your florabunda
    Bridget #1

  12. Well done on getting your card factory up and running! It is good to produce even if it is simple things cos, as you say, we can always titivate it up later!!
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #45

  13. Your swirly cards are gorgeous, Shoshi--looks like you're using your tidy and well-stocked "factory" to it's fullest!

    Sounds as if you have a good health plan in the works; so exciting to be so close to that final ladder!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #52 this week
    with paint, a shelf and a bench

  14. Your cards look beautiful! I hope you feel better soon!

    Greetings, Sofie #46

  15. Well that's a great view I must say..and still so tidy! I', mot at all offended by the way you dont want to be typecast as a card maker...are we lesser mortals?!!! Such great news about the chemo.dont set any dates or expectations for being well, just let it come upon you. To be honest, the idea of a leafy green smoothie is enough to set me back a long way!

  16. Hi Shoshi, so pleased for you that the chemo is nearly at an end and you can take the bull by the horns and get your life back to 'normal'...I'm sure it'll take time but you can do it. Glad to read you're finding time at your desk...I too make cards and leave off sentiments so they can become what I need at the time. Now fingers crossed for Friday, take care RobynO#24

  17. I've been following your 'Card Factory' and I'm amazed how different each group of cards is. I love the tree and its background.
    Well, tomorrow will be your last chemo! Hurray! Then slowly getting better. I can imagine you are looking forward to proper healthy food, however well your lovely hubby looks after you. But do take it easy. Plan to cook one meal one week and then two the next, sort of thing.
    Hope all goes well tomorrow,
    Have a good week,

  18. Hi Shoshi,
    Drats. Wrote my comment and then I had to log into my Google account and lost the whole darn thing! Your desk looks nice and orderly; something I'm striving for my entire house. My problem is I'm jumping from room to room and it doesn't look like I'm making any progress anywhere! I like the idea of a card factory. I haven't used my rubber stamps in ages and I just might get them out in the next couple of weeks.
    I finally looked up to see what M.E. is and it sounds very familiar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is a lot like Fibromylgia. We do have a lot in common. I also know what you mean about processed food. I started eating that for most meals while recovering from knee surgery. I usually bring frozen meals to work for lunch and sometimes eat them for dinner too. That's just too much and I need to start cooking again. My only problem is cooking for one; I could have the entire block over for dinner. I like my smoothies with baby spinach - kale is too strong for me.

    Send me your mailing address, would you? My email is

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (41)

  19. Hi Shoshi, just popping back to wish good luck for tomorrow. I left a reply to your comment on my blog, but I'll copy it here too, so you wouldn't miss it: I know, this year went very quickly for me too! I remember when at the end of last year you were getting ready for your regular check-up and the devastating news that followed. Hard to believe it was almost a year ago. So good that you have it all behind you now! Best of luck for tomorrow!

  20. I'm happy to know you are all done now(it's Saturday). Love seeing your large work desk. Know you are anxious to start all those wonderful projects. I think most of prefer spinach over kale. Wish I lived near as I would love to share a smoothie with you. Diane 25


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